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UPDATED! : Sooryehan releases the Bicheak Soomil line April 28, 2011


Sooryehan has recently released a new line called the Bichaek Soomil line which consists of 4 products :

1. Sooryehan Bicheal Soomil Gel Cream 수려한비책수밀젤크림

2. Sooryehan Bicheal Soomil Cream 수려한비책수밀크림

3. Sooryehan Bicheal Soomil Blemish Balm Cream 수려한비책수밀비비크림

4. Sooryehan Bicheal Soomil Essence 수려한비책수밀에센스

This line aims to improve the skin’s elasticity and provides deep hydration to the skin.

Houttuynia, licorice, herbacea and gold are the 4 main ingredients in this line. These 4 ingredients reinforce skin’s elasticity and keeps skin moist and hydrated.

Here is a sneak preview of the cream (thanks to Supia) :













2 Responses to “UPDATED! : Sooryehan releases the Bicheak Soomil line”

  1. […] after LG’s Sooryehan announced it’s released of their own Hydration line ( check out the news here ) , looks like Amore Pacific’s Hannule will be following right away. The line will be called the […]

  2. Kev Says:

    The Ga Eum line, the most basic one for skin “detoxification”(which I understand to be for the purpose of hydrating oily skin), is the lightest of all the lines of Hannule, but has been discontinued. If Hannule comes up with a Soo line, it is probably going to be somewhat rather light and even lighter than the Ga Eum line, because Soo gel-based creams are somewhat less sticky and do not leave a sheen on the face. It reminds one of the Agave Cactus, the Black Raspberry, and the Carrot lines of Skinfood which have a Light version and a Hydrating version, and the Light version is often a gel cream. I think for very oily skins, such creams might be alright, but for normal or combination skins, they are probably not good enough in hydration duty especially during winter or air conditioning.

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