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The Sulwhasoo Regimen May 8, 2011


We figured this could be helpful for all the Sulwhasoo fans out there. Hope you’ll benefit from this as we spent quite some time drawing this out Smile 


6 Responses to “The Sulwhasoo Regimen”

  1. Kooslee Says:

    This is fantastic. Could you get us a diagram for History of Whoo too? Is there any korean anti aging serum that you would recommend? Do you know how often the History of Whoo Seol’s peeling pack should be use?

    • Hi Kooslee,

      The Seol Peeling Pack can be used once-twice a week depending on your needs. please remember that you need to apply the lotion, emulsion before applying the peeling pack!

      Have you tried the OHUI Cell Power essence?

  2. Kooslee Says:

    Nope. History of Whoo is the first Korean skin care line that I have ever tried. Will you give me a little more info please?

  3. Kooslee Says:

    Oh very nice =D. Thank you. I am using the herbal line from Whoo now is that okay to use OHUI essence and Whitening essence together?

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