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UPDATED : Sulwhasoo Has a problem with the blog–do you? January 28, 2011

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We originally posted some questions for a Sulwhasoo representative and we got attacked :

Dear Hope in a blog,

Unfortunately the products you have questions about are not yet carried at Bergdorf Goodman. Sulwhasoo has been at Bergdorf’s for just under a year so we do not have the entire line. We are receiving Snowise in the Spring. I have sent off your email to our national trainer in hopes that he can answer some of your questions. I will get back to you as soon as I hear from him.

I do have some questions of my own for you. After reading a few blog entries you have written I am wondering why you would promote the sale of samples? As the Skincare Specialist for Sulwhasoo at Bergdorf Goodman I can honestly say that the selling of samples online is a practice that is very looked down upon by every beauty brand as well as store.

Samples are just that, we give them away so people can try them and later purchase the products. When someone benefits from the sale of a sample that he or she obtained for free that is reminiscent of piracy. The people who sell samples or testers online obviously obtained them in an unfavorable nature. Or even if they walked straight up to my counter and asked for them, the only people who should be benefiting from the sale of these products should be the stores in which they are sold and the companies that work very hard in producing them.

So I wonder why someone like you, who clearly has a huge interest in beauty and skincare as well as a big following would promote such a practice? Also I was wondering how many people read your blog?

All the best,


And our reply :

Hi Julia,

Sorry if you were offended in anyway. The blog definitely does not promote in that ‘negative’ light that you have stated. We do offer our readers a chance to buy full size products if they like it off and we have even provided 10% discount code for the readers. Unfortunately, BeCleo doesn’t sell Sulwhasoo products at the moment.

As you are aware, Sulwhasoo products are expensive. Therefore, samples are a great way to try out a product before purchasing it. Sulwhasoo isn’t available in every country, for example we are in Paris, France and there are not any Sulwhasoo counters that we could go up to and ask for samples. And there are only a handful Sulwhasoo counters ( perhaps even less than 10 countries in this word? ), so where can the others obtain their Sulwhasoo samples?

We don’t know what goes on in Korea, but there seems to be even websites that sells samples. We have no idea if it is legal to do so because we don’t know the Korean system, but if u take a look at Gmarket – the korean Ebay  ( for example : ) there are hundreds of sellers that are selling samples which are available in Huge quantities. If Amore had a problem with that, they would have done something a long time ago? We have no idea how these hundreds of sellers obtains so much samples that they are able to sell them and we would also like to know what happens because this doesn’t only happen with Amore brands but also all Korean brands. We are also puzzled by the situation, therefore we do not know if this is a norm in Korea.

Also, i think it was very unfair of you to attack us without doing your research first. Sulwhasoo does sell sample sets and travel kits – and these samples set and kits are LEGALLY sold. Look at legal business websites such as, etc – they sell these sample kits. Are you saying that this practice is ILLEGAL too?

Therefore i suggest that you consult Amore Corp on this situation before replying our email to accuse and criticize us.

This email will definitely be posted on the blog.


Reply :

Dear Hope in a blog,

I was not meaning to offend you in any way. I never said anything you did was illegal. I’m also forwarding your emails to the AmorePacific headquarters. If Sulwhasoo or any brand choose to sell their samples or products on any websites it is because these websites have the permission to sell them from Sulwhasoo and AmorePacific. There for that is justified because the sale of sample kits or deluxe travel size sets are directly going to benefit the company which produces the products, not a third party. You can absolutely post my email on your website because I am very much against the unauthorized sale of AmorePacific products and lines from “sellers” on website such as eBay and Gmarket. So is Bergdorf Goodman, AmorePacific and any other brand. Trust me on that.

All the best,


And our Reply :


Well, if these samples are justified why did you in the first email said :

After reading a few blog entries you have written I am wondering why you would promote the sale of samples? As the Skincare Specialist for Sulwhasoo at BergdorfGoodman I can honestly say that the selling of samples online is a practice that is very looked down upon by every beauty brand as well as store.

So I wonder why someone like you, who clearly has a huge interest in beauty and skincare as well as a big following would promote such a practice? Also I was wondering how many people read your blog?

Promoting the sales of these samples is also promoting your brand since the money goes directly to your company no?

I will be taking down all articles news updates reviews information on Amore Pacific until we hear from your headquarters. Thank you.

Their Reply :

Because if the websites you mentioned have beauty buyers that purchased the sample or deluxe travel size kits (as we call them) from AmorePacific then the sale of those kits directly go to AmorePacific NOT a third party seller.

Sales from “sellers” on eBay or Gmarket only promote the seller not the company and are unauthorized by the company. This is a very big issue for all beauty brands and department stores. And I know that Bergdorf Goodman does everything they can to stop it and track these unauthorized sellers. Sulwhasoo is an expensive and exclusive brand as you know and yes it is not yet in Europe, however there are plans of expanding Sulwhasoo and AmorePacific. Unfortunately the people interested in those brands and live in a country it is yet not carried in, are going to have to wait till it is.

I did not mean to get into an argument with you. I just know how Bergdorf Goodman and AmorePacific feels about such practices. If you are offended I apologize. And if you feel you need to remove all information about the brand(s) then please do so. I have been informed by our National Sales Manager that my response to you was valid. I appreciate your interest in the line but I have to keep the integrity of what I do and how I sell the products.


Our Reply :


So are you to say that those sellers which are selling the kits/samples on Ebay are selling it illegally?

For example :

I’m sorry if this has turned sour but when you said that our blog was promoting the sells of samples, it just flickered a light in us because all our blog did was to promote the brand. We are not paid or sent samples from Amore corp but yet we dedicate our time writing articles and reviews about brands from Amore Corp and promoting the image – and to be shot down like this – isn’t just very fair for us.

How much information in English can you find about Amore Corp brands other than our blog, joseibi’s and korean skincare blogspot?  Like one of our readers which commented on the post , there is a french saying that goes ‘should you give a carrot to a donkey, it would give you a poop’ .

We do always encourage readers to purchase sample kits and we didn’t know that these kits were illegally sold on Ebay or Gmarket. We thought that these sellers purchased these Travel Kits in huge bulks , and then sold it separately or in the original set, and that these proceeds still go to Amore Corp, because if not, how can it be explained that these hundreds of sellers manage to get amazing massive stocks of each products’ samples if it was not from Amore Corp directly?

We will make a note to our readers not to purchase any Amore Corp products in the future until they have a store in their country.

Thank you for your time.


Response from Ebay Sulwhasoo samples sellers :

1) Vooboodoo


I don’t know why is your representative of Sulwhasoo saying that the selling of sample sizes are illegal and fake.

All my samples sizes are purchased from Sulwahsoo authorised dealers.  I need to pay for the product I sell.  It’s not free.  If it is illegal, why Sulwahsoo sells those product out in first hand.  If they don’t sell the product, how can I buy those product to sell.


2) Kgoodshop

we sell only 100% AUTHENTIC. If i sell only one fake.we meet trouble by customer.we have line who distirbute SULWHASOO.
Actually Amore Pacific Sulwhasoo make sample and miniature products for customer. Don’t worry our porducts are all 100% AUTHENTIC ITEMS.THANKAS

3)  Amore4u

I’m a Sulwhasoo USA representative. Can u give me those staff names and phone number that I can contact them?
And you don’t need to worry about our item quality. If you are not trust, you do not have to buy any of eBay item. That’s it.
some of from china or asia ebay seller, Maybe they sell fakes or illegal item. but we can not swear to it.

Follow up :

Ok, She is not a member of Amore Pacific USA. I believe that she is one of employment that we hired for working Bergdof
Departmental Store

4) milkyway2

Thank you for your email!:)
All of my items are authentic.
Ebay not allow to sell fake items.
If do,buyer will dispute a claim or did.
samples and a kits from Amore pacific.
I have no idea if it’s illegal,how can hundreds of sellers selling samples or kits until now.
thanks again for your email and have a nice day!^^*

So there you have it readers from the words from Amore themselves : Don’t purchase or give a **** about their products until they reach your shores. Just WAIT until they do if not TOO BAD FOR YOU.

If it wasn’t for blogs/videos/internet/youtube – do you think Korean Pop and groups like SNSD / BIG BANG / 2NE1 would have achieved the success they have in Asia and Europe today?  Yet their videos and music are posted illegally on the net but also thanks to that, they have achieved immense success overseas. Even SM ENT and YG ENT has acknowledged the power of the net on their artistes’ popularity overseas. To use that as a comparison would be even wrong because we do not in any way sell these samples.

Now my question for you readers who is familiar with the Korean cosmetics market :

Is it illegal selling these samples in Korea ?

If so, why are there so many sellers on Gmarket selling these samples?

How do these sellers obtain the millions of samples? And there isn’t only 1 seller but hundreds of them.

If the companies had a problem with this, why were they not prohibited to be sold on Gmarket ? Why was this never an issue in Korea? Why was it not banned on Gmarket?

Why are there Korean websites that sells only samples if they are illegal ? One website of such : , , , and LOTS more.

Where do they get their stock from if Amore Pacific doesn’t provide it?

We do know that some of these samples are taken from the ‘sample kits’ ( for example : , ) and are sold separately , so does it make them illegal to be purchasing the samples? Is the Sulwhasoo representative implying that websites who sell Sulwhasoo sample kits like, illegal? And those Ebay-Gmarket that sells Sulwhasoo kits are also selling it illegally?

Hope In A Blog has written and provided so much news, information and updates regarding Amore Pacific brands such as Innisfree, Laneighe, Sulwhasoo, Hannule and i’m sure we have also introduced many readers to this wonderful brand. And to be blamed for ‘promoting such a practice’ when we have been actively ‘promoting their brand and products’ sure doesn’t feel good.

Hope In A Blog will not be promoting any brands of the Amore Pacific brands, and all posts, news, updates and information regarding ALL Amore Pacific Corporation products will be taken down effective of today until the situation is clear.

Now, thank GOD we have LG Corporation.


67 Responses to “UPDATED : Sulwhasoo Has a problem with the blog–do you?”

  1. Sasha Says:

    Wow! What a creepy situation! I was really surprise she accused you to “promote” sample sales O_O
    I mean, it’s not beacause of you if GMarket has TONS of sample sellers! WTF?

    And I agree, who is giving away these samples to the sellers if it’s not this company? DUH!

    I hope you won’t have problems because of that! 😉

  2. tricotcotte Says:

    Amore Pacific should be thankful to be promoted for free in Europe and Russia though this awesome blog.
    Instead, this company blames our beloved Hope In A Blog to promote “selling of samples online [which] is a practice that is very looked down upon by every beauty brand as well as store.”

    As we say in France, “should you give a carrot to a donkey, it would give you a poop”

    I never heard of Amore Pacific Brands before reading this blog. Since Amore Pacific’s products aren’t retailed in France and that I won’t travel in Asia in a close future, I have no chance to get any samples. And if I can’t try, I won’t definitely buy anything from Amore Pacific.

    If Amore Pacific wants to blame someone or do something to avoid this practice, then they should prohibit samples sales in Korea and Asia or they shoud give access to samples to the many beauty lovers who lives in western countries.

  3. Yu Jen Pei Says:

    So disgusted with Amore Pacific, thank god this came, i was thinking on whether to purchase the Basic Line from Sulwhasoo or the one from Whoo and after this post i’m not going to support anymore Amore products.

  4. Deborah Says:

    Oy, what a mess! Although the representative that wrote you guys had a legitimate concern, the way she communicated to you was condescending, haughty and accusatory. What else could she expect than to offend you? Like you said, hopeinablog doesn’t promote buying of samples for piracy’s sake but so that anyone who is interested and without access to an Amore store branch can still try new products. If possible, wouldn’t we all choose *free* samples if AmorePacific offered to ship them to us?

    Until we hear back from AmorePacific in this matter, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that hopeinablog is vindicated by AmorePacific. It’s very possible that this representative Julia is just a poor example of how to communicate on behalf of a large corporation.

  5. Maria Says:

    Maybe they didn’t understand you right? sometimes the bloggers who get the free samples from brands, later sell those samples on ebay ect. And this is not that right for sure… so i guess this was the point of Ms.Julia… i don’t think they would offend you in this way only for the fact that you buy samples online – as all we do.
    let us know about their reply! if needed i guess we can write the letter for their PR-dep to support you.

    • It’s ok Maria. Amore Pacific doesn’t even bother replying their customers email on their official sites. We have emailed them several times to ask about information regarding their products but they never reply. But thanks that was very sweet of you!

      And these free samples from brands can’t be bloggers who get the for free because these sellers in Gmarket and Ebay have thousands of stock for each sample. Even if someone goes to every Sulwhasoo counter in the whole of Korea, they would not even have enough samples to sell unlike those Ebay/Gmarket sellers

  6. Deborah Says:

    I don’t know if this will answer your question, Hope in a Blog, but many (if not the majority) of Korean businesses are involved in, shall we say, shady practices. In the U.S., Korean businesses are corrupt and consistently deal *under the table* — I have no doubt that this is prevalent in Korea as well. In fact, it is expected that if you want to own a small business (or a large one, for that matter), cheating the system is taken with a grain of salt and even expected. With that in mind, I too have questioned the legitimacy of selling samples, but as samples are not readily available otherwise (and the full-sized products are so expensive to try out as a tester), what other choice have we got? Even if we could all choose to abstain from benefitting from piracy, the way Julia the representative communicated to you was apprehensible. Scolding and shaming are ineffective ways of getting anyone to see things her way.

    • Deborah, i doubt that all the sellers of Ebay and Gmarket that sell these sample kits have obtained it illegally. You also have sites like and selling the same kits. The Gmarket sellers probably purchased these samples kit in bulk from Amore, and sell them either separately or in the original set.

      How do you explain how these sellers get thousands of samples from each product of each line? The factory that makes them are selling it illegally? They fell off a truck and these sellers found it? The salesgirl from the Amore shops stealing the bulks of samples?

      If they are selling only like a few samples – then it’s understandable that they probably got it as free gifts etc. but these Gmarket sellers are selling them to make a living and they have thousands of stock for each product!

      Anyway like the representative said : don’t bother about their products until they reach your city 😀

      It’s ok.. there’s always LG who is just as good or better than Sulwhasoo !

      • Deborah Says:

        I see that Korean Skin Care very aptly answered some of your questions on this. It’s a bummer but many sellers on ebay really do not obtain their products ethically or legally.

        Now, onto LG and The History of Whoo! 😀

  7. Karen Thy Says:

    Ebay does not allow selling fake items, nor used makeup. I think if there was such a thing as not being allowed to sell samples, wouldn’t ebay restrict and pull auctions that sell samples?

    I think the person sees your website as something that attracts a lot of people and they are worried that it will affect their sales.

    I personally think your blog promotes a brand to people beyond just Korean based clients. They should be glad you’re there to interept and review products.

    • Yes , it also confuses us if Amore really had a problem why didnt they do anything to ban sales of Sulwhasoo/Innisfree/Hannule/Laneige samples on Gmarket?

    • Deborah Says:

      Actually, I have seen used makeup for sale on ebay. It’s not allowed but that doesn’t mean things don’t fall through the cracks.

  8. Korean Skin Care Says:

    Hi Hope In A Blog!!!

    Wow, just reading that! I would never expect that from AmorePacific Co. I do understand their position because selling sample packets does not help the company economically, nor supporting their products by purchasing the full size from the store.

    From what I am aware of, and what I know – it is the workers in Sulwhasoo or The History of Whoo, or Su:m37 that don’t have a place to keep their samples (usually when there are not a lot of sales, the samples just sit in the store), so they give it away to their friends or they themselves sell it on eBay and Gmarket. So if AmorePacific is suspicious, they should look at who they hire.

    Hope In A Blog, you have a great blog for letting others know about this great skin care line. You are doing nothing but spreading their brand around to all!!!

    Don’t let this situation bring you guys down 🙂

    Love, Korean Skin Care <3!!!

  9. Korean Skin Care Says:

    Hi Hope In A Blog,

    No, Amore Pacific wouldn’t allow sets to be sold on eBay or Gmarket, let alone LG. I have come to know some sales representatives in these companies to sell on eBay, without the consent of AmorePacific Co. or LG.

    There are so many samples at the warehouses that are left without being given to sellers, which is why the workers tend to sell them on eBay and Gmarket – without the company knowing (some sellers sale more then enough because they have so much in quantity). It is amusing that nothing is being done for this if it is illegal – I mean, if you search Sulwhasoo on Gmarket, how many pages do you get?

    They are definitely not sold by AmorePacific, just another black market scheme to make money unfortunately.

    I anticipate on hearing what the sellers have told you.

    I have e-mailed them in the past, and they said they do not work for AmorePacific, rather they know people working at the store who give them the left over samples. If the samples are fake, then someone has a lot of time on their hands! Lol!

    But of course, AmorePacific is not oblivious to this market.

    ❤ :)!!!

    • Thanks

      But those same sets sold on Sasa and Yesstyle etc are legal?

    • An ebay seller replied ( seller name is amore4u on ebay )

      her response :

      I’m a Sulwhasoo USA representative. Can u give me those staff names and phone number that I can contact them?
      And you don’t need to worry about our item quality. If you are not trust, you do not have to buy any of eBay item. That’s it.
      some of from china or asia ebay seller, Maybe they sell fakes or illegal item. but we can not swear to it.

    • Update from Sulwhasoo USA Representative : Ok, She is not a member of Amore Pacific USA. I believe that she is one of employment that we hired for working Bergdof Departmental Store.

  10. Shirley Says:

    In then end though even if these people are illegally selling the samples, Amore Pacific still profits because it has created a demand for the products and users that have tried a sample will try to seek out a full size. If they really wanted to control things more wouldn’t they have an online store that ships international by now? We do want to buy your products but why would you make it so difficult to do so in the first place?

    Unfortunately this is going to result in a crackdown on the resellers now.

  11. Hwang Says:

    Most of all,Ebay not allow to sell fake items.
    If they do,buyer will dispute a claim or did.

    samples and a kits from Amore pacific.
    I have no idea if it’s illegal,how can hundreds of sellers selling samples or kits until now.

  12. Christina Says:

    I’ve never left a comment but i had to after reading this. I never knew about Korean brands like sulwhasoo, whoo, hannule, etc until i read your blog. It really is the ONLY blog online that i can find information regarding the latest Sum37, hannule, sulwhasoo products.

    After reading your blog, i admitted that i ordered a sample kit of the Sulwhasoo basic line. I loved it so much and i am very grateful to hopeinablog for that. When i was in Korea last week for a holiday, i finally purchased the full size products of the Sulwhasoo basic line.

    The sulwhasoo representative was upright rude and ungrateful. She never even once express her gratitude on her emails after all this blog has done to create awareness for amore pacific brands. Without your blog, i would never have purchased the full size sulwhasoo items. Please do not be affected by this and continue to introduce more Amore Pacific brands and news.

    The representative has given Amore a very bad reputation. As much as i love their products now, i will not be purchasing anymore after finishing this basic kit. Maybe it is time to try some of the History of Whoo products that your blog loves too !

    Fighting !!!

  13. szilvie Says:

    i posted it on your facebook page but i will post it here too :

    wow i was quite shocked at how you were treated after how much you have done for Amore! I am definitely not going to be buying products from any Amore brands after this too. It was quite shocking for the person to say that if you don’t have a sulwhasoo store in your country, you will just have to wait. I can’t believe how 19th century they are. they don’t even want to create awareness on their brands in other countries that do not have the sulwhasoo brand. Amore will be losing many potential buyers because of this, they have already lost 5 future customers here

  14. Zeek Says:

    To my knowledge, selling of samples throughout Asia is a common practise which seems to be in the grey zone.The selling is not really illegal until the cosmetics company takes action, but it’s ethically incorrect. As a buyer it’s all legal, and IMHO it’s a choice for buyers. Paying low-end prices but trying high-end products, what’s not to like?

    If you noticed some of these sample sellers actually have shops (or they claim) and they are selling retail size products. Meaning they are clients/customers of cosmetics brand. It doesn’t seems to stop the cosmetics representatives or distributors from bringing new products or samples to these shops.

    If companies really want to stop selling of samples, they should have better control over them. Ultimately the companies do have control of the amount of samples they want floating around the market.

    IMHO saying stuffs like “Unfortunately the people interested in those brands and live in a country it is yet not carried in, are going to have to wait till it is.” is kinda shallow. Many well-known brands are setting up online shops so that they can have a share of the world market. It’s no longer about having a physical shop/counters or some local representatives to sell a product.

    IMHO one of the reasons History of Whoo (2008-2009) failed in Singapore is the lack of it’s brand awareness despite having a counter and representative. In this digital age, people are more comfortable with brands that many would talk about in various forums. I doubt any company will want their potiential customer to “wait”. The more people who can swear by its brand will increase the chances of success if they were to expand into a new country.

    • It really is very unfortunate that Whoo failed in Singapore.

      Does Singapore have a Sulwhasoo counter?

      I do agree that the marketing of Sulwhasoo and Whoo in South East Asia is lacking!

      • Zeek Says:

        Sulwhasoo aren’t in Singapore too. Sulwhasoo is better known in HK, that’s where most Singaporean gets them from or from online.

        Sulwhasoo & Whoo might gained awareness with the trend of Singapore Gmarket shopping. There are Korean sample sellers selling them on SIngapore Gmarket, but the price is almost doubled. Though companies might disagree with practise of sample sellers, sample sellers do their part in promoting their brand awareness 😉 IMHO, it’s cheaper and more effective than finding local representatives and doing advertising. At least by not shutting down sample sellers their potiential customer gets to test their products, compared to having people look at lovely posters. Getting people to actually willing to pay to test their product aren’t so bad, though it benefit a 3rd party.

        In most countries of SEA, majority can’t really afford the price of Whoo or Sulwhasoo. Singapore population is just too small and we have too many brands. Laniege, TheFaceShop, Skinfood, Etude, TonyMoly is gaining popularity among youth and young working adults. Most prices are doubled compare what they are sold in Korea.

      • Yes, i did notice that youthful brands like Laneige, Tony Moly, Baviphat are very popular in South East Asia. Yeah, Sulwhasoo is advertising very heavily in Hong Kong at the moment.. i’ve seen some Hong kong magazines lately and in each magazines, they have about 5-6 pages of sulwhasoo Ads.

        I was going to post my review on the new sulwhasoo make up base and foundation but looks like it will never see daylight anymore haha.

      • Ros Says:

        Sulwhasoo is now available at Singapore Changi Airport. They have the complete lines there. And testers are available. Though I am not sure about samples.

  15. Rox Says:

    Oh God! Are you serious. Don’t listen to Julia, if she is just an EMPLOYEE who sells Sulwhasoo products at Bergdorf Goodman then you shouldn’t take what she says seriously haha!

    Sulwhasoo does not hate you, it should be renamed, “JULIA AN EMPLOYEE FROM BERDOF GOODMAN DISLIKES SAMPLE SALES” 🙂

    I will still purchase Sulwhasoo since it is an AMAZING LINE, Julia who ever she is won’t stop us from making our skin look 10x better than hers 🙂

    • Zeek Says:

      Agreed^^ Not going to boycot a good product for a nobody.

      Representative companies should give their employee better policy to follow & training. Regardless of how willing you are to give out samples free, you are not really gonna see much (or any) result with 1 or 2 sachets. Especially so with brands that uses natural herbal medicinal formula.

  16. szilvie Says:

    and it’s amazing how they have not really advanced into the english speaking countries or had much success in america/europe but they have already made enemies with the one of the few english blogs that writes about their company brands and introduces them to people in europe/america ! well done – they should award the person who replied your email ‘staff of the year’

  17. Legend Says:

    Selling samples is wrong. Period. As a beauty blogger and makeup artist, I am trusted with items from multiple brands in the hopes that I will review them or use them in my craft. Either way, it’s an opportunity for exposure to the company.
    I would NEVER sell them. If I am not fond of a product, I may give it away, recycle it if possible or donate it. But I would NEVER EVER try to make any kind of profit off of it. I don’t care if it’s legal, it’s just in very poor taste.

    It is my responsibility to behave ETHICALLY as a writer, artist and human being.

    • Hi neither do we sell samples. We only review them. Infact, we give away samples to readers for free without any charge, and even bear for the shipping fee every single month.

    • Zeek Says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you missed the point. The arguement between Hope and Amore representive is about Hope promoting the purchase of samples.

      IMHO, Hope aren’t in the wrong to introduce the idea of buying samples as most Korean brands aren’t available in other countries. It gives people more option that’s all. If an individual were to continue using samples, it’s pretty much their choice. Since it’s not illegal, and no measures are being taken by the affected companies. I’d yet seen or heard any cosmetics spokeman promote not buying samples. But I do see “Not for sale” printed on every sample packaging. So I do agree with you don’t sell samples, but if I’m a sucker enough to buy it, you can’t really say I’m in a wrong. You can call me stupid to buy something that’s given free, but I’ll be a fool who end up with better skin. lol

      Anyway, most companies (if not all) will not send samples oeverseas. So the only way for normal people like me (I don’t own anything that companies will throw samples at me) to try the product is to buy the samples from those “poor taste” samples seller.

      • We know too that the salesperson in luxury beauty counters especially in south east asia have perception of ‘looking down’ on customers especially if you look young, or don’t dress well etc, they will not even serve you yet give you samples when you ask for them. In fact, i ‘ve gone through it many times where they just tell me right up to the face that they dont have it but when my mum asks for it later, it magically appears.

        they are only generous when you BUY stuff from them, but when you don’t they guard these samples as if their lives depends on them.

  18. joyce Says:

    I never knew that brands such as inisfree, etude house, etc were under the same company. I did not even know that amore pacific existed until i started reading your blog. Your blog, i dare say, is the only english blog that has updated information on korean skincare and on amore pacific brands. To see amore pacific being so ungrateful and rude to your blog really makes me sick reading her replies. Yes, true it is a good brand, thanks to u i discovered sulwhasoo, but there are also many good brands out there that are at least grateful to their fans that help them spread awareness of their products and brand. I was going to purchase hannule products when i fly to korea next week since it was introduced in your blog, but now i will be purchasing sooryehan products instead! Amore has a lot of damage control to do

  19. Julie Markovtova Says:

    I was to buy sulwhasoo set, but i read here, official sulwhasoo representative say wait because not in my country yet, so now i not buy.

    i now buy history of whoo, no need wait.

  20. mishmash Says:

    When reading Julia’s reply, I admit that I felt she had a point, but she was being too general and it sounded like she was lumping everything into one big generic mix bag of shadiness.

    Whatever points she may have made was just negated by the manner and tone of her email. It was imo, offensive and rude and calculated to rile the reader.

    Btw, the whole thing with korean pop and the spread of korean culture, most people got exposed to the pop culture – music and variety shows – through fansubbers. KBS World is the only (I think) station to carry subtitles on their shows (and not even ALL of their shows). So for most fans, fan subbers are the way to go and usually the quality of the subs are better. With the Kpop wave spreading around, the reaction of KBS, MBC and SBS was to start removing videos from websites – because of copyright. Some people brought up the fansub culture in japan. Due to bad subtitles, fansubbing is big in the anime industry. And the big corps leave them alone, why? Because the fansubs are provided for free (same as in kpop) and they help make the culture more accessible to those who don’t speak the language.

    • Zeek Says:

      I agree, fansubs are often better than those subtitles transalated by hired translators. most fansub groups actually give 110%. Been watching fansubs since 1999^^

      • mishmash Says:

        I know. For the K dramas I’m amazed just how FAST the english subs comes out. Fansubs for the current dramas gets released just 1 or 2 days after the show aired in Korea.

  21. Zeek Says:

    With regards to fake samples, it’s highly unlikely. In fact I feel samples are safer cause there’s lesser chance of getting fakes. It’s just not cost effective to make 30x sachets to sell for <US$5, Also to make a line worth of fakes, you'll need 5 different packing with the content different from another. They'll rather make fake full sized bottle and sell for 40-65% off retail price.

    However, do note that there are fake masks using names of known brands. One of which is the Shisedo black (or white) mask. These are masks that Shisedo had never manufactured. To my understanding each mask sells for <US$0.80, but keep in mind it's only 1x sachet.

    Most cosmetics brands are generous in making samples. Like you mentioned the counters/retailers guards those samples with his/her life, resulting to lesser samples been given out. To my knowledge the counter staffs do keep some samples for themselves, especially those samples that's been with them for sometime. A friend of mine always have samples to give out cause her ex-classmate works as a sales in one of the department store counter.

    If you know the cost of making the products that you need pay hundreds for, you'll understand why companies aren't stingy with making samples. But these samples did not have an effective way of been distributed out to the masses.

    • mishmash Says:

      True that. Considering the size of the samples it’s just more economical for them to have a fairly big production just to keep cost as low as possible.

      My friend works for biotherm and regularly gives us tons of samples and a friend actually does not buy the full size product because she has so many samples that it doesn’t make sense.

      Of course, in reality those counters rarely give enough samples for the customers to truly ‘try out’ since it’s usually just a pack or two of one product. If they’re generous they’ll give you samples of a wide variety of products but still limited to one or two of each.

  22. […] recent events with Amore Pacific, i felt that this was finally the time to write the […]

  23. Suzzette Says:

    That sucks!!!!!!

    Who the hell does Julia think she is working at Sulwhasoo, I agree with Rox, she is just a SALES LADY, not a representative haha get over yourself. Whatever, Hope In A Blog contacted the wrong people. The Bergdorf Goodman which launched Sulwhasoo last year has no Sulwhasoo representative, they are NOT KOREAN – nor from Seoul as the matter of fact. Julia should have FORWARDED to Sulwhasoo not some random national trainer LOL. You guys should email Sulwhasoo:, they respond within a week!

    What did you guys e-mail to her that she responded this way – which products were you looking for information on?

    Honestly, this doesn’t stop me from buying Sulwhasoo, I love their products, even better than The History of Whoo in my opinion!

    P.s, yes Rox, Julia dislikes sample sales haha!

    • We noticed that Amore Pacific added us to their twitter, so we took the opportunity to ask them who could we talk to for more information of Amore Pacific brands such as Hannule, Sulwhasoo etc. However the lady was only in charge of the Amore Pacific brand and not the corporation. So she gave us the Sulwhasoo representative’s name.

      We just posed a few questions. One of it was whether the Herblinic Restorative meant to be an anti-acne treatment because it wasn’t stated on their website. the second question was if sulwhasoo sunscreen products such as the Renogdim dual care, Snowise protect UV cream contains Retinyl Palmitate which has been under fire lately. And the last question was if there will be any new Sulwhasoo products that will be released soon… that was it 😀

      Yes, it wouldn’t stop us from using their products, but i don’t think we will be writing up on any review, news, or updates from Amore Pacific brands in the future ( after discussing with the other hope in a blog members last night )

      • mishmash Says:

        I wouldn’t assume this one lady who’s not even attached to HQ in Korea to be representive of what appears to be her own opinion.

        Tough that Amore just lost one avenue where their brand could be promoted to a wider audience…and for free too.

        Unless it’s the official stance of the company that samples not be sold, these ‘representatives’ should be more careful with the correspondences.

      • haha, they dont want it to be promoted to a wider audience. you’ll have to wait for it to reach your shores to buy or test their products 😀

      • mishmash Says:

        Lol that bit when she said that, ”Unfortunately the people interested in those brands and live in a country it is yet not carried in, are going to have to wait till it is. ” is really laughable.

        Sorry Lady. When the company doesn’t do much if any promotions of their products, no one is going to wait around for you to open a counter in our country.

  24. Deborah Says:

    so… i don’t know if anyone else noticed but you can find this julia person on facebook under “sulwhasoo girls”… at least, i think it’s the same julia that is the subject of this thread.

  25. Joseibi Says:

    Dear Hope,

    This Julia person was not speaking on behalf of AmorePacific and she’s clearly an idiot. Besides what everyone already stated, I want to add a few things too, since used to sell all these brands from Korea and I had dealings with Amore.

    First of all, it was really stupid of Julia to offend a potential customer and to underestimate the power of the internet. That much was obvious. Why would she launch an attack?!! Seriously!!

    Second of all, promoting the sale of samples is frowned upon?!!! I personally bought full size versions of something I tried as samples. The president of Charmzone said that ‘you can feel the difference by just using the samples’ (this is printed on my Charmzone product brochures in every product). The reason why Korean companies manufacture samples and give to customers quite generously isn’t because they are dumb – Julia is too shortsighted to see the big picture here. Not all of us like to live on little packets for months on end. If we like something we tried, we buy the full sizes. Samples in Korean business are the best tools to get customers.

    Meanwhile, it also explains why crap brands like Lancome managed to survive all these years with their mediocre skincare products. No samples so you spend a few hundred dollars just to find out they are garbage!!!

    As much as Julia did not speak for AmorePacific – and she was truly dumb to even talk big like that – I wouldn’t be surprised if AmorePacific backs her up either. Back when I ran it was very difficult to source Amore products from Korea, and also from their head office in Canada. The staff were nice but the head isn’t. Back then NOBODY even knew who they were and I spent all this time promoting their stuff. So I completely feel your pain, Hope.

    So ridiculous too, Amore manufactured these samples so obviously whoever these sellers are, they all have to purchase the samples from Amore, it’s not like a third party is making all these samples and ripping off Amore!!

    Years ago, I also used to sell DHC. My business partner in LA had distributorship of DHC products – he sourced directly from DHC America. I promoted DHC and got a lot of people who previously hadn’t even tried an Asian brand to use DHC. One day, I got a nasty cease and desist letter, sent by courier, from DHC America, threatening to sue me for unauthorized sale of their products. WTH? My partner has distributorship, but none of that matters, because when people Google DHC, my site comes up on top, not DHC’s own official site. So after all the free promotion I did for them, they had me take down all their products. Did I not buy from DHC? You bet! Even though people bought from my site rather than DHC, I was still purchasing wholesale from DHC! What the heck is the difference?

    After I took DHC down, customers asked what happened. A relatively obscure (and far from mainstream even now, at least not in this part of the world) brand with no-frills packaging abitrarily banned an authorized dealer from selling after all the hard work I put into promoting their products. They didn’t want us to sell their products because they want to retain their image. And ironically, DHC products are a dime a dozen on eBay.

    Dr. Ci:Labo, on the other hand, was very nice. They realized that we promtoed their products, brought them the attention they were hoping for, and graciously offer us to let us carry their brand.

    I am just telling you these things from my days as a seller, some of these brands are not very nice to deal with. Amore is big, so I am not surprised. Again, this Julia person doesn’t speak for Amore. Bergdorf Goodman is one of those pretentious shishi poopoo department stores so I am not surprised how snotty and condescending they are with you.

    In solidarity with you and a show of my support, I have since removed my link to Bergdorf Goodman and Amore Canada from my site. They may think we are little guys but they will be surprised how many people read our blogs.

  26. […] is a continuation of an issue we had with a Sulwhasoo USA representative […]

  27. elmer fudd Says:

    Jeez give the Amore rep a break. She clearly is just speaking about her own business selling product at an Amorepacific department store counter in the US, and has no clue what goes on in France or globally. You can feel very happy that you have undoubtedly gotten her into trouble by posting her email, in which she unwisely posed as an authorized spokesperson for Amorepacific, but clearly did not vet her response through their marketing department.
    The donkey/poop comment is inappropriate, because you didn’t give the carrot to the donkey, but just to a junior employee of the donkey. Don’t “cut off your nose to spite your face” by avoiding a superior global cosmetics product because some New York department store rep offended you.

    • Hi elmer, if you do follow our blog, you would have known that we have supported amore continously after the incident, we never did stop supporting their products and we have articles about amore pacific brands almost daily. I really do think that unless you are the one that is actively promoting and spending time writing and reviews on amore pacific – there is no purpose for saying the remarks above. It is easy for you to look at the situation and go rattling off about it because you’re not the one spending hours researching, writin articles, and promoting a company that couldnt care less. The difference is that julia is paid by amore, we are not. The marketing department did in fact contact us after that, we posed them a few questions regarding the fued, and they said that they will reply soon but it has been more than 2 months but we have yet to have any response.

      • elmer fudd Says:

        I’m glad to hear you continue to support amore. I don’t follow your blog and came across it through a google search on sulwhasoo. Rather than “rattling off,” I was responding to your conclusion above that “Hope In A Blog will not be promoting any brands of the Amore Pacific brands, and all posts, news, updates and information regarding ALL Amore Pacific Corporation products will be taken down effective of today until the situation is clear.” If you have changed that policy then you might want to update that.
        I plan to start reading your blog since it provides valuable insight into cosmetics. Thanks for your efforts which are greatly appreciated.

      • Yes, we have gone pass that issue already and put it behind us 🙂 Thank you and we hope you like the blog 🙂

  28. Kev Jang Says:

    If there is money involved, they would reply to you, I am sure. If your blog is just a review blog that does not do official business in selling their products, I think in the legal sense of things, the company–or whatever company–might not see the need to contact your blog again. The Amorepacific US Headquarters is rather different too from the main branch in Korea, and mostly, they rarely do things together. They are mostly autonomous in that sense, and I think that the response(or lack of response) of Amorepacific US cannot be assumed to be the same as Amorepacific Korea’s.

    • Actually, the marketing of Amore Corp US is handled by a PR company, and not Amore itself. The person that contacted me was from a different company that handles the PR for Amore US.

      She said that she will be working with Amore on the answers.

      At this point, we don’t really care for what they have to say. It was funny that Julia started yakking about the sale of samples and starters kit when there is an official Amore ebay store that is selling those samples and starters kit. They are contradicting each other.

      Anyway, we have put that behind us, and moved forward – we just don’t think highly of the company anymore.

      Btw, have you started your SUM37 time reset line? It’s amazing! I think it’s my favorite line from Sum37 !

  29. Kev Jang Says:

    Julia is not an official rep of the company or the PR in the USA. Most ‘branches’ of the original Korean cosmetics companies abroad are just PR companies or dealers. I don’t even think it’s a big issue in any case but I never have been of the mind that samples can be sold. In either case, I don’t understand why it would be so easy to associate Amorepacific with this issue when it was a problem from a PR company in the USA.
    Nope, I am still on my Amorepacific Hannule stuff. I bought quite a bit of stuff from Korea and am still using them slowly. Hannule is arguably one of the best brands I have used up to date.

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