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BanilaCo new BB Creams and Spring 2011 Collection May 7, 2011



I gotta admit BanilaCo is one of the fastest growing newer Korean cosmetic company. They have been releasing new products one after another, it really is hard to catch up with them.

They released 2 new BB Creams this year :

1. Banila Co It So Cool Watery BB Cream SPF 20 PA ++ Cool Beige 잇 쏘 쿨 워터리 비비크림


2. Banila Co It Natural Mineral BB Cream SPF 35 PA ++  잇 내추럴 미네랄 비비크림


There is also 2 new cleansers called the Clean It Care MOIST foam cleanser, Clean It Care MOIST foam cleanser. 바닐라코 클린 잇 케어 폼 클렌저


And from the same series the facial mist with two versions : Moist and Fresh 바닐라코 미스. 미스티 페이셜 미스트


Check out the Banila Co Spring 2011 Collection here.




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