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Scinic launches three water essence May 19, 2011


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Looks like Water Essence has been trending lately in the Korean skincare market. We reported a few days back of Scinic’s newly launched Aqua EX Jelly Essence Water ( article : here )

Looks like there are another two different types of Water Essence from Scinic

1) Scinic Aqua Ex Jelly Essence Water 아쿠아EX 젤리에센스 워터 ( 20,000 wons / 130ml )

The skin mist is rich in essential nutrient rich jelly and absorbs easily without leaving the skin sticky.

In addition, it features deep ocean water, seaweed extracts to keep skin freh and moist. Yeast extract supress melanin production and stimulates the skin’s metabolism.

The patented Aqua-Capture Complex delivers intense hydration to the skin for 24 hours without stickiness.

2) Scinic  White VC Essence Water  화이트VC 에센스 워터 (25,000 won / 130ml)

This is a whitening water essence which contains Arbutin and Vitamin C to improve the skin’s tone.

It absorbs rapidly while delivering the whitening ingredients deep into the skin. Enriched with cotton and fruit extracts to moisturize the skin.

3) Scinic Total Cell Essence Water  토탈 셀 에센스 워터 (32,000 won / 130ml)

Contains the Cell-EX-Complex which activate the regeneration of new skin cells, and helps in skin whitening as well as anti-wrinkle.

Contains Royal Jelly and the Japonica extract which gives the skin a sense of nutrition and hydration.

Adviced for those who suffer from dryness, dull skin tone, skin problems such as loss of elasticity.


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