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Protect your nails while making them beautiful with danahan hyoyongyun Premium nail polish February 19, 2011

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To prepare for Spring, Danahan has unveiled their new line called ‘ Dahanan Hyoyongyun Premium ‘


The line consists of 10 different nail polish colors which corresponds to the names of Gemstones – Garnet, Quartz, Moonstone, Amethyst, Spinel, Topaz, Rube, Tourmaline, Amber and Royal Gold.



Diamond and Advanced Crystal Pearls were used to express the vibrant colors and to give your nails the elegant look.



Also, herbal ingredients as well as Rose essential oils are use to protect your nails and to give it a luxurious scent.



Want some bling bling on your nails and want some nail polish that smells like rose and protect your nails? Wait no longer!



Purchase it on Gmarket by typing 다나한 효용윤 프리미엄 네일



13ml / 7000 wons.











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VOV releases make-up line ‘Suboon’




VOV’s SUBOON which is a rather new make-up brand has just released a few products which we will introduce below.






First off is the Water Pact or the Suboon pact which is a make up base pact which provides Sun Protection ( SPF 25 PA ++ ) , and moisture to the skin. Korea’s first cosmetic product which applies the ISL Coating Formulation, the pact provides your skin a hydration boost. This pact has already been getting rave reviews from customers and is used by many Korean actresses.






Also from the Suboon line – you have the SUBOON Cover Pact which cover blemishes and gives you clear skin , the SUBOON Mineral Powder which also give you a clear, moist, long lasting flawless skin.


Start your make-up regimen with the SUBOON Filler Essence which acts as a 3-1 product. It acts as a make-up primer, a make up base,  and also an anti-aging cream.


Also from the SUBOON line is the SUBOON Essence Foundation – a smooth liquid type foundation which covers all skin imperfection and sooth your dry skin.




Last but not least is the SUBOON BB Essence SPF 30 PA ++. Using Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Royal Jelly, and Collagen – the SUBOON BB Essence acts as an essence to nourish your skin and provides it with hydration and covers your skin’s imperfections. 47 % of the BB Essence consists of moisturizing ingredients.


Tired of make up that doesn’t work well with your dry skin? Try the VOV SUBOON line and tell us if it really lives up to the hype it is currently generating.


SUBOON is endorsed by Korean actress, Han Ye Seul




To purchase SUBOON products, look for 보브의 수분 에센스 비비 ( BB cream ) , 수분팩트 ( Pact ) , 수분커버팩트(SUBOON Cover Pact)  , 수분미네랄 파우더 (SUBOON Mineral Powder ), 수분필러 에센스(SUBOON Filler Essence) , 수분 에센스 파운데이션(SUBOON Essence Foundation) on Gmarket







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Etude House Releases new Vitamin C 02 White Tone Up Line




Etude house will be releasing two products off their Vitamin C O2 White line – namely the Double Tone Up Kit and the Tone Up Peeling Pad.



The kit consists of 2 steps and 2 products :



1) Immediately after washing, use the Vitamin C O2 White Serum – however, the serum comes in a powder form as Vitamin C is highly unstable, therefore will be packed in a powder form. You will then have to mix it together with the vitamin water. Both are packed together in packets.



2) Use the Double Tone Up Serum which is a ready-made serum in a bottle. This serum works to lighten dark and sun spots or imperfections such as blemishes and is an intensive care to give you a clear skin tone.



To purchase search for 산소정화 화이트C 더블 톤 업 세럼 키트 on Gmarket






Cosmetics Functional pads such as the Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Pads have been rather popular in Western Cosmetics lately, and it’s no surprise that Asian Cosmetic brands will follow on the trend.


Etude House will be releasing their own pad titled the ‘ Vitamin C 02 White Tone Up Peeling Pad ‘ which claims to whiten/brighten your skin.



The pads work to slush away patches of dead skin cells accumulated on your skin  that helps lighten up dark spots and makes your skin look bright. To be used once or twice a week.


To purchase search for 산소정화 화이트C 톤 업 필링 패드 on Gmarket






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Skin79 and CNP Cosmetics releases new cleansing Products





Skin79 will be releasing a new cleansing oil called the ‘Smart Clear Deep Cleansing Oil’ and is a 1 step cleansing product which is highly effective.



The oil will remove makeup residue instantly as well as black heads and dead skin cells at the same time, while protecting your skin with a blend of different oils – sunflower seeds oil, macadamia seed oil, olive oil – to provide hydration to your skin while cleansing.



The other new product will be the ‘Smart Clear Cleansing Gel’ which features Witch Hazel extracts (astringent), aloe vera, chamomile – a cleanser suitable for those with problematic and sensitive skin.



To purchase : 스마트 클리어 딥 클렌징 오일 ( oil ) , 스마트 클리어 올 인원 클렌징 젤 ( gel )







A brand that is quickly rising to popularity is CNP Laboratory which is well-known already for it’s BB Creams and Pore Care products – will be releasing a new cleansing gel called ‘Cleansing Perfecta’ which has already created a buzz due to it’s super cleansing properties.



CNP’s Cleansing Perfecta claims to wipe off even the most water-proof makeup such as BB Creams/Foundations/Sunscreen which normal cleansers have a hard time removing. The cleanser can also be used to remove your eye make-up : waterproof mascara, eye shadow etc.



CNP has chosen a gel form so that it would be suitable for all skin types. Normally, women would have to rely on a cleansing oil to remove all the stubborn make-up, but oil based cleansers would aggravate those with oily acned skin. The cleanser is also suitable for those with sensitive skin as it contains CNP’s patented ingredient – the Anti Irritant Complex- which contains skin soothing ingredients and herbal extracts to moisturize the skin. The cleanser also has natural papaya extracts which exfoliates the skin at the same time.



Looking for a non-oil based cleansing formula to wipe off all the stubborn makeup and sunscreen? Search no more! ( We are probably gonna purchase it since it does sound quite amazing! )



Price : 23,000 won / 150ml



To purchase it, search for 차앤박화장품 클렌징퍼펙타 on Gmarket.






Also released recently is the CNP Laboratory Clean Up make up remover which is a make-up remover for your lips and eyes to clean off your lipstick, water proof mascara, etc.



Contains also the Anti – Irritant Complex and skin friendly ingredients such as allantoin and is fragrance-free, preservatives-free and alcohol-free.



To purchase, look for : 클린업 아이 립 메이크업 리무버 on Gmarket



For more CNP Products, simply head over to this seller on Gmarket


Or to their English website : here








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Coreana Releases Hydro Water Lily line

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One of Korea’s larger cosmetic company, Coreana, will be launching a new line called the Senite Hydro Water Lily and will feature 6 products.


Coreana is one of the lesser known brands outside of Korea, but is a household cosmetic name in Korea itself. It has a very good reputation for making high quality and efficient cosmetic products and has several lines to it.


Senite is the latest line from Coreana whichis endorsed by the currently popular actress, Seo Woo which is currently acting in Flames Of Ambition, for her young and youthful image. The Senite line is marketed towards women in their early 20s and as well as for teenagers.



The Senite line itself is broken into a few sub lines ( Pure Mung Bean line, Polynesian Intensive line , etc)  and the Hydro Water Lily line itself is broken into two sub-lines namely the Fresh line and the newly introduced Whitening Hydro Lily line.


The line features their star ingredient, the Water Lily extract which has exceptional moisturizing ingredients. Water Lily extracts contain large amount of Vitamin C and flavonoids.The line will also feature the special Nano-liposome technology which forms a protective layer on the skin and prevents moisture escape from the skin.


The line boasts 6 products – Cleansing Foam, Toner, Essence, Cream, BB Cream.


If you’re in your late 10’s, early 20’s .. and want a simple hydrating and moisturizing one, give Coreana’s Hydro Water Lily line a chance !


To purchase, search for 세니떼 하이드로 워터릴리 on Gmarket.


For more information of the Senitte products, or other Coreana products, visit here. ( Google Translator advised ).





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