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Nature Republic introduces ginseng stem cells line called ‘solie’ February 7, 2011




Nature Republic will be jumping in the Ginseng Stem Cells bandwagon by pushing out a new line called Solie ( 雪理爱 ) which features their star ingredient in this line – Ginseng Callus Stem Cell.



Ginseng Callus Stem Cell penetrates deep into the skin to rejuvenate and strengthen’s the skin’s core. Ginseng saponins which are rich in antioxidants help clear waste and toxins from the skin and helps increase blood circulation which in return prevents the skin from accelerated aging.



The line also features 12 kinds of herbal medicine and is ‘nano-techologied’ to increase absorption by the skin.



Consists of 6 products namely :


1. Toner 150ml – 17,900 wons


2. Lotion 150ml – 17,900 wons


3. Essence Booster 40ml – 19,900 wons


4. Serum 40ml – 19,900 wons


5. Cream 50ml – 19,900 wons


6. Eye Cream 25ml 19,900 wons






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3 Responses to “Nature Republic introduces ginseng stem cells line called ‘solie’”

  1. Rox Says:

    Wow! They totally copied Sulwhasoo’s Balancing Water and Balancing Emulsion packaging LOL! Even Sulwhasoo’s Firming Cream… the font looks like Sulwhasoo’s too haha.. it seems many did copy Sulwhasoo’s approach of using medicinal herbs like Whoo, SooRyeHan, this, and many more.

    • yeah the packaging loooks awfully similar to Sulwhasoo except the colors are different. well they are each trying to get a piece of the cake i guess. because so far, the lower end brands like face shop, nature republic are only starting to venture into the herbal approach

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