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Sooryehan releases new hyo fermented vinegar essence February 12, 2011




LG’s Sooryehan will be releasing a new essence off their fermentation-based herbal line called ‘Hyo’




SooRyeHan Hyo is an Oriental medicine-based fermented cosmetic product developed by the Oriental Medicine-based Cosmetic Research Laboratory. Biyeonmongnandan and gyeongokgo, carefully selected Oriental medicine substances, are filtered by optimal yeasts to enable quick and effective absorption of active ingredients deep within the skin.




Biyeonmongnandan and gyeongokgo are secret formulas handed down in Dongeuibogam ("Treasures of Eastern Medicine"). They protect skin cells from free radicals that accelerate the aging of skin and improve cell functioning to slow skin aging and offer firm and healthy-looking skin.




The fermented biyeonmongnandan and gyeongokgo are outstanding at delaying aging as they are twice as effective at antioxidation and eight times more powerful at cell stimulation once they undergo the fermentation process.




When skin begins to age, there is a shortage of four main skin properties(amino acid, organic acid, mineral, and female hormone) due to the sharp decline of yin and blood, and the skin enters into a state of extreme deficiencies of key elements.



Sooryehan Hyo introduces a new fermentation method (goo-jeung-goo-po:nine cycles of steaming and drying) to completely supplement both yin and yang to care for the skin that chronically suffers from deficiencies of key properties.



Goohyodan was created by applying the Oriental herbal-medicine’s fermentation method of steaming and drying four key herbal ingredients (ginseng, foxglove [Reh-mannia glutinosa], Pleuropterus multiflorus, Polygonatum falcatum). Provides excellent defense against aging and leaves skin moist and firm to present the ultimate beauty that successfully erases years away from your skin.



Goo-jeung-goo-po Fermentation Method



Goo-jeung-goo-po has been traditionally used in Oriental herbal medicine to maximize ingredients’ efficacy. This technique of steaming and drying nine times has now been adopted as Sooryehan Hyo’s new fermentation method. "Goo-jeung-goo-po Fermentation Method" uses yeast and lactic acid bacteria to steam and ferment herbal ingredients nine times to maximize the efficacy of the fermentation process. It increases effective properties and improves the benefits of the fermentation process including fast absorption and anti-toxicity to effectively supplement and control both the yin and yang.






Goohyodan is Sooryehan’s secret fermentation method for skin regeneration. Fermented ginseng, foxglove, Pleuropterus multiflorus, and Polygonatum falcatum supplement the drastic decline of yin and blood with the onset of aging.



The vinegar essence removes waste materials in the skin. It contains 100 different kinds of herbal ingredients which go through a natural fermentation process using 5 kinds of natural fermentation strains ( lactobacillus, yeast extracts, etc ). The essence will improve skin texture and maintain a clear pure complexion, providing abundant moisture to the skin while relieving skin aging.



The essence will retail for 95,000 won for 40ml.



To buy this, search for 수려한 효 발효초 에센스 on Gmarket.


It is available from the LG Gmarket page. The price is 90,250 wons but you can easily get it for 60,000wons.

First of all, apply for the 20% LG Coupon here

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Then win those 10% Coupons on the International Gmarket Page to get another 9,000 wons off, and you will be able to buy the new Sooryehan serum for about 63,000 wons.

They are giving away a lot of samples and even 2 full size products which are worth more than 200,000 wons !!




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7 Responses to “Sooryehan releases new hyo fermented vinegar essence”

  1. karen Says:

    hi hope,
    what are your initial findings on this line? helps skin in any way?

    do share your initial views.


  2. unfortuantely we don’t have that new Hyo line here, and the old Hyo line was out of stock a long time ago,but have heard good reviews about new Sooryehan Hyo line,any skin brightening effect?

  3. karen Says:

    hi hope
    how about the cream from this hyo line? and the emulsion? suitable for oily skin types? or dehydrated skin types?

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