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Gmarket Haul Number #17 March 15, 2011

1) History Of Whoo Gongjinhyang Upgraded Deluxe Set

This deluxe set comes with a 10ml Qi & Jin Essence, and 10ml Cream compared to the other onewhich only contains 4ml of the Ja Saeng Serum and 4ml of the cream.

2) History Of Whoo Upgraded Seol Starter’s Kit

This starter’s kit contains the newly upgraded lotion, toner, whitening intensive, and a 4ml Ja Saeng serum. It doesn’t come in a box but it a elegant ziplock bag bearing the Whoo logo.

3) OHUI White Extreme Starter’s Kit

This is the latest Whitening line from OHUI. It contains an emulsion, toner, serum, mask, and cleansing foam. Note that there is another starter’s kit which contains the face cream instead of the mask and cleansing foam.

4) Su:m 37 White Radiance Cream

This is the 20ml format.

5) Su:m 37 Whit Award Radiance Recharging Cream

We had some free samples of the latest Su:m 37 whitening cream. Not to be confused with the White Radiance Cream. This is a new cream from the same whitening line.

6) OHUI White Extreme Cream

We also had some samples of the new OHUI White Extreme line.

7) Hannule Go Gyeol Mi Baek Samples

As we bought the full set, the seller did give some miniature samples. Notice that there is a slit on the bottle of the serum. It gives an indication of product used! Nice touch for just a sample.

8) Hannule Go Gyeol Mi Baek

The packaging is extremely luxurious and lovely. It comes in a solid lovely box and the packaging of the bottles are so beautiful too. Totally worth it !

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13 Responses to “Gmarket Haul Number #17”

  1. Amy A Says:

    love looking at ur hauls it makes me happy 🙂 such gorgeous packaging!

  2. GGal Says:

    I just want to thank you for selflessly sharing your knowledge of asian skincare and Gmarket with us. Thanks to your tutorials, I successfully made and received my first purchase of WHOO samples (from order to delivery…took only a week to get from Korean to USA!).
    While, it was very very overwhelming and time consuming at first, I kept coming back to your site to the various tutorials to help me push through and navigate the gmarket site and its various features and was so excited when successfully placed my order! Even more so when the products showed up at my door! Thank you again!
    Couple of questions that I hope you can help with:
    1) Can you share the link where you got the WHOO Upgraded Soel Starter Kit in today’s posting? I need to get a hold of the WHOO whiteneing intensive and have had problems locating the minature on gmarket. This seems like a great set and I would love to get my hands on it!
    2) I received a couple of samples of Whoo In Yang Sleep Repair with my order but have not been able to find any information online about it. What does it do and how do I use it?
    3) WHOO Secret Court Cream – Has anyone on your team used it? I received a sample and think this will be a fabulous makeup primer owing to its texture. Any thoughts on that?
    4) What is a good moisture based sleeping pack you would recommend to someone in their mid-40’s? (I have been reading a lot abt Laneige but it seems to be for people in their teens or 20’s).
    5) Sulwhasoo & WHOO Make up – Has anyone on your team used or reviewed the foundation or base? If so, can you kindly post the link to the reviews? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Ggal,

      you’re most welcome.

      1)the links for the upgraded whitening line are on the post itself (at the bottom of the post) ! Not sure if there are anymore left though.

      2) The Yin Yang sleeping pack repairs your skin while you sleep and prevents moisture loss. it is similar to the Sulwhasoo Overnight Treatment! Use it at night before you sleep as the last step of your skincare routine. you can skip the cream if you have oily skin and just put the sleep repair.

      3) yes! we are going to publish the review this weekend. the secret court cream is a multi-functional cream. It works great with acne, bruises, wrinkles, and it is more efficiency when used with the Ja Saeng. We will explain it in detail on the review!

      4) What is your skin type? I do love the Sulwhasoo overnight treatment, and have yet to try the sleeping repair of whoo. However, i tried the Whoo Ginseng Ampoule and it works great !!

      5) We have used some of them, but have not reviewed them yet! Which one are u eyeing in particular?

      Hope you like your products!

  3. GGal Says:

    Dear Hope
    Wow! Thanks for your speedy n detailed response! I am mid-40’s, heavy pigmentation, normal/combination skin (oily T zone), pores are starting to show; and truth be told am a little dehydrated these couple of weeks owing to pollen allergies. My first priority currently is whitening which I am confident that WHOO SOEL will help esp since I just received my 30 sample pack of the 4 week whitening intensive and full size brightening pack; and am looking for complimentary products to help with reducing the pores (no clue as to what is going to help in that area..clay mask? pls help..all advice appreciated) and for suggested cures for the temp dehydration (sleeping packs? I have never heard of them until I read your blog!).

    I currently have 20 packs of the Ja Saeng esence and cannot wait for your review of using it with the Secret Court Cream. I am going to place a 2nd gmarket order soon and will definitely include the Whoo Ginseng Ampoules, Sulwhasoo Overnight Treament Pack, and anything else you recommend! On foundations….I am just so sold on Korean skin care right now that I am dying to try their makeup so wanted to get your opinions/reviews if you have tried either the WHOO or SULWHASOO makeup line.

    A little background on how I got to be a WHOO-crazed fan/addict…
    I stumbled upon WHOO when the Korean SA in our local asian supermarket talked me into buying a $155 whitening set that came with 6 WHOO Seol products (Deluxe Sample of Cleanser, Balancer, Lotion, Intensive, Cream and full size bottle of the Soel Essence) to help with my pigmentation. After just one week, my skin felt so soft and looked bright, and the freckles were fading! I’ve never had a whitening product work so quickly for me before and it was then that I ventured online to find out more about the brand and found your site and all about the wonderful world of WHOO and Korean skin care! thank you again for teaching and sharing with us…you are definitely the best asian skin care blog in the world! Without you and the gmarket tutorials, it would be very tough to afford to use these wonderful products.

    • Unfortunately the Whitening Intensive has sold out. Apparently, once the article on the blog was published, the remaining sets were snapped up within a few hours..

      For your pores, Sulwhasoo’s Skin Clarifying Mask is really good!

      For your dehydration problem, since you have the Ja Saeng Essence and the Secret Royal Court Cream, try this. put a small amount of the cream on your hands, then put also a small amount of the serum on top of the cream. Use a finger and mix both of the serum and the cream together until it becomes one.

      Then, rub it into problem areas such as acne, dry spots, bruises, etc. It did work wonders for us. Tell us if it does the same for you!

      If you have the Sum37 Secret Programming Essence, you can try it on your dehydrated areas too!

      The Whoo Ginseng Ampoule can be quite heavy if you have oily combi skin though!

      Sleeping Packs are sleeping masks. The more famous ones are Laneige ( which is also under the same company as Sulwhasoo ).

      For the makeup, Sulwhasoo has recently released their foundation , base & pact off their extra refining line. There are samples on Gmarket and they packaging is really cute! The Sulwhasoo Eye Brightener is a gem though!

      We have the two BB Creams from Whoo but have yet to try them. Have you tried BB Creams? They do work wonders to cover up imperfections like pores without looking too cakey and fake!

      • VC Says:

        I have tried the Sulwhasso Snowise UV cream only a few times and I do like it so far.

        I have also tried their new Extra Refining Makeup Base and foundation which I really love. I bought the makeup base, it looks shimmer, but after you apply on your face, you don’t notice it. I was given a few No. 21 samples, I like the texture, the color is light on my skin, it doesn’t cover my freckles but it looks very natural, doesn’t look dry on my skin.

        The other day I used the makeup base with the bb cream, I do find it gave my face a nice glow.
        I am hoping to try a shade darker for the foundation, unfortunately couldn’t find any online yet.

  4. VC Says:

    Hi GGal,

    I was looking for whitening intensive too, I was lucky to be able to order one of the starter kit. I also bought few more 4ml samples from the same seller, you can find the packets or 4ml size.

    Here are couple more links:
    Can somebody help me with the above link, they do carry a lot of whoo samples, but when I click the selection, I don’t see any selections, do I enter the item number manually?


    • i would avoid this seller :

      They have a few shops in Gmarket so be careful.

      They are the worse seller on Gmarket. They take more than 1 week to ship your stuff out and i have NEVER had a successful transaction with them. I’ve ordered from them 10 times and 10 times, the products were out of stock. Worse still, they do not inform you when the products are out of stock. They don’t even cancel the transaction for you sometimes. They take forever to reply. After the 10th time, we stopped buying from them ever!

      • VC Says:

        Thanks for the advice! I almost ordered some samples from them last week, luckily I bought from another seller. I just received my first order from Gmarket couple days ago, it only took less than a week to arrive to US, I’m so impressed. Can’t wait to try the Whoo Whitening Line, I’m still waiting for my second order that includes the whitening intensive.

        Which sunscreen will you recommend? I am trying out Sulwhasso Snowise UV protect cream right now. It only has PA++, will that be ok to use with the whitening products. I also want to try Whoo new whitening sun cream, unfortunately, I can only find samples available to domestic only.

        Have you ever purchased samples from this seller?
        I couldn’t select from the selection menu.


      • How do u find the Snowwise UV? We can’t wait to try the new Whoo sun cream too, though their Gongjinhyang Sun Cream doesn’t seem to be well liked, so hopefully the Whitening one is better.

        Have you tried the Sulwhasoo Renogdim Dual Care? It’s very light and fluffy texture is so pleasant to use! It only contains SPF 30 though.

        We also just tried out the latest Hannule Whitening Sun Cream. Wow! It is the first time we’ve seen sunscreen with bling blings (shimmers)!

        I think the seller is same as the one i pointed out, they have a few shops on Gmarket. The layout of their page is the same !

  5. GGal Says:

    VC – Thx so much!! Hope – I will definitely avoid the seller u highlighted!

  6. Rox Says:

    Great haul!!! 🙂

    Can’t wait for the reviews! Im wondering if you opened the Whoo Whitening Intensive? How was the cream texture and scent, since it got upgraded? Thanks!!! 😀

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