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Reader’s Review : ElishaCoy Always Nuddy BB 24 BB Cream April 4, 2011




I’d like to start by saying this is my first experience with a BB Cream after reading about them for quite some time.  However, my problem skin (oily-combo, acne prone with some acne scarring-whew!) always kept me away for fear that the heaviness of a “cream” would cause me more problems.  The lure of near flawless skin primed, perfected and protected all in one step was eventually too much for me and I decided to wade into the world of BBs…




After years of cursing, crying and finally praying my acne has significantly improved, however left in its wake is some scarring on my cheek and several large “ice pick” scars around my nose.  I have a very odd skintone with undertones that are olive to almost grey with a lot of surface redness.  All these problems… could a BB cream really cover it all?  I started with the Always Nuddy BB 24 cream by Elisha Coy.  The package promises it is suitable for “trouble” skintype, hmm, sounds like me…




The Good:
I applied this over my usual moisturizer (Hope in a Jar) but I can see now how this is a step that could be easily skipped if you are oily.  I open the sample expecting a thick, pasty consistency but what I find is actually a smooth and very spreadable product.  Under the lights of my bathroom the cream appears to be a neutral tone, not truly leaning to either pinkish or yellow undertone.  The cream spreads and blends easily with little rubbing, just a nice smoothing motion and its all blended in.  It really feels more like a foundation than the consistency I was expecting.  What appears to look a little greyish blends nicely with the skin once applied and I must say it matches my skintone PERFECTLY (now, keep in mind my crazy undertones) and redness is zero!   It does give the skin a naturally radiant look, not shiny or greasy, not glittery, just really how healthy, moisturized skin should look.  I can feel it on but it isn’t too heavy and it seems to be pretty transfer resistant, much better in fact than my usual Origins foundation.  The wear is in fact what is the most impressive, I keep checking my face thinking I must be shiny but I’m not!




The Bad, and the Ugly:
Let me start by saying, even way back in elementary school I never read the directions and it got me in trouble more than once.  This cream states it should be used AFTER foundation. Now maybe they all say that but to me the lure of a BB Cream is the one-stop shop, I don’t want to wear it over foundation, I want to wear it INSTEAD!  That being said, this just isn’t enough coverage for me.  I like the radiance of it combined the natural look but it just doesn’t smooth out the scarring around my nose like my Origins foundation.  I did put a second layer in that area and it did blend in and look as natural as the rest but still just not the “filled in” look I was hoping for.  Also, I can feel it, its not THAT heavy but if you are someone used to minerals it is going to feel a little heavy and is in fact a bit heavier than my Origins liquid.  As I said earlier, I FEEL like I should be shiny, but I’m not, so why its good not to be shiny, it isn’t so good to feel like you must be. I’m thinking that as the heat and humidity of a Kentucky summer start to come in that this could be a VERY bad thing!   I think this is mostly an issue because I have been oily for years and to feel any moisture on my skin has always been a bad thing for me but for dry and normal gals this shouldn’t be a problem.



The Conclusion:
Hmmm, BB Creams are not going to give me flawless skin.  What they are going to give me is a nice alternative to the full face process that is moisturizer, sunscreen, primer and foundation for days when you just don’t have time to deal with it all!





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Republic Of Korea Best Korean Cosmetics Award 2010

Cosmetic Mania News, one of Korea’s leading cosmetic weekly newspaper , has worked together for the past few years with TNS Korea, the oldest marketing and research consultancy in Korea to check out the year’s top cosmetics products which is loved by Korean consumers.  TNS Korea is the largest custom research firm in Korea utilizing their extensive experience in advanced research techniques in every consumer research area.

Guess who emerged as the top winner of 2010? None other than Amore Pacific ! Many of the company’s brands took the top spots in certain division. To be exact – Amore Pacific’s IOPE took most of the major awards and emerged as the overall winner of the Korean Cosmetics Award 2010.

Category Winner
Best Brand Of 2011 Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Make Up Base Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Emulsion Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Lotion/Toner Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Cream Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Essence Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Foundation Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Sunscreen Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Acne Products Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Pressed Powder/Twin Cake Powder/Twoway Cake Amore Pacific’s IOPE
Best Oriental Medicine Brand LG’s Sooryehan
Best Powder Pact Amore Pacific’s Mamonde
Best Cleansing Products LG’s The Face Shop
Best Eyeshadow LG’s The Face Shop
Best Make-up Colors Missha
Best BB Cream Missha
Best Lip Product Missha
Best Lipstick Amore Pacific’s Laneige
Best Pore Care Product Skin Food ( Sake )
Best Mascara Amore Pacific’s Etude House
Best Eyeliner Tony Moly
Best Body Cleaning Products Amore Pacific’s Happy Bath
Best Hair Care Product ( Shampoo + Conditioner ) Amore Pacific’s Ryoe 려
Best Hair Coloring Product Somang’s Beauty Credit

Wow! I am kind of baffled by the wins of Amore Pacific’s IOPE. We knew it was a famous brand in Korea – but not till this extent ! Now it makes us want to check our more products from this brand. The only thing we’ve tried is the super famous Super Vital Moist cream and it was really very moisturizing.

Another surprise here – the Best Oriental Herbal brand went to LG’s Sooryehan instead of the infamous History Of Whoo or Sulwhasoo.

I expected Amore Pacific’s Etude House and Happy Bath to win the best mascara section and also best body cleaning product because Etude House’s Dr Lash was a huuuuge hit last year and Happy Bath has been a household Korean name since… forever? Lotus Palace loves Happy Bath products.

Also expected Tony Moly to win the best eyeliner because it was also a huge hit in 2010 and it’s cheap compared to brands like Bobbi Brown charging $$$ for it. Expected to win the Best BB Cream is also Missha because Missha has been the best-seller for BB Creams every single year!

Brands to try ? Amore Pacific’s Ryoe seems interesting. It is like the Sulwhasoo for hair products. Look at their ads :


So what do you think of this year’s Best Korean Cosmetics Award?

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Gmarket Haul #18

It’s been quite sometime since we had a Gmarket Haul.

The first time ever we’ve had a small Gmarket box.

The box was super smashed too , but nothing bad :

From our favourite Gmarket seller, Beauty Mania 01 :

1) OHUI The First Cell Revolution Massage Foam

Loves the packaging!

2) History Of Whoo Upgraded and Renewed Whitening Cream

Just to test out the difference between the new and old cream

3) Sooryehan Hyo Fermented BB Cream SPF 30

The packaging is gorgeous and beats Sulwhasoo flat! Made a quick glance at the ingredient list, and compared it to Sulwhasoo, and i can tell that the quality of the ingredients isn’t as good as the Sulwhasoo.

Initial testing : It has a thicker texture and has more coverage than the Sulwhasoo. It looks rather thick after applying but after a few minutes, it blends in wonderfully with the skin. Only physical sunscreen.

4) Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base SPF 50+

Came without the box. Made a quick glance at the ingredient list. Only physical suncreen. One word to describe : WOW!

I’ve honestly never seen a BB Cream with the top 3 ingredients on the list that isn’t silicones, water, or propylene glycol, or Iron oxide. The top 3 ingredients are actually herbs : Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract, Artemisa Vulgaris Extract, and Cnidium Officinale Root Extract.

Initial impression : LOVES! The texture is light, and covers so naturally. This is going to be a long expensive love affair.

For those of you who want to know the colour before buying it , here is a photo :

Top : Hannule BB Cream, Middle : Sooryehan Hyo BB Cream, Bottom : Sulwhasoo

5) The History Of Whoo Whitening Sun Cream SPF 45

Lovin this sunscreen! Have heard complains about the Gongjinhyang sunscreen, but the Seol Whitening Cream is nothing like that.

Initial impression : Has a slight pink tone to it. Easy to work with, and the best part, it doesn’t feel greasy at all. The Sulwhasoo sun cream – Renodigm Dual Care is lighter in texture but the Whoo gives a nicer after feel. Definitely suitable if you have oily combi skin!

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