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Elicina Crema De Caracol Snail Cream Review April 2, 2011






It’s the snail craze right now in Korea and it’s getting more and more crazy. The snail hype isn’t going to die down anytime soon, and Japan is follow suit in 2011.




Elicina is the original snail cream. The snail cream craze started in Chile ( though Peru also produces a lot of them ). Here is a little history of Elicina :



ELICINA ® did not come into existence the way many other skin care products do. This cream originated on a snail farm in Chile, when the workers who handled the snails realized that minor cuts and abrasions on their hands healed much more quickly than was average, and that their skin always felt soft and smooth. It was found that the Chilean Helix Aspersa Müller snail secretions were the secret behind the healthy skin that had the ability to heal quickly. Further research on this special ingredient resulted in the birth of the ELICINA ® Cream, which is a topical treatment used to treat a number of skin conditions and also as an anti-aging substance.
It took nine years of intense research and deep analysis to develop the snail secretion into a cosmetic repair cream. Elicina Cosmetics Ltd. Manufacturer of ELICINA ® products are the pioneer and inventor of the snail cream.




After registering and patenting the process in which ELICINA ® is made before The World Organization of Intellectual Property in Geneva Switzerland, (Patent of invention No. 38.6150), in 1995 Elicina Cosmetics Ltda. launched the product to the South American market. Since its early beginning and with little publicity ElLICINA ® turned into a total success based exclusively on the benefits experienced by the people that tried the cream.




Shortly after, ELICINA ® was launched to global markets, and became, thanks to the beneficiaries in the fight against Acne, Strecth Marks, Scars, Skin Burns, Wrinkles, Age and Sun Spots, in a product of worldwide acceptance and success.



Nature’s Gift for Beautifully Healthy Skin




Thirty years ago in the mountains of Chile, Bascuñan’s family discovered a unique natural ingredient that soothes, balances, repair and rejuvenates the skin, so it looks and feels healthier.

Today, this purified complex organic ingredient, that cannot be replicated in even the most sophisticated biochemical laboratory on Earth, is the natural key to the effectiveness of our products.




Repair and Renew your Skin with an Unparalleled Natural Skin Care




This powerful active ingredient comes from a little Chilean brown garden snail known as “Helix Aspersa Müller”, and is produced within the cells of the snail for their own skin, body and shell repair.




The biological composition of the snail extract is very similar to the structure of our own skin; this makes it biological compatible to human skin. The substance itself is packed with proteins , vitamins and peptides; it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents that help treat the skin for a wide range of problems. This extraordinary natural ingredient can be used to boost new cell growth and orchestrate both an orderly skin repair and the elimination of pathogens or micro-organisms (such as uncontrolled acne bacteria) while cleaning out dead or dying cells and opening clogged pores.




ELICINA ® is backed up and recommended by doctors and skincare professionals worldwide. The power of ELICINA ® has been tested in laboratories by top scientists, and proven to work in the real world by top models, actresses and public figures all over the world.




Experience the power of ELICINA ® for yourself; join us, and discover a healthy skin of timeless youth!




ELICINA ® is a safe natural cream that triggers the regeneration of your skin. Acts as an exfoliate eliminating dead cells, destroys pathogens, heals and regenerates damaged tissue. Also reduces scars, removes damaged cells and skin imperfections. Nourishes the skin, protects it from free radicals, and improves elasticity. Increases density, moisture retention capacity and skin’s firmness and leaves it baby soft and smooth. ELICINA ® is a natural cosmetic cream for women and men, regardless of age, color of skin or skin type. It is cosmetological, organic, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic, with no side effects and it can be used by pregnant women and children. It is not grease and it has rapid absorption, does not contain colorants, and it does not stain your clothes. It is enriched with proteins and skin-friendly ingredients and is the only product in the cosmetic industry that contains 80% of organic snail extract; and the finished product is a wonderful white odorless smooth cream.




Elicina’s packaging is very simple. It comes in a very simple cheap looking plastic jar and the plastic jar is really light !



Nothing fantastic about the packaging. Korean brands that are selling snail creams have far better packaging. It’s such a pity because this product is a great one! But i guess it was made this way to reduce cost and be available to mass market.




First off, i do need to remind you that Elicina is NOT a moisturizer. It is a treatment. It does not contain any additional moisturizing ingredients (though snail mucin is naturally moisturizing).




The texure of this cream is LOVE. It is a little thick and goo-ey and spreads easily on the skin.




However, when spread, it will leave an initial white cast ( like a sunscreen ) like this :




All you have to do is keep swipping it and rub in circular motions until the ‘whiteness’ disappears :




The after texture : LOVE! This is the perfect cream ( reminder : it’s not a cream. It’s a treatment! )  for those with oily and mixed skin. It gives such a matte feel after applying it , and instantly makes the skin feel and look smooth and superb!




We have a tip : apply it extra thick! We found out that if you apply more, the results are even more drastic. Somehow, your pores look smaller, your skin looks more radiant.




Not only that, it is an excellent BB Cream base! BB Cream just glides more easily on your skin and makes application of BB Cream much easier! You seriously have to try this yourself : after applying a good quantity of cream on your face, follow up with BB Cream and you’ll see the difference.




We just love the after-feel of the cream. You have to try it to know what we’re talking about !

Healing Properties




This cream has been hailed as the magical cream for acne. A few of us tested it but we did not find it very useful for acne ( Whoo and Sulwhasoo gave better, faster results ). You can even check out reviews of the Elicina cream on , and quite a few of them have had success with Elicina cream. It apparently helps diminish acne spots, heal current acne, and helps even out skin tone.




This cream contains 80% of organic snail extract. Tony Moly contains 70%, while the new Elisha Coy Snail Cream contains about 90%.




Snail creams are well known for it’s multi-purpose properties. It heals the skin and acne, works on wrinkles, firms the skin. It is marketed as a all-in-one product.




We don’t know how true are these claims – but we do love the Elicina cream. It does make the pores look smaller instantly, gives an amazing after-feel, makes your skin looks smoother – and that is all it needs to do. The wrinkles, firming feature can come later, we don’t care! We always use it as a quick fix to look good.





Ha! Ok, so this is the part where it isn’t so amazing.



Eventhough 80% of the stuff here is snail secretion, there is the other 20% which contains some nasty stuff like liquid parafin (which i suspect gives that very wonderful matte feeling), cetyl alcohol, etc.



However, it is fragrance-free ( thank god! ) , colorant-free, and hypoallergenic, with no side effects and can be used by pregnant women and children.



However, worry not, most of the Korean snail creams are paraben free, mineral oil free, etc. But i’m not sure if they will give the same effect as this cream.




We love this cream. It’s a perfect cream for those with oily and mixed skin. It gives a nice matte after-feel and it’s a joy for those of us with oily skin to have that feeling. Usually after applying a thick slob of the cream, we follow up with the AHC BB Cream and there you go – looking all fabulous and ready to party !




Those with dry skin will definitely find this too dry – it is advised that you get the Elicina Plus! version which contains moisturizers, or just apply a cream after applying the regular Elicina.




We wish that a few ingredients were taken off that list to make it more skin-friendly. It’s a pity – i guess nothing is perfect !




Though we can’t say anything about it’s wrinkles, acne , firming claims – we can definitely confirm it’s pore-shrinking , and healing properties. It did help a little with my red marks. And i think it will work better on fresh scars rather than old scars.



Do not expect life-changing miracles off this product. Sure, it’s a good product but not to that extent. Don’t expect any stretch mark or severe acne to disappear from using this cream.



It works great if you want to look good for a few hours – and it might help your skin in the long run. Report back if any of you are using this cream!




Elicina was our first snail cream – and this was the cream that convinced us to try other snail creams! We hope that the It’s Skin one performs better than this! ( tried a sample of the Tony Moly Snail Cream – it was so greasy – definitely No no for oily skin! )

Where To Purchase ?



Cheapest off Ebay but be careful for fakes. This cream is crazy famous so a lot of people are producing fakes.




There was a warning on the official Elicina page that a Korea company was producing products under the Elicina brand. They are not the original Elicina products! Check out the statement : heree


90% ! 100% when those nasty chemical stuff are not used !














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10 Responses to “Elicina Crema De Caracol Snail Cream Review”

  1. Lori Says:

    Is this all the same hand? If so, it is pretty amazing how it smooths the texture!

  2. nathan Says:

    Hey thank you for this detailed review!
    Elicina is really amazing on how it lightens my old scars.
    Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos.

  3. Luz Sanchez Says:

    Where can I buy ? How much?

  4. Luz Sanchez Says:

    Elicina cream also anti-aging?tnx

  5. Luz Sanchez Says:

    May I know the office here in Manila pls.tnx

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