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Spring 2011’s Hottest BB creams– La Roche Posay releases their own BB Cream. March 29, 2011

As spring approaches, time to pay extra attention on that sun protection.

Here are Spring 2011’s latest and hottest BB Creams which are just fresh out of the oven.

1) Amore Pacific’s Sulwhasoo Snowise BB Base Cream 30ml설화수 자정 비비베이스

Concentrated with whitening herbal ingredients such as Angelica acutiloba, Cnidium, wormwood, – to be exact 37% of active herbal whitening ingredients – Sulwhasoo is going all out to provide the ultimate proctection while maintaning crystal clear white skin. Not only it is concentrated with 37% of herbal ingredients, it contains a high SPF of 50+ / PA +++. Sulwhasoo has paid great attention to this product and is all out to get your attention and $$$. 30ml.

2) CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Extra Intensive BB Creme Multi Action Formula SPF 35 30ml 에스티 로더 사이버화이트 브릴리언트 셀 엑스트라 인텐시브 BB크림 멀티-액션 포뮬라

Estee Lauder launches again – their 2nd BB Cream – of the CyberWhite Brilliant Cells line. CyberWhite Full Spectrum Brightening System – a glucosamine-licorice complex enhances cell turnover rate to eliminate the problem of uneven skin and Melanin Interception Technology prevents the inflammatory effects of histamines in the skin. Contains SPF 35 / PA +++. 30ml.

3) Amore Pacific’s IOPE BB Skin Complete SPF 35/ PA ++ 40ml 아이오페 스킨 컴플리트 BB SPF35 PA++

Contains ingredients that calms down skin irritation and inflammation of ongoing skin problems. This BB Cream provides moisture to the skin, and cover skin blemishes, perfect for the most sensitive skin. 40ml

4) Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 / PA +++ 40ml 바비 브라운 비비크림 SPF35 PA+++

Also from the Estee Lauder company, Bobbi Brown has released it’s own version of the BB Cream. Comes in 3 colours ( Light, Fair, Extra Light ).

5) La Roche Posay UVIDEA XL BB Cream SPF 50 / PA +++ 유비데아 BB

This came as quite a pleasant surprise for us. One of France’s biggest drug store brand – La Roche Posay is also releasing their own version of the BB Cream under the Uvidea XL line. La Roche Posay’s sunscreen has been recommended by a lot of dermatologists worldwide for it’s sunscreen and is one of the most popular sunscreens in the world. Containing MeXoryL SX, a unique organic UV filter that is highly protective against short UVA waves.

Which to pick off the 5?

A test was conducted among the 5 BB Creams by a team of women.

Estee Lauder’s BB Cream was chosen as the BB Cream that brighten dull skin tone the most. We agree on this because we tested the BB Cream ( review here ) and it really illuminates the skin, giving radiant glowing skin ( due to it’s unique blend of optics )

Sulwhasoo’s Snowise BB Base was the clear favourite and winner. It provided the best coverage out of the 5 BB Creams and provided the best after-feel after applying the BB Cream.

IOPE’s BB Cream was the less stickiest of the 5 BB Creams ( though the other 4 were not sticky too – Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream being the stickiest ).

Hope In A Blog will be introducing other new BB Creams below that have come out recently, to provide you readers more choice when you are shopping for your Spring 2011 BB Cream!

6) L’arcobaleno AC-11 Super Cell Energy Blemish Balm 라르꼬발레노AC-11비비크림

From the same producers of several high-end BB Creams ( Alexander Kimsco etc), they recently came out with a new BB Cream called the L’arcobaleno AC-11 Super Cell Energy Blemish Balm. Already, there is some buzz around this BB Cream in Korea and has received rave reviews and often compared to the SunnySide VIP BB Cream, one of the top BB Creams in Korea. However, compared to the SunnySide VIP BB Cream, this BB Cream is paraben free, alcohol free, talc free, and mineral oil free. ( SunnySide has also contacted us and has informed us that they are now preparing an upgraded version of the BB Cream which will also be paraben, talc, alcohol free – we’re so excited to try it once it is released! )

Now, this BB Cream contains the current hype – snail mucin and also a new supplement which is called the C-Med-100 ( FDA APPROVED : FDA documents found here ) , which helps to enhance the skin’s natural immunity and enhance the natural DNA repair process. C-Med-100 is an extract of Uncaria Tomentosa also known as Cat’s Claw. It has received much scientific studies and there is supporting evidence towards it’s use in treating cancer, inflammation, viral infections etc. It is also an immunostimulant, antioxidant, and anti bacterial.

It is currently on Introductory Promotion , therefore 40% off the normal price for the full size 50ml , and buy one free one for the 15ml size. This promotion won’t last long therefore if you want to try – this is a perfect time. I remember i bought Skin Ceramics on Buy 1 Free 1 when it was first introduced, but the offer was taken down a few weeks after that and now it’s full prized !

7) LG’s Sooreyan Hyo Fermented BB Cream SPF 30, PA ++ 수려한 효 발효 비비크림

The latest of the Sooreyhan Hyo line – a fermentation line which features the fermentation of more than 100 chinese medicine and herbs. This BB Cream contains the benefits of the Hyo line plus SPF 30 / PA ++.


5 Responses to “Spring 2011’s Hottest BB creams– La Roche Posay releases their own BB Cream.”

  1. N. Says:

    Oh my god! I love La Roche Posay, I can’t believe they have a bb cream. I’m definitely going to try it out!

  2. GGal Says:

    Oh Hope!

    Ever since I stumbled on your blog I have spent so much on Korean Skin Care on gmarket in just one month!

    However on the bright side, for the $200+ I have spent this month, it has included lots of WHOO & Sulwhasoo stuff I am currently enjoying trying out, and also my order a minute ago for the Alexander Kimsco (25ml) & L’arcobaleno AC-11 Super Cell Energy BB (50 ml) .

    What I have spent this month still cost less than two bottles of any treatment product from the Dr. Perricone line which I used to use, and not very effective!

    Thank you for sharing the tips and sales with your readers. I want to let you know you are appreciated and dangerous because everything you highlight and recommend, I want to buy! You are indeed my skincare hero/Zorro!

    • Hi,
      You’re welcome! Yeah, we’re definitely not good for your credit card! Haha. So what is your favourite stuff so far? Why did you pick the L’arcobaleno over the Sulwhasoo? hehe, they are about the same price! Hope the stuff you bought has worked for your skin 🙂

      Update us when you’ve tried the L’arcobaleno! It sounds rather good and that company has a good reputation in making high quality BB Creams!

  3. GGal Says:

    I received my gmarket haul last Fri n I I learned a lesson in not looking at pictures carefully ESP when I don’t understand Korean.
    I had ordered a L’arcobaleno sunscreen and Alexandern Kimsco BB cream combo instead of L’arcobaleno BB cream. I wish I had the new Whoo sunscreen instead esp after seeing your latest haul!!! And I so badly wanted to try a BB w snail ingredients 😦 oh well, live & learn,
    I just ordered samples of the new Whoo sunscreen so shall be able to do a comparison of the sunscreens soon.
    My fav products so far is everything in Whoo Soel line, Whoo eye creams (Q&J, Jinyul, Hwa Hyun …all excellent!), Bichup essence & secret court cream. Tried n did not like Soo Yeon line. Sulwhasoo Favs are Overnight Treatment Pack (love, love, love!!!!!) and concentrated Ginseng Cream. Have ordered samples of more masks and ampoules, and makeup to try so looking forward to my next gmarket Haul arriving. After that, no more purchases until May when I should finally get my gmarket VIP status.
    Again, thx for all your tips!

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