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Reader’s Review : Skin Ceramics Blemish Balm Review March 27, 2011

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Tina was one of the 3 winners in the SkinCeramics and Beaute Derm BB Cream Giveaway ( all three were from the United States ) . She was also the only one who received the BB Cream out of the 3. The other 2 BB Creams got stolen on the way. Sad smile



Without further ado.. here is Tina’s Review on the BB Cream.



Do check out her blog : here

Tina’s Review




Hope In A Blog hosted a small giveaway, the prize being a sample size of Skin Ceramic BB Cream. I won on the condition of writing a review on this product. My review of this product is completely honest and all opinions are my own.




What it is: Skin Ceramic is a Korean brand of BB cream. Unfortunately, their website is in Korean and my Korean is not good enough to translate what I’m reading. The bottle states: “regeneration skin, wrinkle treatment, oil control, long water, long wear. This BB Cream is for your skin as ceramics.” For a full list of ingredients, click on their website here (ingredients are listed in English as well as Korean). Hope In A Blog claims it’s a higher-end BB cream but I am not able to confirm this because I don’t know the price or where to buy it.




Texture and color: The texture reminded me of Estee Lauder Double Wear Light and it is unlike my other BB creams. It’s thinner and not as creamy as my other BB Creams (read about my hunt for my favorite BB cream here). It has a light chemical-y paint-y kind of smell to it, typical of some liquid foundations. The smell isn’t particularly pleasant but it’s not off-putting either. The color is surprisingly not grey-based like most BB creams. It is very light and has a strong pink undertone to it.




My experience: I tried this twice before deciding that I wouldn’t wear it anymore. The first day I applied a light layer after I moisturized my face then set it with MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finish Natural. There was hardly any coverage, none at all actually. When I wear BB creams, I like to dab a little extra underneath my eyes to help neutralize my undereye circles and usually that works for me. With Skin Ceramic, however, the coverage was so sheer that putting extra underneath my eyes did absolutely nothing. The overall finish was okay but then I thought, maybe my MAC powder made it look better.




Therefore, the second day I applied just Skin Ceramic BB Cream without setting it. The color is so pink that it didn’t look good on me at all. It changed the tone of my face and it wouldn’t match my neck. Skin Ceramic adds pink color without providing any coverage whatsoever. It does oxidize enough to match my NC30 skin tone but the pink undertone really ruins the overall look. I eventually set it with MAC’s MSFN because I wanted to neutralize the pink as much as possible.




For reference: I wear NC 30 in MAC Studio Fix, B30 in Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, 32 in Make Up For Ever Face & Body, 127 in Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. My skin is on the lighter end of “medium” and I have yellow undertones.




Conclusion: I do not like this BB cream at all. I cannot speak for its wrinkle treating properties as I would have to wear this for a while but my opinion is based on its color and lack of coverage. I don’t need much coverage but this miraculously provides NO coverage but it adds color, the wrong color for me I might add. This may work for fair Caucasians who have pink undertones. I don’t personally know any Asians who have pink undertones. If you think the color would match you and if you have oily skin, I think Skin Ceramic would be good for you. My forehead is not oily at all which is the only positive thing that I can find about this BB cream. If you want a high-end BB cream, I recommend A.H.C. Intense Contour Balm. If you want a more affordable BB cream, I would recommend Skin79 Super Plus BB Cream Triple Function (hot pink) or Missha Perfect Cover.




Although I did not like Skin Ceramic BB Cream, I would like to thank Hope In A Blog for hosting the giveaway. Check out their blog if you’re interested in Asian skincare and beauty products.

♥ Tinna





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Hada Labo releases more new items






Hada Labo has released a BB Cream series called the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid BB Cream and the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid BB Cream Emulsion . Both comes in two different shades: Natural Beige and  Tan.

The lotion comes with SPF 50 / PA +++ while the cream only comes in SPF 32 / PA +++ . The lotion serves as a make-up base, foundation and a serum and contains the famous Hadalabo Super Hyaluronic Acid.

Ingredient List :



Review Giveaway : Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Oil Control Water Gel Samples March 26, 2011

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Neogence is a famous medical beauty specialist originated from Taiwan. With a research team consists of professional dermatologists, it offers a series of products in accordance with weaknesses of Asian skin and climate. The brand mission is “sincerity, service and “environmental-friendly”: “sincerity “ represents a complete ingredient list that ensures safe and secured products; “service” means dedicated consultation; “environmental-friendly” stands for simple packing that reduce environmental degradation.




We will be giving away 2 samples of the Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Oil Control Water Gel to each reader! Therefore each reader will have 2 x 10ml = 20ml which will last you for at least a month!




However, this is only for those who have trouble with their oily skin, so if you have dry skin – wait for the next Hope In A Blog’s Review Giveaways. There’s always something for everyone!

What exactly is a Review Giveaway?



Hope In A Blog will be giving out sample( s ) to lucky readers for them to submit a review on the item! Submit your review to

Am I Eligible?




Anyone who has a passion for skincare is eligible to enter the Review Giveaway. Of course, your passion must be translated into reviews to share your thoughts of the products with other users.




If you have previously won a review giveaway and have not submitted your review, you will not be able to enter the review giveaway ( This is to be fair to other readers! ).

Are there any conditions to this?




Before this, all shipping costs were paid by us. However, after much discussion, in order to be able to give out more samples for our readers, and also to multiply our frequency of our review giveaway ( before this, we only gave out one samples per month because shipping cost was too expensive ) , we made a decision that readers who are interested in this , would have to bear the shipping cost.




Please do understand that the blog does not generate any income at all ,  it is pure love for cosmetics and a passion to share information on Asian cosmetics. Therefore this was a painful decision to make.




Shipping costs will differ according to the size/weight of the samples given away. You will never pay more than the actual shipping cost !

How Much Will Shipping Cost?




Shipping for each sample will cost 2.50 Euros if you live in Asia / America ( estimation can be found here ) .




For those of you in Europe, shipping will cost 1.50 Euros.




Payment should be made in EUROS via Paypal.

How do i enter?




If you agree to pay for shipping for the samples, just send us an email at and fill in the blanks below :

Full name ( on address) :

Full Address :

End Date



4th April 2011.



As we mentioned above, we will be multiplying our frequency of review giveaways to at least once in two weeks. Our goal of course is to have a review giveaway every week.




Review Giveaways will be posted every Monday, so make sure to check in every week.




Winners will be notified via email.









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More more more new LG’s Su:m 37 products…




LG’s Sum37 has been releasing  quite a lot of new products lately namely the Secret Programming Essence Eye Cream, the new Luminious Recharging Cream and now the Su:m 37 Waterfull Timeless Water Gel Cream..


They do already have a cream off the Waterfull hydration line but this is the gel-cream which means if you’re into gel creams and have oily combination skin, you will probably love this!

We can’t wait to try this gel cream! Smile


Another new item from Sum37 is the White Award Luminous Concentrate.


If you already love the White Award line and find it effective, you’ve got to purchase the most concentrated product in the whole line – which is why you’ve got this!

It comes in an 8g * 4 set, and each jar will last you for about 1 week – therefore it’s a one month home program to bright luminous skin! Apply more on troubled spots!

To purchase, search for 화이트 어워드 루미너스 컨센트레이트






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BanilaCo Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser Review



We’ve written an article about this cleanser in 2010. This cleanser was just released back then, but it was already a best-seller in BanilaCo.

This Clean It Zero has a sherbet (or sorbet)-like texture that melts into your skin and wipes off all traces of make-up without irritating it. Natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin such as acerola berry extract, and herbal extracts to moisturize the skin.




Hannule Hanyul Releasing Two New Whitening Make Up Products


Amore Pacific’s Hannule / Hanyul will be releasing two make-up items in preparations for the hot summer.

Introducing the Hannule Gogyeol Mi Baek Makeup. This will be under the Hanyul whitening line Go Gyeol Mi Baek. Two products will be released – the powder and the concealer.

Tired of dull skin spots and blemishes? The two new products aim to cover up dull skin and blemishes. These products also contains Hanyul’s patented Whitening Techonology ( Hanyul has just recently released their newly upgraded whitening line ).

As we said, these products are prepared to welcome spring and summer – therefore the powder will help control secretion of sebum and sweat- to keep your skin smooth and bright all day long!

To purchase, search for 한율 고결 미백 메이크업  when it is released!

Hannule Hanyule Go Gyeol Mi Baek Powder will be sold for 50,000 wons (13g) and concealer for 32,000 wons.

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Dr Jart expands on v7 line March 23, 2011




The Dr Jart V7 will be expanding the entire line and will now consist of 7 products in total namely


1) Dr Jart V7 Beauty Balm BB Cream (V7뷰티 밤)

2) Dr Jart V7 Cleansing Foam (V7 클렌징 바)

3) Dr Jart V7 Relief Vita Drop

4) Dr Jart V7 Cleansing Bar

5) Dr Jart V7 Renewal Serum

6) Dr Jart V7 Turnover Booster

7) Dr Jart V7 VitaLaser



We’ve written a few post on the V7 line.. so we’re just gonna sum things up. V7 stands for 7 Vitamins ( A, B3 , B5, C, E , F, H ).


More of a whitening and anti-aging line – It helps fight dark spots, freckles, uneven tone caused by aging and UV Rays.




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