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LG’s Isa Knox releases 2 new creams : X2d2 Elastic Power Cream and ceramide 100 cream January 29, 2011



LG Corporation’s ISA KNOX has released two products lately from the X2D2 range – knowingly the Elastic Power Cream and the Ceramide 100 Cream.



Both creams are anti-aging/wrinkle creams that targets women with skin problems such as wrinkles, elasticity, severe dryness.



The X2D2 Elastic Power cream features 9 patented ingredients that strengthens the skin’s elastic fibers  and restores it back to it’s natural elasticity , plumps it up, and redensify the look of skin.



The X2D2 Ceramic 100 Cream targets skin with severe dryness, a problem that increases with age. Moisture boosting Patented Ceramide ingredient resolves severe dry skin symptoms and protects the skin barrier from further moisture loss while nourishing it with active ingredients.



Both creams will retail for 80,000won 50ml.



To buy this cream, search for 이자녹스 X2D2 탄력 파워크림 / 이자녹스 X2D2 세라마이드 100 크림 on Gmarket. Usually, you will have a 25% discount coupon in your Gmarket coupons for the official LG shop which sells this. After the 25% off – and you can get further reduction with your Gmarket coupons – you can try this cream at a more reasonable price.







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Suiskin Herbalium Deep Peel and Herbalium Antioxidant Mask Review


The Suiskin Herbalium Antioxidant Dual Masks are their best seller.

It is a 4 week home treatment program and each treatment consists of 2 masks.

  • Herbalium Deep Peel Mask

Specific Treatment

Epidermal and dermal cellular renewal

Smoothness, intense, radiance, anti aging

Herbalium Deep Peel exerts potent influence against skin aging. This peel mask helps to maintain the cellular energy and prevents DNA damage. Both are important factors in counteracting the process of accelerated aging, often induced by UV light.

  • Herbalium Antioxydant Mask

Skin Aging is a physiological phenomenon which, according to the most recent research into the matter, begins and is accelerated by the presence of free radicals such as Superoxide O2; Hydroxide HO . These free radicals are extremely harmful for biological tissues. This process is further enhanced by the external environment such as lack of rest, tobacco smoke, pollution, stress and etc.

Suiskin has created a Herbalium Antioxidant mask which has anti oxidant functions to give a natural healthy complexion that is usually lost as time goes by.





Danahan RG II Premium EX line




Somang ( Beauty Credit )’s Danahan has been getting immense popularity from their latest range the RG II Premium EX line featuring 5 products – cream, eye cream, toner, essence, lotion


There has been a huge explosion of stem cell based products in Korea lately – naming Ohui’s The First range – but Danahan’s RG II Premium EX is taking the herbal approach.



RG-II Premium Ex Eye Cream utilises stem cells derived from umbilical cord and applies it to cosmetics. This is achieved from a partnership with Medipost, a biotech company that specialises in cell replacement theraphy and the exclusive supplier of cord blood stem cell cultures.



DANAHAN RG II prevents aging of the skin by actions of ohangboyundan which is made of 6 precious oriental herbs based on the theory of Ying-Yang and the five elements infused along with RG-II ingredients extracted from Red Ginseng.



Ohangboyundan is made up of 6 oriental herbs namely old ginseng, alday, mori cortex radicis, worm wood, sponge gourd and paeonia japonica.



We found an interesting medical publication which discusses RG-II , which is also known as Ginsenosides, the major active ingredients of Panax Ginseng, which claims to protect memory impairement in rat model with vascular dementia. Here is the report.



We have also found scientific reports of RG-II which has been reported to improve the micro-circulation in various organs. The experiment was run by a group of Japanese researches : here.



However, the emphasize of the RG-II’s marketing plan revolves around this medical report which was published on the SCI. The journal can be found : here.


An extract of the publication :


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of ginseng saponin mRg2, a mixture of ginsenosides containing 60% Rg2, on the repair and apoptosis of ultraviolet B (UVB)-exposed NIH3T3 cells. When cells were exposed to UVB and then incubated with normal growth medium for 48 h, cell viability, as determined by trypan blue exclusion assay decreased to about 25%. However, when mRg2 was included in the postincubation medium, the UVB-induced loss of cell viability was significantly reduced as compared with that postincubated in normal growth medium. 4,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI) staining showed that postincubation of the UVB-exposed cells in medium containing mRg2 significantly reduced the apoptotic nuclear fragmentation. Interestingly, when cells were preincubated with mRg2 for 24 h and then exposed to various doses of UV, the amount of repair synthesis significantly increased as compared with those in cells exposed to UVB alone. Western blot analysis indicated that the mRg2 postincubation after UVB exposure potentiated the level of p53 and p21. The level of Triton nonextractable proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) also remained elevated by mRg2 postincubation. All these results suggest that mRg2 protects cells against UVB-induced genotoxicity by increasing DNA repair and decreasing apoptosis, in possible association with the modulation of protein levels involved in cell cycle arrest or progression.





Follow up research of the experiment can be found here , here





RG-II stimulates regeneration of the cells and improve damaged skin. It also doubles as an anti-wrinkle and whitening cosmetics. It also contains the patented Natural PS Complex ™ ( contains 3 kinds of peptides and fermented yeast extracts)  which stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin, and improve elasticity.





RG-II and Natural PS Complex ™ reliably delivers ingredients into the deep layers of the skin.

Oh, did i mention that the company, Danahan (under the Somang group which has brands like Beauty Credit under it’s wings) is refunding you 110% if you are not satisfied with your product? Must be that good then!





However if you are pregnant, please check with your dermatologist if you are suitable to use creams that contains human growth factors.

Ingredient List in Korean :

  • Premium  Ex Cream


Looks like the star ingredient is right at the bottom of the list…..

Who’s gonna try this?




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Reader’s Review : Sulwhasoo Starter’s Mini Kit

In recent events with Amore Pacific, i felt that this was finally the time to write the review.

I was given this by Hope In A Blog’s review giveaway which compromised of the skin clarifying mask, emulsion, water balancer, first care serum – and they also included the firming cream which was not included in the photo.

Firstly, i would like to thank Hope In A Blog for this opportunity to discover this brand. I paid nothing for this, not even shipping – just to clarify this in case ‘Julia’ slanders the blog again for promoting sample sales.  It was my first asian brand i have tried and after testing these products , i even purchased the full size products.

While the representative had a point, she failed to acknowledge that there are other Sulwhasoo retailers ( both online and offline ), and not only  Bergdorf Goodman. From her emails, she clearly guards the interest of Bergdorf and not other Sulwhasoo sellers. Is that how a Sulwhasoo representative should act? By saying that buyers should just wait for Sulwhasoo counters to expand to their country. By saying that, isn’t she destroying business opportunities to those online companies that also sells Sulwhasoo products? Or are these retailers lower class than Bergdorf.? I am sure that Sulwhasoo sales in America is insignificant compared to the sales of Sulwhasoo products in Asia or in online retail stores.

I would never have bought products from Sulwhasoo if i had never discovered this blog and had the opportunity to try these samples that is ‘looked down’ by Sulwhasoo. The products are so expensive that no one would really purchase the products without even testing them. Now, i really do ‘look down’ at this brand and i feel uncomfortable each time i use my Sulwhasoo  full size products and i even have intentions to just give this away.

Now moving on the agenda of this – the review.

1. Balancing Water – regardless of it’s name, it isn’t exactly water, more like thick water. I guess it is more of a toner in western cosmetic terms and you can feel the hydration instantly.

2. First Care Serum – this is the first time i have seen a serum being used in the first step of a skincare regimen. I believe this is Sulwhasoo’s star product as written by hopeinablog, and i absolutely love this. I am uncomfortable with asian herbs smell but i love the smell of this serum. It absorbs instantly into the skin and hydrates it.

3. Balancing Lotion – i have seen so many good reviews on this lotion and i am not surprised why it is loved by many. It is light, absorbs quickly, and hydrates the skin well. It is also suitable for all skin types as the texture is very light and it feels comfortable on the skin and hydrates very well that you might not need a cream.

4. Revitalizing Serum – I was onlygiven one sachet of this serum but liked it enough to purchase the full size product of it anyway. The serum is gel-like and absorbs very well too. it doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy feeling , and i have felt some firming action too.

5. Clarifying mask – i found this mask too troublesome and difficult  to apply because it was too sticky and concentrated therefore i did not purchase the full size product. However it did help clarify the skin after using the sample but i am just too lazy to be doing it all the time.

6. Firming cream – a bit heavier than the balancing lotion, use it if you have dry skin.

Overall a great line, but i will not be purchasing any amore pacific products anytime soon. It takes years to build the reputation of a company, and needs only one bad representative to spoil it. Like someone said on the comments below, there are other good brands out there. I do not need to give my hard earn money to a company who look down on their readers or on a blog that has only helped them so much. I do not need to ‘wait’ until the brand opens up at my country – i have so many other choices that doesn’t need me to wait. Maybe it’s time to buy the History Of Whoo that hopeinablog has been talking about, and i will introduce History of Whoo products to my fellow Norwegians.

To hopeinablog, you have been so wonderful introducing so many unknown foreign brands and giving out these samples for readers to try for free. Please don’t be dishearten by this and continue the great work ! keep it up.

P.S : Sorry for taking so long to write this review and sorry for making the review so short – i just had no heart and passion to write it anymore.

With love,


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