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Review Giveaway : ElishaCoy Wrinkle Out Collagen Essence and Aqua Whitening Pudding Cream! March 9, 2011

Remember our 6th Giveaway?

You have another chance to win this!

2 readers will be chosen to have a chance to review 4×2 = 8ml of the Elisha Coy’s Wrinkle Out Collagen Essence which contains goodies like EGF, Argan Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Tea Complex, etc. Also you will gave each 2ml x 2 = 4ml of Aqua Whitening Pudding Cream which contains Albumin, Caviar, Royal Jelly, Ceramide and Collagen.

What exactly is a Review Giveaway?

Hope In A Blog will be giving out sample( s ) to lucky readers for them to submit a review on the item!

Am I Eligible?

Anyone who has a passion for skincare is eligible to enter the Review Giveaway. Of course, your passion must be translated into reviews to share your thoughts of the products with other users.

If you have previously won a review giveaway and have not submitted your review, you will not be able to enter the review giveaway ( This is to be fair to other readers! ).

Are there any conditions to this?

Before this, all shipping costs were paid by us. However, after much discussion, in order to be able to give out more samples for our readers, and also to multiply our frequency of our review giveaway ( before this, we only gave out one samples per month because shipping cost was too expensive ) , we made a decision that readers who are interested in this , would have to bear the shipping cost.

Please do understand that the blog does not generate any income at all ,  it is pure love for cosmetics and a passion to share information on Asian cosmetics. Therefore this was a painful decision to make.

Shipping costs will differ according to the size of the samples given away. You will never pay more than the actual shipping cost !

How Much Will Shipping Cost?

Shipping for each sample will cost 1.50 Euros if you live in Asia / America ( Estimation is 1.70 euros, estimation can be found here) .

For those of you in Europe, shipping will cost 1 Euros.

Payment should be made in EUROS via Paypal.

How do i enter?

If you agree to pay for shipping for the samples, just send us an email at and fill in the blanks below :

Full name ( on address) :

Name Of Sample Interested :

Full Address :

End Date

14 March 2011.

As we mentioned above, we will be multiplying our frequency of review giveaways to at least once in two weeks. Our goal of course is to have a review giveaway every week.

Review Giveaways will be posted every Monday, so make sure to check in every week.

Winners will be notified via email.

To be able to win samples / prizes and be updated , don’t forget to join us at facebook and twitter :

Click here: Facebook Page and here : Twitter Page

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Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack

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Amore Pacific’s Mamonde, which is a brand known for it’s BB Cream and it’s moisturizer for younger skin, will be releasing a new product called the Pure White Sleeping Pack.


The sleeping pack uses encapsulated rice embryo extract which is rich in vitamin B1 and E and contains excellent whitening properties. It also contains Urea, which dissolves keratin, and so softens and moisturizes the skin.



Like all Mamonde products, they are fairly priced, at around 20,000korean wons.


To purchase, just type 퓨어 화이트 슬리핑 팩 on Gmarket!