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A.H.C AHC Intense Contour Balm BB Cream Review and DR. MJ Balance Flower BB Cream Review April 2, 2011





We choose to review these two BB Creams at the same time because they were very similar. Look at the photo above – doesn’t it even have that similar silver touch on the cover?




That’s normal. AHC’s BB Cream has been so highly loved and regarded by the Korean women that every company has tried to make their own version of the AHC Intense Contour Balm and selling it at a much cheaper price but nothing beats the original. Many BB Creams have since then copied the entire packaging of the AHC Intense Contour Balm by keeping the same colour template, etc!

Now here’s a little introduction of the two BB Creams :

  • AHC Intense Contour Balm

A.H.C ( Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics ) ‘s Intense Contour Balm is one of the more highly regarded BB Creams in Korea. It is very well known for being an excellent BB Cream and is considered one of the ‘gold standards’ of BB Creams. Of course, it does come with a hefty price tag too!

A light powder that controls the sebum secretion and cares the silky smooth skin


Intense Contour Balm performs effectively on the irritated skin while blocking the penetration of UV rays and other harmful factors. This silicon-based formula indicates and means a natural, long-lasting white complexion with gently calming effects of natural and botanical soothing ingredients not only on oily and sensitive skin, but also on irritated skin after peeling or laser treatment.

Sheer clear coverage and complexion-true color to near-nudeness to protect and make the face look more vibrant.

Main Ingredients

Skin Resurfacing Formula and Phyto Calming Complex – Allantoin, Alpha Bisabolol, Arbutin, Acetate, Green Tea extract, Ginko Leaf extract, Green Tea extract, Aloe Vera extract

Good for

Skin that needs protection, Sensitized skin by peeling or laser treatments and troubled skin

Directions for use

For skin protection and natural-looking cover, lightly pat a small amount of product over the whole face at the final stage of basic skin toning. The non-artificial color of natural ingredients enables this product to be used as a foundation.


30ml / 50ml

  • Dr. Mj Balance Flower BB Cream

It helps sensitive skin from various internal and external factors to intense soothing and basic skin protection as well as rich moist substances cares health and glossy skin by consistent firming skin protection screen.


As i said above, both BB Creams packaging are similar. It’s obvious that Dr. Mj wanted to replicate the success of AHC’s Intense Contour Balm by making the packaging similar.

  • AHC Intense Contour Balm

Comes in a very nice classy and glossy box. It has a very serious and professional look. Nice and elegant!

Can be kept for 3 years!

Usually when these sort of tubes are used in BB Creams, it is extremely hard to control the quantity of BB Cream that comes out. However, with this, we did not have any trouble because the BB Cream is verrry thick and therefore it makes it easier to control quantity of BB Cream that comes out.

Another reason why it is easier to control is because the hole where the BB Cream comes out is super tiny!

Keep in mind that the AHC Intense Contour Balm also comes in 30ml.

  • Dr.MJ Balance Flower BB Cream

Exact copycat of the AHC except it is smaller (30ml).

The packaging of the box looks much cheaper than the AHC’s.

Because the texture of the AHC Balm is thick, control was easy. However this was not the case with the Dr. MJ BB Cream. It is quite hard to control the amount of BB Cream that comes out because the BB Cream is much more liquid and each time when pressed, be careful because a lot of BB Cream can come out. Be careful when squeezing the BB Cream out of the tube.

Another reason is because the hole where the BB Cream comes out is much larger than the AHC tube packaging. Huge hole + Less thick texture = huge mess. There are times when i don’t even need to press anything and just hold it and the cream comes out …


As i mention above, the AHC Balm has a really thich texture to it. It can be seen on the photo above ( on the top ) that when pressed out, it still stays in shape while the Dr. MJ BB Cream has a much more liquid texture to it.

Of course, due to it’s thick texture, it is much harder to work with the AHC Balm. You will need to rub it harder and will require more work. The Dr. MJ BB Cream is easier to work with due to it’s less paste-y texture. However, the Dr. MJ BB Cream also has have a very thick creamy texture compared to other BB Creams.

It may look less thick in texture, but once spread in texture, you will be able to feel the thickness of the texture.

I guess since DR. MJ tried to make the Balance Flower BB Cream as similar to the AHC Intense Contour Balm, they tried to make it as similar as possible.

They both had the same after-feel. A very matte waxy feeling after application of the BB Cream.

Top : AHC , Bottom : Dr Mj (After trying to spread it with one swipe) :

Colour / Shade :

The colour of BB Creams are rather similar but there is still a difference.

Both seem to have that pink undertone, however Dr MJ’s has a darkier less bright pink tone to it and a hint of greyish tone.

The colour difference  is more obvious here :

Top : Dr. MJ  Below : AHC

I added the Estee Lauder BB Cream  to compare the pink shades of the two BB Creams as the Estee Lauder BB Cream has one of the pinkiest undertone ever!

Top : DR Mj , Middle : Estee Lauder , Bottom : AHC

I added also the Elisha Coy BB Cream which is known for it’s dark grey tone to compare.

Top : DR Mj , Middle : Estee Lauder , 2nd last : AHC , Last : Elisha Coy Nuddy 24

Also, compared it with other BB Creams to give you an idea of the shades.

Other BB Cream used was the Clinique, Estee Lauder, Enprani Retinol BB Cream, and Elisha Coy Nuddy 24.

I think one of the reasons why the AHC Balm is so popular is because of it’s colour. It has a very neutral, skin complexion like colour. It isn’t very pink like the Clinique / Estee Lauder and not as dark and grey as the other BB Creams.

A perfect shade, we think ! The shade between the Dr MJ and AHC are similar in a way but you can still see the difference. AHC has a brighter pink shade, while the Dr.Mj has a lighter pinkish colour.


Both gave a good coverage. The coverage for the AHC was slightly better.

Top : DR Mj , Bottom : AHC



Oil Test

Time is recorded on the left top.

They are both pretty good in oil control, though the AHC performs better. While using the AHC, i could see that my face was less oily and at the end of the day, it doesn’t shine like a disco-ball from all the sebum !

I don’t think this would be moisturizing enough for those with dry skin but would be perfect for those with oily – normal – combination skin.


  • Dr.MJ Balance Flower BB Cream

  • AHC Intense Contour Balm

As i mentioned earlier, lots of companies have been pushing out BB Creams that is similar to AHC but selling it at a much cheaper price, and Dr. MJ being one of them. It’s no surprise that their ingredient list is very similar to the AHC, but since it is sold cheaper than the AHC, we would expect it to have less ‘beneficial ingredients’ and ‘more cheaper ingredients’.

When comparing both ingredient list, one can see that the first 5 ingredients are exactly the same. However in the Dr Mj , Cetyl Peg/Ppg-10/1 dimethicone is far up the list, while in AHC is somewhere in the middle. ( Concentration of ingredients are placed in order ). PEG is regarded as safe, although many believe PEGs act as toxic carcinogens.

The fragrance in Dr MJ is also listed quite high while in the AHC it is the least concentrated ingredient. The AHC also contains Arbutin high up the list which helps in skin whitening and depigmentation. Other than that it also contains Bisabolo, chlorphenesin, Vitamin E, Sorbitan, Centella Asiaticq extract, Grapefruit extracts, and other beneficial stuff ( though they are rather low down on the list ).

Dr MJ being cheaper doesn’t contain all these stuff – except the Vitamin E. Almost all the ‘beneficial’ ingredients such as Allantoin, Camellia extract, Chamomillia Flower extract are the last few ingredients on the list ( therefore the least concentrated ).

Other than that, they contain almost exact the same ingredients except in different nomenclature. For example, CI 77491 on the Dr Mj ingredient list – is listed as  Iron Oxide Yellow on the AHC ingredient list , CC 77492 which is Iron Oxide Red on the AHC list.

However the AHC BB Cream does contain talc while the Dr. MJ does not.


We really do see why the AHC Intense Contour Balm is so loved and respected by BB Cream lovers. It’s a great classic BB Cream – great colour, great oil control properties, great coverage and lasts for a long time!

Though the texture is a little too thick and needs more effort, the end result is worth it.

However there are three downsides to this BB Cream :

1) No SPF which means sunblock needs to be applied before this

2) Price. It is a rather expensive BB Cream

3) The ingredient list contains a few controversial ingredients – talc , paraben, etc but it also contains beneficial ones.

While using this, none of us had any pimples which is always a good sign. Double cleansing needs to be done – because both BB Creams are rather waxy in texture.

The Dr. MJ BB Cream is just a copycat of the AHC Contour Intense Balm. If you can’t afford the AHC , then you can try the Dr. Mj ( Dr. Mj is a brand under the BRTC company ).

AHC also has another BB cream which is white in colour and is supposed to be for those with dry skin called the Intense Contour Balm Moisturizer

Where To Purchase?

Gmarket !

The AHC Intense Contour Balm can be purchased for 61,900 (30ml) and for a 50ml you will need to top up just 9,500 wons.

Click on the picture to be directed :

The Dr. MJ BB Cream was on 90% off ( from 60,000 to 4,000 wons ) and has sold out since then. However, if you’re still in Korea , you can check the official site and purchase it there. *click on picture to access link

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AHC Intense Contour Balm – 80%

Dr.MJ Flower Balance BB Cream – 20%

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