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BanilaCo Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser Review March 26, 2011



We’ve written an article about this cleanser in 2010. This cleanser was just released back then, but it was already a best-seller in BanilaCo.

This Clean It Zero has a sherbet (or sorbet)-like texture that melts into your skin and wipes off all traces of make-up without irritating it. Natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin such as acerola berry extract, and herbal extracts to moisturize the skin.



Most of BanilaCo’s packaging is very sweet and nice.

This cleanser isn’t an exception. The plastic jar itself is pretty huge which bringing it around for trouble wouldn’t be very convenient but thank god that it isn’t made of glass! It is actually pretty light in weight.

Love the colour palette that is used here, pink being the main colour.

Here are some shots of the jar :

When you unscrew the jar, there is a plastic lid and a small plastic spoon on top of the lid.

Normally we HATE plastic lids on packaging because most of the time, the products stick on top of the lid, and at times it gets very inconvenient. But here, thank god for that lid! We love the touch of just being able to put the plastic spoon on top of the lid. That way we didn’t have to search for the spoon each time we needed to use it. So convenient!

The lid also makes it hygienic as it protects the product and the plastic spoon from contamination and bacteria etc.

The cleanser is pretty solid therefore no worries of it sticking on top of the lid and making a mess!




This cleanser is well known because of it’s unique sherbet texture. We really love the texture and the scent of it. It reallllllly reminds us of sherbet and everytime i use it, i just feel like eating it. It smells like Honeydew sherbet. Yummy! I was expecting more of a rose scent because of it’s rose colour but to my surprise is has a honeydew fruity sweet scent which i love!

So once you spread the sherbet over your skin, it becomes more of a thick-oil texture and spreads easily on your face.

If you love and is comfortable for oil-based cleansers, you will probably like this. However, the texture is thicker than other oil based cleansers.

Those of you who have oily skin, and is uncomfortable with oil based cleansers, you will probably won’t feel comfortable. However, it doesn’t leave your face greasy after cleansing.

When you put water and start cleansing, there won’t be much foam but you can see a little whitish foam.

Here are the pics after the sherbet melts when you rub it :

Cleansing Power

Before applying water :

After applying water :

End Results :

There you go, the end results!

Most cleansers that i’ve put on the cleansing test, does wipe off the marker marks but not this cleanser. So i guess it’s cleansing power isn’t very powerful.

However, this cleanser is meant to be used as a 2 step cleansing routine product. It is to be used as a 1st step cleanser to melt and erase all your make-up. The sherbet oil does melt all make-up easily and cleanses it off. Follow up with a foam-cleanser.


Ingredient list in Korean


If you’re looking for something new for an oil-based, make-up remover cleanser : try this!

It’s sherbet texture is unique and it smells great. It melts off your make-up and erases it easily without irritating your skin.

Not only that, it leaves your skin very smooth after cleansing and hydrated !

Remember to follow-up with a foam cleanser if you’re using this for deeper cleansing!

Find out for yourself why this product has received so much love from cosmetic lovers!

Check out the ad video :

To purchase it, type 클린 잇 제로 on Gmarket. There are also come trial size samples for sale, so if you’re not sure, try it before you purchase the full size!

Retails for 18,000 wons for 100ml.

Please remember to type : ‘Recommended by Hope In A Blog ( )’

We definitely need korean Gmarket sellers to be aware that the international customers are also aware of what’s going on in the Korean cosmetics market and our potential. In that case, we wouldn’t also be side-lined by Korean cosmetics companies.

Thank you!

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3 Responses to “BanilaCo Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser Review”

  1. Ros Says:

    Hi Hope,

    Wondering whether this one is mild enough for sensitive skin?

  2. LivyLuna Says:

    hi..great review~!I’ve been waiting for this..if u have more time,can u please review Banila Co Ms Water Mr Oil and Prime Primer Matte..TQ

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