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Coreana releases luxury anti aging Ja In Cream April 30, 2011





Coreana Cosmetics will be releasing a herbal premium anti-aging cream called the ‘Ja In Bullo Cream’ 자인불로크림  ( directly translated as the ‘fire cream’ ) which is said to be able to extend the life of skin cells and slowers down the fundamental causes of aging by healing the cells.

Of course, the highlight of the cream is the extracts from the crowberry plant, a plant which is said to be able to regenerate and grow itself even after being destroyed by fire. Using cell culture techniques, the stem cells of rare ginseng root and crowberry plant are carefully extracted to preserve it’s potency in the cream.

Crowberry extracts has never been used in a cosmetic product before until the release of Clarin’s Super Restorative Redefining Body Care for Adbomen and Waist.

In the lab, crowberry has proven itself anti-MMP, inhibiting the enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown and limiting the expansion of abdominal fat cells.

Coreana is using this ability of the crowberry extract to inhibit the enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown of the skin, therefore ‘prolonging’ the life span of cells.

In addition, soybeans, and many other herbal chinese medicinal plants are blended together in the formula to nourish the skin and as well as to prevent the oxidation of the active ingredients of this cream.

Sounds exquisite doesn’t it? It certainly doesn’t come cheap. Selling at 350,000 wons for 50ml .. you can find a good deal at Gmarket for 216,000 wons.

Click on the photo below to purchase it :


9 Responses to “Coreana releases luxury anti aging Ja In Cream”

  1. Kev Says:

    Something which might interest you girls about massaging the skin at acupuncture points prior to applying makeup pact and foundation.

  2. Kev Says:

    ZaIn actually is a relatively good line, albeit its price. I have used the mask packs(sleeping mask and peel-off pack) and they are relatively moisturizing and yet heavy-duty. The smell of longan fruit or some berry seems to be the mainstay and it’s what I like about the products I bought then last year, other than the textures.

  3. Kev Says:

    They do have Coreana and its Coreana and Nokdu lines in small cosmetic stores in Singapore, and Toronto has its PAT Central supermarket with a Korean cosmetics section selling Coreana. The range is limited, of course, since they are marked up, and also, the company profile is not as known internationally. But personally, I do think the brand actually has a good following domestically in Korea.

  4. Maria Says:

    I have tried the zain overnight pack and it is quite good in fact. Prefer it to laneige one.

  5. Kev Says:

    Yes, Maria, that was the one which I was talking about. It is quite moisturizing as a cream-fluid, but is not too heavy. The skin does feel plump after use the day after.

  6. Maria Says:

    We have it available in some drugstores in hk. The SA was like try it, you would really like it. I used coreana last time 15 years ago when in college:-) this is cheap as peanuts. Definitely a keep. One of the best things I have discovered lately along with emprani and missha signature bb creams which are even better than a sulwhasoo lumitouch multibase:-)

    • the only coreana items i have are their BB Creams! hehe

      i think the lumitouch multibase is so-so too but the sulwhasoo BB is good! Missha’s BB has one of the best coverage!

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