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Hope In A Blog’s January 2011 Coup de Coeur February 12, 2011

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Hope In A Blog will also be featuring a new monthly feature called ‘Coup De Coeur’ every month.


‘Coup De Coeur’ in French simply means ‘our personal favourite’ , ‘our choice/pick’ , or ‘highlight of the month’. Hope In A Blog will be picking 1 or 2 products each month to feature as our ‘favourite products’.


Now…. Introducing January’s 2011 Coup De Coeur..





We did a review on the Elisha Coy Review back then and after that, we went through a couple of different cleansers but somehow they weren’t able to match up to Elisha Coy’s BB Cleanser. Even the History Of Whoo cleansers could not match up to this baby!


We love it’s serum texture and when applied on the face, it also has the texture of a serum. It also acts as a massage serum. We love how it feels on the skin and even before washing it off, it already leaves the skin soft and supple.


Our tip to make the best out of it : massage the cleanser serum to your face and give your face a little massage by spreading the ‘serum’ all over your face. If it isn’t enough, give it a second pump.


Once the serum absorbs and dries off into the skin, wet your hands and pat them on your face. Now, foam will form and then gently give your face a little massage.


So, dear readers, what were your favourite products of January 2011? Share it with us !





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3 Responses to “Hope In A Blog’s January 2011 Coup de Coeur”

  1. Sasha Says:

    My January “Coup de Coeur” is the Hadanomy Collagen line by Sana. I don’t know which product to choose between the cream, lotion or the mist lol

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