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Amore Pacific’s fermentation brand Hyosia releases cleansing line May 26, 2011






Amore Pacific’s answer to LG’s successful fermentation line Su:m37 is Hyosia. Hyosia is a fermentation brand based on the fermentation of mung beans, soybeans and other korean traditional ingredients.

They have currently two line – the basic line and the newly launched whitening line.

Hyosia has also released their cleansing line which consist of :


1. Hyosia Cleansing Oil 베리떼 효시아 클렌징 오일

Avocado oil to help soothe the skin.

2. Hyosia Peeling Gel 베리떼 효시아 페이셜 필링

Uses natural cellulose and Vitamin B3 to gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and bring back radiance to the skin.

3. Hyosia Cleansing Foam 베리떼 효시아 클렌징 폼

Rich and fine foam to clean and remove dirt and sebum.

4. Hyosiah Purifying Pack 효시아 퓨리파잉 팩

Fermented soybeans provides moisture at the same time of calming sebum glands and remove excess sebum.


Available on Gmarket already!


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