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History Of Whoo Skincare Regimen May 9, 2011



9 Responses to “History Of Whoo Skincare Regimen”

  1. Kooslee Says:

    Thank you. This is great. Do you recommend this routine for combo skin? I just ordered History of Whoo’s Wild gingseng amplie miniature. Have you try this? Where does it fit into this model?

  2. Kooslee Says:

    Thank you. You guys rock. I went to my dermatologist about my acne issue. She prescribed Minocin and Retin A to use on a day along with OTC benzoyl peroxide. I am not a fan of the peroxide cleanser. I will probably use it at night and the whitening cleanser in the morning. Have you used any of these before? I am not sure if i can use my Seol’s regime along with retin A, and which one should go on last.

    • i’ve used retin-A before, it made me peel , and i realize that if i put an oil base serum after the retin-a it doesn’t peel as much, so maybe you can try applying the ginseng ampoule on top of your retin a

  3. Kooslee Says:

    Oh good, so it is alright to do my normal skin care in the morning, and at night, and add retin-a in as a last step.

  4. Kooslee Says:

    Did it work for you? I have a wedding to attend to next month. My skin is getting better now. I don’t want to start something new and have my skin peeled and look awful on that day.

    • Retin-A is to be used at night only !! never in the morning.

      Hmm, i can’t promise you that because when i used Retin-A it was peeling quite badly and i couldnt use any powder or bb creams because it would make the peeling very obvious.. same thing with my friends who are using retin-A too.

  5. Kooslee Says:

    I see. I will try every other day at first then. at night Retin A first then Jasang serum and the Seol routin? Or should i skip all that. Sorry to bother you too much on this subject.

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