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we’ve passed the 100,000 mark! April 7, 2011

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We’ve passed the 100,000 readers mark!



And we sincerely would like to thank all our readers who have supported the blog since the beginning.



Hope In A Blog was started to educate and introduce Asian cosmetic brands to anyone who is interested in Asian cosmetics & skincare. We wanted it to be the site where readers could look up for any Asian brand – and find information about the brands and products in English as we felt that there were not many cosmetic blogs talking and introducing Asian brands. We also wanted readers to be more equipped with knowledge of what they’re using in their cosmetics.



Our ultimate goal is to engage readers in our blog posts- for readers to give their opinions if they have used a certain product – because we believe sharing is caring. That way, many others can read some feedback before purchasing a product.



Although Hope In A Blog was created in February 2009, we only started seriously blogging in October 2010. Back then, we only had an average of 33 readers daily. In November, it jumped to 147 readers, and almost tripled in December. And we’re glad to say that after 5 months – the number of average readers per day has gone up from 33 daily in October 2010 to 1,800 readers daily in a period of 5 months.



Hope In A Blog will continue to give more great, elaborate reviews and updates on Asian cosmetics and skincare. It is a non-profit blog and a blog that was created genuinely to create awareness of Asian cosmetics and skincare – and a place for readers to share their thoughts and experiences on skincare and cosmetic products.




Hopefully when the blog reaches the 500,000 – we have have a brand new site and look for readers. We’re looking for freelance blog designers to help us out, so if you know anyone who might be interested oand available for some freelance job – drop us an email at . Of course, we don’t have a huge budget as this blog is a non-profit blog.


Thank you so much once again and we hope that Hope In A Blog will be your 1-stop site for all asian cosmetics and skincare products!


Coreana releases six new sun care products




Coreana will be preparing you for spring and summer with 6 new sun care products off their Senite line called the Senite Mild Touch Sun Care line.




The sun care line is ECOCERT certified, and contains organic natural ingredients which help block UVA and UVB rays. It gives moisture to the skin without it being sticky.




The line is also suitable for sensitive skin, as it is made of natural organic ingredients which creates a strong natural barrier effect, blocking UV light and heat which accelerates skin aging.




Tomato seed and cranberry extracts create a natural protective barrier on the skin which prevents escape of moisture, ultraviolet light and moisturizes skin. In addition, hyaluronic acid and natural moisturizing ingredients relief dryness.



The line will feature 6 products : 2 for men, and 4 for women. Consists of sunscreens, bb creams, and a powder pact.


To purchase, search for 세니떼 마일드 터치 선 케어 on Gmarket.


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Mamonde releases mamonde total solution BB Pact

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Amore Pacific’s Mamonde will be releasing a BB Pact which is made of mineral powder. The BB Pact evens out your skin tone, while covering imperfections.

As seen above, the BB Pact contains a vortex of white line. The white line is actually a primer which consist of collagen which gives the skin a smooth texture. The BB Pact also contains flower extracts to moisturize and brighten the skin.

Contains SPF 33 / PA ++

To purchase, seach for 토탈솔루션 퍼펙트 비비밤







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