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OHUI White Extreme 3D Black Mask Review May 12, 2011

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Of course, the packaging is Black in colour! A box comes with 6 sets of mask.

Take a look : the mask all in black !

Closer look :

This mask is one of the best designed mask i’ve ever used. Probably the best. It fits perfectly into the skin thanks to it’s ‘3D line’ that is in the centre of the mask. It even fits the chin perfectly (look at the photos above at how well it fit the chin area even!) ! Superb design and fitting. It covers up the whole face too! It covers up the eyes as well, so when you’re using it, just lie down,close your eyes, relax and enjoy yourself!

The fitting was so good that i wanted to keep the mask after using it so that i could re-use them as my ‘lotion mask’.


Here is Leeminji’s blog that shows how well it fits on the face , and a clearer look of the 3D line. :



Incomplete ingredient list :


Don’t have the full ingredient list, but i’ll be talking about the main ingredients that are used here.

1/ Binchotan Charcoal

Via wiki.

Known also as white charcoal and is a traditional charcoal of Japan. It dates to the Edo period, when during the Genroku era, a craftsman named Bitchū-ya Chōzaemon (中屋 左衛門) began to produce it in Tanabe, Wakayama. The raw material is oak, specifically ubame oak (Quercus phillyraeoides), now the official tree of Wakayama Prefecture. Wakayama continues to be a major producer of high-quality charcoal, with the town of Minabe, Wakayama producing more binchō-tan than any other town in Japan. Binchōtan is a type of Lump charcoal or Hardwood charcoal.

Binchotan white charcoal make excellent ingredients for skin care products as the former has excellent cleansing quality. At the same time, such products can preserve your skin by preventing oxidization.

Bincho charcoal is known to have high porosity. Various impurities or foreign matter will be absorbed on the wide surface area of the charcoal. When air passes, and if humidity is high, the charcoal will adsorb the moisture, and air will be converted to dry. If the air is too dry, then the charcoal will discharge its moisture, thus adjusting the humidity in the air. This makes it an excellent humidity regulator. It also has high mineral content such as calcium, potassium, sodium and iron.

Bincho charcoal has other benefits, too: it absorbs unpleasant room odours and harmful substances, generates negative ions that will put people in a better frame of mind, and emits far-infrared that helps to improve blood circulation.

Also known as “Black Diamond”, bincho charcoal products are well received in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Over the years, many uses have been created for household to bedding and personal care. Environmentally-friendly, bincho charcoal products are able to regain effectiveness with easy maintenance.

2/ Niacinamide

Niacinamide is commonly known as Vitamin B3 and is an effective skin lightening compound that works by inhibiting melanosome transfer from
melanocytes to keratinocytes.

3/ Methyl Gluceth-20

Glucose is a natural component of the stratum corneum layers of skin that binds water and hydrates skin. Glucose moisturizers, including Methyl gluceth-10 and -20, are water-soluble emollients (allow oil and water to mix), humectants (water retention) and moisturizers derived naturally from corn sugar and corn starch.

Methyl Gluceth is considered a special moisturizing agent due to its moisture retentive qualities and ability to open pores and follicles. Its therapeutic uses include atopic eczema, clogged pores, skin dryness, roughness and itching, wrinkles. It is noted for its safety and mildness that imparts a smooth and silky feel on the skin. It is frequently used in creams and cosmetics along with other ingredients to improve skin hydration.


Love, love, love this mask! Not only it is designed well, it fits perfectly on your face, and it gives a whitening effect !

My skin was peeling and so dry due to the M2 Skincare that i’ve been using, and i decided to try this mask. I fell asleep and woke up about 1 hour later, took off the mask, and my face was really white and it was all plumped up and hydrated that i couldn’t notice the peeling of my skin ! However, the after texture if rather sticky, so i had to rinse my face with warm water – otherwise, i’d usually not waste the mask essence and continue directly with my skincare routine.

My pores weren’t as obvious probably due to the charcoal, and my face was really radiant and bright! Happy Smile



In a heartbeat 100% ! But since it’s rather expensive, i’d only use it on very important occasions!

To purchase, type 오휘 화이트익스트림 3D in Gmarket ! Smile


16 Responses to “OHUI White Extreme 3D Black Mask Review”

  1. GGal Says:

    Thanks for another detailed, informational and great review! Wow! So impressed with how it makes pores disappear!!
    Quick question, how much for a box of six and what is the Korean characters for the product so we can search for it on GMarket? Thx!

  2. lunalunaface Says:

    this looks amazing! I should have bought this when I was in Korea 2 weeks ago! Do you know where on gmarket I can find these? I always have trouble navigating =X

    • Updated in the last section of the post !! 🙂

      did you purchase anything interesting in korea? :))

      • lunalunaface Says:

        Thanks! I’m a gmarket noob cuz i always just wait for ppl to help me CP directly from Korea.. lol..

        I purchased my first Sulwhasoo and History of Whoo products after reading about them here!! I’ve been posting my Korea hauls these couple of days so if you’re interested, can check out my blog =)

      • Haha! Welcome to the gang! hope u like them !!

  3. Etude Girl Says:

    Thumbs UP! Wonder if the super pore shrinking effect sustained?

  4. Kev Says:

    Was the redness of your face due to inherent sensitivity and acne, or was it the alcohol in the mask? I do find the results of pores being tightened quite obvious in the pics, but did the mask cause any subsequent tingling sensation in terms of redness too? The last time, when I used the sheet mask for The Face Shop Miindo (golden packaging in color), it was a rich gel-ly fluid which could not be fully absorbed into the skin after 30 minutes, and in fact, I tried squeezing it out into my hands and applying like an essence directly onto my face(SURPRISE! It turned out to be quite a hefty amount of around 15-20ml worth of the essence….:p) The funny thing about the mask is that it stated alcohol as one of the first few ingredients, but I could not smell it.

    • the redness is due to the M2 skincare i’m using right now.. my skin is peeling like mad.. and a few bumps and pimples are appearing so i’ve stopped using it because i’m scared its overexfoliating ! There wasn’t any tingling sensation. I fell asleep when i applied the mask, when i woke up about an hour later, the mask was pretty dried up already. I’m sure there’s alcohol in this mask too!

  5. Kev Says:

    Alcohol is a binding agent in most of these sheet masks, and in peel-off masks too. The question is the concentration. I think that Coreana makes a bunch of peel-off masks from their various lines and sub-brands which plasticize and dry up well without causing displeasure to the skin, such as the Zain Vital Energy peel-off pack. I would not ever try skincare that over-exfoliates or exfoliates the same way M2 does it. M2 sounds like it’s worse than Neostrata(Neostrata Canada, for one, is actually one of the better brands in Canada for exfoliation of oily and acne-prone skin, and also, for drier skins, it works to create less wrinkle-free appearances on the skin’s surface), which I find to be gentle even as a 2nd generation AHA product brand. Even the pictures seem to point that out from the way I see it. If you have acne or want something to help exfoliate the skin in a more controlled manner, I would even think that Neostrata does it better than other brands.

    • Yeah, i’ve got a few neostrata products around , will probably try it later. M2 has malic acid and mandelic acid at the top of their ingredient list in every of their products ( cleanser, serum, moisturizer ).. that probably is the reason why it’s peeling really fast! some has gotten good results with the m2 skincare ( it was known as the Mama Lotion back then) and some didn’t like it at all. we got a set as a gift.

      • Kev Says:

        Mandelic acid is normally a drugstore prescription-strength ingredient, and I would not be able to get it off the counters that easily, even in Canada. Neostrata Canada is an odd one, since it is probably the only real medically prescribed product which is also sold as a cosmetic product in Canada, and its formulation is different from Neostrata elsewhere in the world, such as the Neostrata products sold in Singapore. What I like about Neostrata is that it is really a very simple no-fuss AHA-based line of products and does not add any fanciful ingredients which we have to do some extra research or reading to find out if it really works, and the main AHA ingredient is tapered so that it works in a controlled release manner. M2 looks like the type which works on immediate contact, and I imagine it could be unsuitable for sensitive skin like mine.

  6. Kev Says:

    In other cases, a simple use of aloe vera actually helps to reduce all such problems of sensitivity, provided that the aloe vera is pure enough and free of additives such as SD-alcohol.

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