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Gmarket Haul Number # 16 February 17, 2011

I know i know… we just received our haul a few days ago.

But we won quite a lot of money on Gmarket and we had plenty of cash balance on our account.. and plus the coupons.. we basically paid nothing for this haul Open-mouthed smile


And Gmarket was on sale… haha *excuses excuses*


Ok, let’s indulge !




1. Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Vinegar Essence



This is the latest essence off the Hyo line ( it has another one so be careful when you buy it – make sure it is the one you want ) and was just launched last week. We have an article on this essence ( it’s for detoxing your skin and eliminate waste products ). We were sooooo impressed by LG. Wow.



We just bought one bottle of essence, and everything else was given free. Yes, even the two FULL SIZE Sooryehan Luxury base and starter were given FREE. Not to mention the samples ( 5 x 10ml samples of the cream, 10ml x 4 of the other essence, 50ml of the sleeping pack, 25ml of the toner and emulsion, 5ml of the eye cream ). This set is sooooo totally worth it. The serum itself costs about 95,000 won but LG has reduced it to 90,000. Then, come to this page and click on the LG icon to win a 20% coupon ( however, this page is not valid for new Gmarket users – you need to have certain points to be able to enter this page).



On top of the 20%, you can win easily another 10% coupon from the Gmarket International Page, or 10%/7%/5% according to your VIP status on Gmarket. Finally after all the coupons, you pay only about 62,000 wons , and you get freebies worth up till 200,000 wons ( the 50ml cream and 40ml serum costs 85,000 each = 298,000 wons. The Sooryehan luxury base = 85,000 and the Sooryehan Luxury Starter = 43,000 won , therefore the grand total = 298,000 wons )  .



Not only that, you automatically get 2850 Gmileage, and 10 Gstamps! Head over to this page to buy it! You’re not gonna find this deal even if you fly all the way to Korea!



Did we mention how beautiful the packaging is too??




2. It’s Skin Prestige D’escargot Cream



Alright, same thing here, you’re never gonna buy this cream at the Gmarket price even if you fly to Korea. My friends have seen Japanese customers lining up in It’s Skin shops buyinh 5-6 bottles of the SAME cream. This cream is a sensation in Korea and doubt as the ‘miracle’ cream right now! It’s on sale –20% off right now, therefore you can buy it at 48,000. On top of that, you can use your VIP coupons – if you’re a SVIP, you can use your 10% coupon which brings the price down from 48,000 to 42,000 then win a  10% Super coupon bringing the price down once more from 42,000 to 37,000.




Another way is to ‘exchange’ your Gstamps and enter the lucky draw to win the 10,000 coupon for every 60,000 won purchased. That way it goes from 48,000 directly down to 38,000 and top it off with your 10% Super coupons and it goes down to 33,000. That’s HALF of the price! Where else are you going to find such a deal ?? And only Hope In The Blog gives useful tips like these! Oh, and the green thing beside the cream is a free cushion Open-mouthed smile





3. LG’s OHUI White Extreme Brightener and Emulsion– this is the latest whitening upgraded line from OHUI. You can only get it from this seller.



4. LG’s OHUI Original Energy 100 Vital Power / 100 Hydra Power / 100 Radiance Power

These 3 serums are the star of OHUI and they are very famous. One seller was kind enough to give us samples for us to review.


  • Hydra Power

Ampoule containing the powerful moisturizing extracts of hyacinth. Native to the Mediterranean region, hyacinth is known to store water in its sap to retain moisture even in dry environments. This moisture preserving power of hyacinths is captured in Hydra Power, an ampoule which uses nature’s strength to enhance the skin’s foundation and to maintain the optimal moisture balance inside and out. Fully hydrated from deep inside, it gives the skin a glow with natural silkiness.
Quickly absorbed without leaving sticky residues, Hydra Power feels light while its moisturizing power reaches down into the depths of the skin.


  • Radiance Power

The secret of the iridescence and beauty of pearls is captured in Radiance Power ampoule, containing concentrated extracts from the inner shell layer of pearl oysters also known as nacre protein. Nature’s strength enhances the skin’s foundation, and the various organic materials and pearl substances transform the sallow and uneven skin tone to one that is sheer and bright. The result is a healthy and radiant skin that glows from deep inside.
Silky yet light, Radiance Power creates an elastic moisture layer that smoothens out the unevenness of the facial skin.


  • Vital Power

Ampoule containing rich extracts from planktons, recognized for their capacity to survive in extreme desert conditions. Nature’s strength concentrated in the raw extracts helps fortify the very foundation of the skin, revitalizing sagging and fatigued skin by restoring its elasticity and vitality.
Rich and nutritious, Vital Power keeps the skin moisturized and soft without leaving any sticky residues. Fully absorbed, it helps define and perfect the facial contour





4. LG’s Sum37 White Award Toner and Serum – can be bought at an exremely affordable price at the same seller


5. LG’s History Of Whoo Hwanyugo – gift from seller



6. LG’s OHUI 28 Renew program – a skin renewal program from OHUI from the same seller above.





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21 Responses to “Gmarket Haul Number # 16”

  1. Sarcasm Says:

    Hey Hope, I have been loving your blog from the beginning! And have been following you for quite some time now…….. 😀

    I always came here for great reviews, but I don’t see much anymore. It seems like you make more purchases than you do reviews. But how would you do a review since these products need to be used more than at least a month or two???

    You make great purchases, but this blog, to me has become about ‘look what I bought’ and not ‘these are the most effective products’. Hope to see a change!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for the support. We are in a stagnant period because these products are being tested in a one to two months period that is why the reviews dont come so often, but by march you’ll see a bunch of reviews cos that is when most of us will finish our time period. However we do have a few bb cream review coming up, and also some caudalie products! Keep on checking!

  2. Rox Says:

    Wow, you guys really love Whoo and Su:m37 now!!! Korean brands are just great 😀

  3. Rox Says:

    PLUS, just saw your upcoming review section. I seriously CAN’T WAIT. I really want you guys to review the three Whoo cleansers!!! I really want to know your thoughts about it too, I hope you guys can do that one as well 🙂


  4. Liz Says:

    Hi, great hauls!!!

    I went on the same seller for the sum37 whitening products, the White Award Toner is not there? But the White Award Essence Lotion is there.. did they make a mistake or is the toner done? I just want to make sure so I don’t get the wrong item. Thank you. Love your BLOG !!! 🙂

  5. Liz Says:

    Oh never mind, the seller sends the toner. Wonder why they put the Essence Lotion up haha


  6. Christina Says:

    Hi I bought the fermented essence package and was admiring it when i realised they did not give me the luxury base only the starter was given. Who should i be looking for assistance, gmarket ? appreciate your help

  7. sarah Says:

    Nope they did not and when i hightlighted to them they actually just offer me a 3000won refund to my gaccount or return back the entire package which seems ridiculous;(. I didnlt notice that until i saw ur review then i realise that one of them is missing. Just take it a lesson learnt next time i guess i must match with the picture. Just veri disappointed with the seller. Glad that at least u got the full set the last time i look they took away the 2 luxury items, seriously doubt they had forgotten…..
    My pics are here

  8. Emily Says:

    Hi hope^^

    First all, I love your blog!! ^^ really nice of you sharing all those reviews for us!

    Second, regard on the snail cream that it’s skin has, what is the difference between the cream and the lotion? Should the lotion be the base after applying toner and before applying the cream? any ideas? ^^ thks

  9. Maria Says:

    Actually, the japanese skincare is différent. Albion, Kose and some others propose a different routine: emulsion, toner, serum and cream 🙂

    • Hi maria,

      Ah, i remember using the blue kose line sekkisei and it was toner first then emulsion. but i think that sometimes there is a confusion because the korean and japanese name them different. for example – lotion can be so misleading! in japanese brands they refer the toner to the lotion , but in korean skincare lotion refers to emulsion. and then there is the emulsion and milk. i remember in Albion, the milk is used before the lotion, which does intrigues me! Sulwhasoo’s first care serum before anything else is also interesting!

      • Joseibi Says:

        that’s how I understand it too, Hope.

        Brands like Albion, their naming is different but the most telling is the texture. Their milk I find is more like a rich toner, and then the lotion is more like an emulsion…I think they are just trying to be different.

        Some of the products are more like primers, such as Sulwhasoo’s First Care Serum, to be used before the toners. If you don’t use a cotton pad to apply the toner then the order of usage isn’t a big deal since you don’t wipe anything off. There is always some confusion with the usage, I even had western readers patronizing me on how I should be using KOREAN skincare, even though some of the serums are meant to go AFTER the emulsion! LOL very confusing to non-asian brand users I suppose!

  10. Maria Says:

    To be honest for more than ten years since living in Japan I have always used the emulsion (nyueki in japanese), then the lotion and then the serum. The skin is well prepared and becomes incredibly soft if you inverse the order. I am using AQMW line like that and it really makes a difference. Sekissei line is a cheap pharmacy line of Kose mainly sold overseas. Interesting as well, that in Japan we apply emulsion, lotion with cottons whilst in Korea they do it with bare hands. So now I try to apply lotion by gently patting it so not to waste the precious liquid. My HG is Albion’s skin conditioner tho, quite runny so a bit tricky to apply:-)

  11. Kooslee Says:

    Hi Hope,

    Do you know any gmarket seller that offer hwanyugo trial set? I’d like to gift that to my mom for her to try. Her birthday is coming up. I read @ joseibi that Hwanyugo works wonder on wrinkles.

  12. Kev Jang Says:

    Hi Koslee, just to make it easier for you when you search on Gmarket, try typing in 후 환유고(Whoo Hwanyugo), and if you want to get Hannule Go Gyeol antiwrinkle cream, try 한율 고결진액 크림 (Hannule Go Gyeol Jinaek cream). I highly recommend doing the search yourself, and since Gmarket sellers always have specific periods of sales and offers sometimes. They are moving into the summer sales period so it is always good to check!

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