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History of Whoo now available on April 1, 2011

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eww is finally selling LG’s The History Of Whoo.

Those of you who are sick and tired of Gmarket can now purchase it on Sasa instead.

Click here to visit the Sasa Whoo page!






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10 Responses to “History of Whoo now available on”

  1. N. Says:

    Great news.

  2. nami Says:

    hi hope ypu know is history of whoo available in china…if you know then do reply asap bcoz my uncle is going there and i want to make full advantage of his visit..plz give me the complete address

  3. nami Says:

    ya dat was the first thing i did before posting on your blog but was unable to find it..can you help and provide me the link

  4. nami Says:

    thanks alot hope..and do you know does the seol starter’s kit are available at the counters

  5. nami Says:

    okay thanks once again …you are so helpful

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