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Just another weblog joins the fight against the Sulwhasoo issue January 31, 2011

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This is a continuation of an issue we had with a Sulwhasoo USA representative :

First of all, i would like Joseibi for her support. , Hope In A Blog, and Korean Skin Care are the top 3 websites to source for all Sulwhasoo and Amore Pacific products. was one of the earliest website that introduced Amore Pacific brands such as Sulwhasoo, and thanks to her website, it was how we found out about the Amore Pacific brands like IOPE, Sulwhasoo, etc that we have never heard off.  So i guess you can say Joseibi really is the big sister when it comes to this and our mentor. was also selling Sulwhasoo and Amore Pacific products on her website before this.

However, Hope In A Blog held discussions amongst our members yesterday and we have decided that we will not take down the current articles on all Amore Pacific Corporation, but we will not be writting any new articles, reviews , or news regarding the latest Amore Pacific Corporation ( Etude House, Innisfree, Sulwhasoo, Hera, Laneige, Lirikos, Mamonde, IOPE ) until we hear from Amore Pacific regarding this matter.

Unlike Julia who is paid by Amore Pacific, we promote Amore Pacific for free with dedication and passion. Each article/review/news takes hours to write. Amore Pacific does not even have the courtesy of replying to our questions via the “Contact’ page when we needed help to write articles regarding their new products , and we spend hours trying to find sources, Google Translate them, and asking our Korean friends for help. We decided that it wasn’t just worth is wasting our time on a company who doesn’t appreciate blogs who help them advertise and market for free, create awareness on their products and brands, and even giving out their samples to our readers for free and we even ship them out for free and bear the high international shipping cost.

Amore Pacific clearly does underestimate the power of the internet and the bloggers who have been backing them up and help them create awareness of their brands and products. They have yet entered the international market in full force and successfully, yet managed to offend the few English blogs that helps them. If they ever enter the French market, watch out because the forum-ers at the biggest french beauty forums ( Beaute Test ) are already talking about this issue, and are all switching to the History Of Whoo.

Below is our ‘mentor’’s comments regarding this matter :

Dear Hope,

This Julia person was not speaking on behalf of AmorePacific and she’s clearly an idiot. Besides what everyone already stated, I want to add a few things too, since used to sell all these brands from Korea and I had dealings with Amore.

First of all, it was really stupid of Julia to offend a potential customer and to underestimate the power of the internet. That much was obvious. Why would she launch an attack?!! Seriously!!

Second of all, promoting the sale of samples is frowned upon?!!! I personally bought full size versions of something I tried as samples. The president of Charmzone said that ‘you can feel the difference by just using the samples’ (this is printed on my Charmzone product brochures in every product). The reason why Korean companies manufacture samples and give to customers quite generously isn’t because they are dumb – Julia is too shortsighted to see the big picture here. Not all of us like to live on little packets for months on end. If we like something we tried, we buy the full sizes. Samples in Korean business are the best tools to get customers.

Meanwhile, it also explains why crap brands like Lancome managed to survive all these years with their mediocre skincare products. No samples so you spend a few hundred dollars just to find out they are garbage!!!

As much as Julia did not speak for AmorePacific – and she was truly dumb to even talk big like that – I wouldn’t be surprised if AmorePacific backs her up either. Back when I ran it was very difficult to source Amore products from Korea, and also from their head office in Canada. The staff were nice but the head isn’t. Back then NOBODY even knew who they were and I spent all this time promoting their stuff. So I completely feel your pain, Hope.

So ridiculous too, Amore manufactured these samples so obviously whoever these sellers are, they all have to purchase the samples from Amore, it’s not like a third party is making all these samples and ripping off Amore!!

Years ago, I also used to sell DHC. My business partner in LA had distributorship of DHC products – he sourced directly from DHC America. I promoted DHC and got a lot of people who previously hadn’t even tried an Asian brand to use DHC. One day, I got a nasty cease and desist letter, sent by courier, from DHC America, threatening to sue me for unauthorized sale of their products. WTH? My partner has distributorship, but none of that matters, because when people Google DHC, my site comes up on top, not DHC’s own official site. So after all the free promotion I did for them, they had me take down all their products. Did I not buy from DHC? You bet! Even though people bought from my site rather than DHC, I was still purchasing wholesale from DHC! What the heck is the difference?

After I took DHC down, customers asked what happened. A relatively obscure (and far from mainstream even now, at least not in this part of the world) brand with no-frills packaging abitrarily banned an authorized dealer from selling after all the hard work I put into promoting their products. They didn’t want us to sell their products because they want to retain their image. And ironically, DHC products are a dime a dozen on eBay.

Dr. Ci:Labo, on the other hand, was very nice. They realized that we promtoed their products, brought them the attention they were hoping for, and graciously offer us to let us carry their brand.

I am just telling you these things from my days as a seller, some of these brands are not very nice to deal with. Amore is big, so I am not surprised. Again, this Julia person doesn’t speak for Amore. Bergdorf Goodman is one of those pretentious shishi poopoo department stores so I am not surprised how snotty and condescending they are with you.

In solidarity with you and a show of my support, I have since removed my link to Bergdorf Goodman and Amore Canada from my site. They may think we are little guys but they will be surprised how many people read our blogs.


We have also  received response from Ebay Sulwhasoo samples sellers :

1) Vooboodoo


I don’t know why is your representative of Sulwhasoo saying that the selling of sample sizes are illegal and fake.

All my samples sizes are purchased from Sulwahsoo authorised dealers.  I need to pay for the product I sell.  It’s not free.  If it is illegal, why Sulwahsoo sells those product out in first hand.  If they don’t sell the product, how can I buy those product to sell.


2) Kgoodshop

we sell only 100% AUTHENTIC. If i sell only one fake.we meet trouble by customer.we have line who distirbute SULWHASOO.
Actually Amore Pacific Sulwhasoo make sample and miniature products for customer. Don’t worry our porducts are all 100% AUTHENTIC ITEMS.THANKAS

3)  Amore4u

I’m a Sulwhasoo USA representative. Can u give me those staff names and phone number that I can contact them?
And you don’t need to worry about our item quality. If you are not trust, you do not have to buy any of eBay item. That’s it.
some of from china or asia ebay seller, Maybe they sell fakes or illegal item. but we can not swear to it.

Follow up :

Ok, She is not a member of Amore Pacific USA. I believe that she is one of employment that we hired for working Bergdof
Departmental Store

4) milkyway2

Thank you for your email!:)
All of my items are authentic.
Ebay not allow to sell fake items.
If do,buyer will dispute a claim or did.
samples and a kits from Amore pacific.
I have no idea if it’s illegal,how can hundreds of sellers selling samples or kits until now.
thanks again for your email and have a nice day!^^*

We have contacted Gmarket regarding this matter, and we will post updates when we receive any replies from Gmarket.

We have also gotten the response from a few of of the Ebay Sellers :


26 Responses to “ joins the fight against the Sulwhasoo issue”

  1. Sasha Says:

    What a great support by Joseibi ❤

    This Julia clearly underestimated you and your supports.

    Welcome "the internet" Julia!!!

    • haha what about les beautes testent ???? are they joining the movement against Amore too?

      • Sasha Says:

        Yes totally! Even though we don’t have alot of Armore Pacific products on our blog, we’ll let our readers know about this ridiculous situation soon!

        BTW, I feel really sorry about Julia, because it seems she’s pretending to be an important person in the Armore Pacific company…But in fact, errrr…she’s not

  2. Joseibi Says:

    you are so kind to call me mentor and big sister, hope! I don’t think I am in that category, hehehe, but I always find it so dumb when a sales rep goes off on a potential customer like this and look at the ripple effect. If she fears that buying samples is frowned upon, what she wrote to you did a lot more damage!!!

    I didn’t mention the second part of the issue – authenticity. I can personally vouch for kgoodshop, I have bought many things from him and they are genuine. They are even fresher than from the History of Whoo’s local store in my area. It’s slanderous to suggest all these sellers are selling fakes. If I were BG salesperson, I would try to do better in promoting sales than to bash other sellers and talk down to potential customers!!

    even though the samples are not meant to be resold, it is Amore’s own responsibility to make sure that their resellers and distributors don’t resell the samples. That responsibility doesn’t fall on this one sales rep in one department store. Blogs like ours point people to where they can get samples to try before they buy – in principle it’s a good thing, because if a person buys the full size product and doesn’t like it, he/she won’t say anything good about the brand. By trying first, they can decide to buy the full size or not. And obviously there is the issue of accessibility too, not all of us have the same access to these stores so some of us have to rely on the internet!

    I wouldn’t hold my breath to receive a reply from Amore though. I don’t know if it’s the language barrier or what, but they aren’t known to respond to customers directly.

    In this day and age, it is hard to control who sells what anymore, so ultimately it’s the consumer’s choice to buy whatever they can afford, from wherever that ships to them. I just don’t get why this Julia person took it upon herself to talk down to you, esp. knowing you have great experience in all these products! Anyway, I love LG stuff more nowadays, so no big loss for me! 🙂 (I swear by Whoo and su:m37!!!)

    • Joseibi – but you really are! Thanks to your blog we discovered LG and Amore!

    • As for the selling of samples – it might be a great area- it isn’t good for the company but also in a way it helps generates awareness for the company and also grabs future potential clients.

      Probably only less than 8 countries in this world have an actual Sulwhasoo counter, and it is inevitable for the other people in 188 countries to purchase these samples online. But -really to ask your potential customers in these 188 countries to wait until they have their own sulwhasoo counter? who in the heck would want to wait for that? they might as well be purchasing other brands,

  3. Kevin Jang Says:

    I don’t know why the sales rep Julia tried talking down to you when it was not a case of you selling samples, and was merely a case of you wanting to get samples to try out. That sounds like an over-reaction on her bit as well as misinformation. In a way, she is making you a scapegoat.

    Objectively speaking, I swear by Amorepacific skincare products which helped to maintain my skin, and no bias intended against the corporation. I wouldn’t bank my luck on the fault being that of the Amorepacific corporation not responding. Any other corporation, when responded to about this question, if that saleslady Julia was selling some other brand, might actually do the same thing, as in, keep silent. I responded in a separate email to your email account just to say what I think might have happened on either side.

  4. Christiana Says:

    How disappointing to read about this. I have been following Joseibi and Korean Skin Care since I first discovered Whoo products. Hope, you are right. For those of us NOT korean and also living in the US with no connection or exposure have nothing to go off on. Before I lay down hundreds of dollars for products I am not sure will work, I like to thoroughly research. WIthout the reviews provided by Joseibi, Korean Skin Care, yourself, and others, there would be nothing to make judgment on.

    I had been considering purchasing Sulwhasoo products at Bergdorf Goodman but am VERY disappointed in this incident. I think I will be sticking to LG su:m37, whoo, and sooryehan instead of AmorePacifics for a time.

    • we’ve been testing out some OHUI stuff lately and we are liking it ! Add that to your To-Try list ! 🙂

      • Zeek Says:

        Hope, do you find that if you just use only o hui the first line, the skin is a little dull? Or rather that dewy kind of look seems to disappear after 2-3 days. I find that I need to use whoo’s essence/serum and cream together if I want to retain that dewy, supple skin. Also there seems to be breakouts after 4 days on the whole the first line, but I’d read this might happen. Think you guys must be getting better results.

      • Hey Zeek,

        We ordered it but it has yet to arrive! I personally tried the OHUI Age Prevention line and i loved it too! Very moisturizing!

      • Rox Says:

        Hey guys! I tried the OHUI First line too, thankfully it was a sample version, and I broke out too lol… so I stopped using it! I was not aware that it was suppose to happen, but I did not like the texture of the creams anyways! Whoo is the best for me 🙂

      • Zeek Says:

        Hey hope. I believe you’ll get urs soon^^ BTW there’s a O Hui club on FB

      • Christiana Says:

        Zeek and Rox:

        The sales lady recommended for my sister to try OHUI’s The First samples and she broke out! She had been previously sampling Sansim’s Repair line and it had reduced her redness and sensitive inflammations. The same day she tried The First’s sample packets, her poor skin became irritated again.

        I thought it was just her sensitivity, but seeing as two reviewers had the same experience, I am doubtful about their hyped new line.

      • Zeek Says:

        Thanks Christiana for your input. According to my sis-in-law who is a beautician, some products will cause breakout before you get to see the real result. These products actually goes deep within and helps to push out the toxins and impurities that had been accumilated for some time. Normally such breakouts should last around 1 week. Anything more than it’s highly possible the product is not suitable for you.

        But I’m unsure if this is the case for the first. Today is the 11th day on the first line. Breakout seems to have stopped, those initial breakout areas are healling nicely. Will likely continue a bit more before deciding.

        For those who believe in or want to try ohui the first, my suggestion is just use the essence together with your regular skincare. It’ll be after toner/balancer and before serum/essence. Initial testing was good when used with whoo’s, the acnes healed faster and pores became slightly smaller. Break out only started when switched to the whole line.

      • Zeek,

        There is also the Whoo Ginseng Ampoule which in back in stock. If you wanna get it, grab it because it’s gonna go out of stock anytime soon. The mini set of the new Gongjinhyang line is also sold out already!

      • Zeek Says:

        Thanks hope for the intro, but will try the Ginseng Ampoule a couple months later. Just too many stuffs lol Most skincare tends to have best effect for a year, most of the samples were produced in Q3 or Q4 last year.

        My sister is disappointed that the Gongjinhyang gift set was sold out, was gonna ordered for her yesterday, They now have the Su M:37 time energy mini set. Just orderd 3 sets yesterday to try out 🙂 Really worth getting the 4pcs set for 8k won, while other sellers are seller 3.5-5+k won each item.

      • Ahh you should have just included one when ordering the Time Reset set ! That stuff is rare to get on Gmarket. No other seller sells that in a bottle form and it’s been sold out once already!

      • Zeek Says:

        Will add that to the to-try list lol When I made my order, the bottle sample of ginseng ampoule was not there (at least I don’t recall it being there) The bottles are still on sales, but the sachets are sold out. Have you used it before? what does it really do? thx^^

      • Hey zeek,

        Heads up. the renewed whoo basic line set is up… so get it before it sells out again!

    • Zeek Says:

      Here’s an update on O Hui the first. On 13th day, the breakout stopped (pray there won’t ben anymore). Everything is healing better, even old acne scars are getting slightly smaller.

      The highly suspect cause of the breakout – hair highlights done 2+months ago. Reason is after using the first, breakouts are majority on 1 side of the face. That side of the face is the resting spot when sleeping. The hair is been rested on when asleep -_-

  5. Zeek Says:

    Hope thanks for the heads up, but I’m currently disappointed with Gmarket. They aren’t updating as quickly as they normally do, which result to my order being delayed.

    Normally the items should reach my last Sat or yesterday, but it’s now only in the Gmarket warehouse waiting to be packed. I’m worried as I have an upcoming KL trip in 2 days. There are gifts for my relatives in that shipment-_-

    • Hi

      Yeap i noticed that. i think there is a boom in international customers and they are not having enough workforce to cope with that. Btw, they do not work on sat or sundays therefore the delay!

      • Zeek Says:


        Yes I’m aware the admin/customer service doesn’t work on Sat, but I think the logistics does as I recall 1 order they sent out on a Sat morning.

        What disappoint me is that with the domestic tracking I was able to check the last patch of items for the order came in on last thur morning 10.30am. Seeing it’s not updated I msg Gmarket in the night. They replied on Fri saying it takes 2 days, and only to alert them if it’s not done on the 3rd day.

        They finally updated it on Monday after, but guess it was too late for the warehouse to packed everything together. They just updated that they sent out today, yet to get the ems number -_- Just hope I can get the items a couple hours b4 my flight >.<

  6. Christiana Says:

    Hey Zeek!

    So, I stopped at the Korean counters today and the SA convinced me to purchase The First set for my sister. Let’s just say that when I whipped out my card and read the receipt, I was in shock. Now I am thinking, this stuff BETTER work for the price I paid!

    How has it been for you? My little sister is only 18 and has extremely sensitive skin. Is this even appropriate for her? I have not heard much on OHUI’s brand and its effectiveness. Please let me know!!

    • Beauty Says:

      Hey Christina,

      I read your comment and thought I share some few things. OHUI First is a line that has been researched with the Stem Cell Research Institute in South Korea. It helps skin regenerate the cells of the skin with the use of stem cells and human genes. I broke out when I first used the line, and it seems many people did too. I don’t know if that is the way this line is suppose to work, but I stopped using it.

      It is not a bad line though, I gave it to my mom and she loves it. I think this line is more for matured skin with skin troubles. It is okay to use products like these even at the age of 18. Even if she does break out, it is normal! Tell her to keep using it until her skin gets adjusted to the ingredients.

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