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More new tony Moly products ! May 3, 2011


Tony Moly is one of the Korean brands that are always actively pushing new and innovative products frequently. They recently released the Sny-ake cream, as well as another new product off their Snail line – a sleeping pack and ampoule set!

We have more new products that are now available already on Gmarket.

1. Tony Moly Mineral Skin-Fit Snow Blusher 미네랄스킨핏스노우블러셔 9g

This mini blusher (9g) comes in 3 colors which contains Fluorescent pigments and gives a line smoothing effect on the skin.

Sneak Peek :



2. Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek / Moist Mist 포켓바니미스트


Seems like there are two different types of mist, one made from yellow fruits and one from red fruits :


3. Tony Moly Premium Zen Oriental Mask 명품선율수자생특효한방발효마스크


This is Tony Moly’s premium oriental medicine line.

This mask is an oxygen therapy mask. It contains microscopic bubbles that delivers oxygen to the skin enriched with fermented herbal ingredients ( fermentation of 7 different herbal ingredients) and gold dust. Contains also red ginseng.  We’re sold, aren’t you?

4. Tony Moly Premium Zen BB Cream SPF 30 and Powder Pact SPF 48 명품선율수투웨이팩트


Powder Pact comes in 3 colors :


5. Upgraded : Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack



Does this need to be introduced anymore?? It’s one of Tony Moly’s best seller of all times the Tomatox, now upgraded !


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