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more new etude house products ! April 27, 2011


Etude House will be releasing a few new products namely :

1. Etude House Mini Vita Foam 비타폼 미니

This mini foam cleanser is a foam cleanser for your hands. They are also mini-sized therefore, convenient to carry around everywhere you go. They wash off dirt, bacteria, dust which your hands come in contact throughout the day. 

2. Etude House Mini Anti-germ Hand Lotion 미니 잼잼 핸드로션

Korea’s first ever anti-bacteria hand lotion. Compact sized for convenience.


3. Etude House Open Your Eyes Mask Sheet 오픈 유어 아이즈 마스크 시트

This eye mask sheet facilitates blood circulation and de-stress the tired eyes. Contains Lutein, a carotenoid, which boosts eye health, preventing cataracts and macular degeneration. Used once a week.


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