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BanilaCo’s Miss Water and Mr Oil series May 7, 2011






Last month, Banila Co introduced a new line called *drum roll*.. Miss Water and Mr Oil. You really gotta give it to the Korean cosmetics for coming up with such memorable and ‘huh?’ titles! Hehe

So what is this line about? It is a unique blend of natural mineral water ( Coral Water & Celtic Water) and rare Brazil Nut Oil and Inca Omega Oil that creates symphony of moisturizing elements to maximize skin hydration and softness. These ingredients are encapsulated using the SLM (solid lipid membrane) technology.

Here is how the SLM Technology works :


The line consists of 3 products so far.

1. Water 미스 워터 & 미스터 오일 SLM 스킨


2. Cream 미스 워터 & 미스터 오일 하이드레이팅 크림


3. Hydrating Gel Mask  미스 워터&미스터 오일 하이드레이팅 겔마스크



5 Responses to “BanilaCo’s Miss Water and Mr Oil series”

  1. LivyLuna Says:

    Can I know what the use and this have to apply before makeup or after cleansing?TQ

  2. hi ! all these are skincare items!

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