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Gmarket Haul #19 May 17, 2011


We did another Gmarket Haul to prepare for summer. Each of us ordered a sun care product, so you’ll have 6 reviews from us when we’re done testing them! Open-mouthed smile 

We also bought a trial set of the Re:NK line

1. Coway Re-Nk Cell Luminous Trial Kit

Can’t wait to try this. It seems to be very similar to OHUI’s White Extreme as well as SK-II Celluminous line!

2. Coway Re-NK Skin Renew Trial Kit

Contains the toner and emulsion from the Time Lab line BUT the serum and cream from the Skin Renew line

3. HERA Sun Mate Airlight SPF 30

4. HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF 35

5. HERA Sun Mate Leports SPF 50

6. OHUI Perfect Sunblock Red EX

7. OHUI Perfect Sunblock Black EX

8. OHUI Powder Sun Block EX Sun Science


8 Responses to “Gmarket Haul #19”

  1. nami Says:

    wowww…i envy you for buying all this lovely products..will wait for the review..

  2. Nicole Says:

    Hello hope in a blog! I love reading your gmarket haul blog posts, makes me wanna shop so bad hahahaha:) anyhow I was wondering if you have the link of the official LG’s store? Saw that you have ordered a sooryehan set form them and got some samples to try out- I’m very interested in this line and I would love to order from them as well! Please let me know! Also what sunblock powder do you like by far? Looking for a good one for the upcoming summer:) Thank you SO SO much in advance!!!<3

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