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UPDATED : Sulwhasoo Has a problem with the blog–do you? January 28, 2011

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We originally posted some questions for a Sulwhasoo representative and we got attacked :

Dear Hope in a blog,

Unfortunately the products you have questions about are not yet carried at Bergdorf Goodman. Sulwhasoo has been at Bergdorf’s for just under a year so we do not have the entire line. We are receiving Snowise in the Spring. I have sent off your email to our national trainer in hopes that he can answer some of your questions. I will get back to you as soon as I hear from him.

I do have some questions of my own for you. After reading a few blog entries you have written I am wondering why you would promote the sale of samples? As the Skincare Specialist for Sulwhasoo at Bergdorf Goodman I can honestly say that the selling of samples online is a practice that is very looked down upon by every beauty brand as well as store.

Samples are just that, we give them away so people can try them and later purchase the products. When someone benefits from the sale of a sample that he or she obtained for free that is reminiscent of piracy. The people who sell samples or testers online obviously obtained them in an unfavorable nature. Or even if they walked straight up to my counter and asked for them, the only people who should be benefiting from the sale of these products should be the stores in which they are sold and the companies that work very hard in producing them.

So I wonder why someone like you, who clearly has a huge interest in beauty and skincare as well as a big following would promote such a practice? Also I was wondering how many people read your blog?

All the best,


And our reply :

Hi Julia,

Sorry if you were offended in anyway. The blog definitely does not promote in that ‘negative’ light that you have stated. We do offer our readers a chance to buy full size products if they like it off and we have even provided 10% discount code for the readers. Unfortunately, BeCleo doesn’t sell Sulwhasoo products at the moment.

As you are aware, Sulwhasoo products are expensive. Therefore, samples are a great way to try out a product before purchasing it. Sulwhasoo isn’t available in every country, for example we are in Paris, France and there are not any Sulwhasoo counters that we could go up to and ask for samples. And there are only a handful Sulwhasoo counters ( perhaps even less than 10 countries in this word? ), so where can the others obtain their Sulwhasoo samples?

We don’t know what goes on in Korea, but there seems to be even websites that sells samples. We have no idea if it is legal to do so because we don’t know the Korean system, but if u take a look at Gmarket – the korean Ebay  ( for example : ) there are hundreds of sellers that are selling samples which are available in Huge quantities. If Amore had a problem with that, they would have done something a long time ago? We have no idea how these hundreds of sellers obtains so much samples that they are able to sell them and we would also like to know what happens because this doesn’t only happen with Amore brands but also all Korean brands. We are also puzzled by the situation, therefore we do not know if this is a norm in Korea.

Also, i think it was very unfair of you to attack us without doing your research first. Sulwhasoo does sell sample sets and travel kits – and these samples set and kits are LEGALLY sold. Look at legal business websites such as, etc – they sell these sample kits. Are you saying that this practice is ILLEGAL too?

Therefore i suggest that you consult Amore Corp on this situation before replying our email to accuse and criticize us.

This email will definitely be posted on the blog.


Reply :

Dear Hope in a blog,

I was not meaning to offend you in any way. I never said anything you did was illegal. I’m also forwarding your emails to the AmorePacific headquarters. If Sulwhasoo or any brand choose to sell their samples or products on any websites it is because these websites have the permission to sell them from Sulwhasoo and AmorePacific. There for that is justified because the sale of sample kits or deluxe travel size sets are directly going to benefit the company which produces the products, not a third party. You can absolutely post my email on your website because I am very much against the unauthorized sale of AmorePacific products and lines from “sellers” on website such as eBay and Gmarket. So is Bergdorf Goodman, AmorePacific and any other brand. Trust me on that.

All the best,


And our Reply :


Well, if these samples are justified why did you in the first email said :

After reading a few blog entries you have written I am wondering why you would promote the sale of samples? As the Skincare Specialist for Sulwhasoo at BergdorfGoodman I can honestly say that the selling of samples online is a practice that is very looked down upon by every beauty brand as well as store.

So I wonder why someone like you, who clearly has a huge interest in beauty and skincare as well as a big following would promote such a practice? Also I was wondering how many people read your blog?

Promoting the sales of these samples is also promoting your brand since the money goes directly to your company no?

I will be taking down all articles news updates reviews information on Amore Pacific until we hear from your headquarters. Thank you.

Their Reply :

Because if the websites you mentioned have beauty buyers that purchased the sample or deluxe travel size kits (as we call them) from AmorePacific then the sale of those kits directly go to AmorePacific NOT a third party seller.

Sales from “sellers” on eBay or Gmarket only promote the seller not the company and are unauthorized by the company. This is a very big issue for all beauty brands and department stores. And I know that Bergdorf Goodman does everything they can to stop it and track these unauthorized sellers. Sulwhasoo is an expensive and exclusive brand as you know and yes it is not yet in Europe, however there are plans of expanding Sulwhasoo and AmorePacific. Unfortunately the people interested in those brands and live in a country it is yet not carried in, are going to have to wait till it is.

I did not mean to get into an argument with you. I just know how Bergdorf Goodman and AmorePacific feels about such practices. If you are offended I apologize. And if you feel you need to remove all information about the brand(s) then please do so. I have been informed by our National Sales Manager that my response to you was valid. I appreciate your interest in the line but I have to keep the integrity of what I do and how I sell the products.


Our Reply :


So are you to say that those sellers which are selling the kits/samples on Ebay are selling it illegally?

For example :

I’m sorry if this has turned sour but when you said that our blog was promoting the sells of samples, it just flickered a light in us because all our blog did was to promote the brand. We are not paid or sent samples from Amore corp but yet we dedicate our time writing articles and reviews about brands from Amore Corp and promoting the image – and to be shot down like this – isn’t just very fair for us.

How much information in English can you find about Amore Corp brands other than our blog, joseibi’s and korean skincare blogspot?  Like one of our readers which commented on the post , there is a french saying that goes ‘should you give a carrot to a donkey, it would give you a poop’ .

We do always encourage readers to purchase sample kits and we didn’t know that these kits were illegally sold on Ebay or Gmarket. We thought that these sellers purchased these Travel Kits in huge bulks , and then sold it separately or in the original set, and that these proceeds still go to Amore Corp, because if not, how can it be explained that these hundreds of sellers manage to get amazing massive stocks of each products’ samples if it was not from Amore Corp directly?

We will make a note to our readers not to purchase any Amore Corp products in the future until they have a store in their country.

Thank you for your time.


Response from Ebay Sulwhasoo samples sellers :

1) Vooboodoo


I don’t know why is your representative of Sulwhasoo saying that the selling of sample sizes are illegal and fake.

All my samples sizes are purchased from Sulwahsoo authorised dealers.  I need to pay for the product I sell.  It’s not free.  If it is illegal, why Sulwahsoo sells those product out in first hand.  If they don’t sell the product, how can I buy those product to sell.


2) Kgoodshop

we sell only 100% AUTHENTIC. If i sell only one fake.we meet trouble by customer.we have line who distirbute SULWHASOO.
Actually Amore Pacific Sulwhasoo make sample and miniature products for customer. Don’t worry our porducts are all 100% AUTHENTIC ITEMS.THANKAS

3)  Amore4u

I’m a Sulwhasoo USA representative. Can u give me those staff names and phone number that I can contact them?
And you don’t need to worry about our item quality. If you are not trust, you do not have to buy any of eBay item. That’s it.
some of from china or asia ebay seller, Maybe they sell fakes or illegal item. but we can not swear to it.

Follow up :

Ok, She is not a member of Amore Pacific USA. I believe that she is one of employment that we hired for working Bergdof
Departmental Store

4) milkyway2

Thank you for your email!:)
All of my items are authentic.
Ebay not allow to sell fake items.
If do,buyer will dispute a claim or did.
samples and a kits from Amore pacific.
I have no idea if it’s illegal,how can hundreds of sellers selling samples or kits until now.
thanks again for your email and have a nice day!^^*

So there you have it readers from the words from Amore themselves : Don’t purchase or give a **** about their products until they reach your shores. Just WAIT until they do if not TOO BAD FOR YOU.

If it wasn’t for blogs/videos/internet/youtube – do you think Korean Pop and groups like SNSD / BIG BANG / 2NE1 would have achieved the success they have in Asia and Europe today?  Yet their videos and music are posted illegally on the net but also thanks to that, they have achieved immense success overseas. Even SM ENT and YG ENT has acknowledged the power of the net on their artistes’ popularity overseas. To use that as a comparison would be even wrong because we do not in any way sell these samples.

Now my question for you readers who is familiar with the Korean cosmetics market :

Is it illegal selling these samples in Korea ?

If so, why are there so many sellers on Gmarket selling these samples?

How do these sellers obtain the millions of samples? And there isn’t only 1 seller but hundreds of them.

If the companies had a problem with this, why were they not prohibited to be sold on Gmarket ? Why was this never an issue in Korea? Why was it not banned on Gmarket?

Why are there Korean websites that sells only samples if they are illegal ? One website of such : , , , and LOTS more.

Where do they get their stock from if Amore Pacific doesn’t provide it?

We do know that some of these samples are taken from the ‘sample kits’ ( for example : , ) and are sold separately , so does it make them illegal to be purchasing the samples? Is the Sulwhasoo representative implying that websites who sell Sulwhasoo sample kits like, illegal? And those Ebay-Gmarket that sells Sulwhasoo kits are also selling it illegally?

Hope In A Blog has written and provided so much news, information and updates regarding Amore Pacific brands such as Innisfree, Laneighe, Sulwhasoo, Hannule and i’m sure we have also introduced many readers to this wonderful brand. And to be blamed for ‘promoting such a practice’ when we have been actively ‘promoting their brand and products’ sure doesn’t feel good.

Hope In A Blog will not be promoting any brands of the Amore Pacific brands, and all posts, news, updates and information regarding ALL Amore Pacific Corporation products will be taken down effective of today until the situation is clear.

Now, thank GOD we have LG Corporation.


Oh! So beautiful : Cosme Decorte AQMW


Oh! So beautiful……………..


Introducing Japan’s Cosme Decorte latest super-high end luxury line : AQMW ( Absolute Quality Miracle Wonder )


Design by Dutch interior designer Marcel Wanders, the line is designed for women over 30 years of age, the age to start preventive mesures against aging.

Package design

A dazzling white and elegant form. The striking white and willowy frame of the package reflect Marcel Wanders” idea of the “essence of a beautiful woman.” The pattern on the package of life-rich plants and flowers growing expresses the regenerative powers of the skin. The design’s sophisticated aura dramatizes the luxuriousness of time spent refining oneself.


KOSÉ developed the skincare product line “COSME DECORTE AQ MW” focusing on the skin’s regenerative powers akin to life-rich plants that continuously sprout new life. It added sandalwood extract, a moisturizer, for the first time to all items in the new product line, because researchers at KOSÉ found that sandalwood extract helps minimize the stress of daylight on the skin. It also blended the fragrance of sandalwood for its healing and relaxing effect. Furthermore, KOSÉ added a new moisturizer, mucinsome, by using liposome technologies to capsulate for the first time mucin*, a component of the mucous membrane living structures. Mucinsome induces the high affinity for the skin, the enhancement of skin barrier function, and the protection of the skin from dryness and other external stresses.


●Mucin is the main component of the mucous exist in the mouth, stomach, and other digestive organs and the lacrymal fluid.

● Mucin has an important function to provide optimum moisture, moderate the environmental insult, and
consequently protect the living body from invasion by
foreign substances.

● Secretion of this element is thought to decline with age.

( If you don’t have the budget for this – just get the escargot/snail based products which are also mucin rich )

The new line will compromise 9 categories and contain 10 product priced from 4,500 yen to 30,000 yen. Product has already been launched in Japan since November and will be released in South East Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan on the 1st of March 2011.


The line will consists of :


1. Cleansing Milk 150ml  – 6,300 yen.


Non sticky and smooth. Contains essential oils of sandalwood and rose. Gentler than cream, quicker to fit to skin than oil. This cleansing milk will quickly remove make-up and alleviate dull skin tone.

2. AQMW Facial Bar 100g –  5040 yen


Contains hyaluronate and foams immediately. Leaves skin moist without breaking the skin barrier. A solid facial soap that removes dead skin cells with a concentrated foam so viscous it is stringy.

3. Repair Emulsion 200ml – 10,500 yen


A light emulsion to provide cells with ideal moisture and leaves skin soft and elastic. An emulsifier that makes skin supple and firm from the inside by smoothing the skin”s texture.

4. Repair Lotion 200ml – 10,500 yen



A skin lotion with a high concentration of the moisturizer mucinsome to enhance the skin”s barrier functionality and protect the skin from dryness and other external stresses. It creates moist and radiant skin by caressing the skin.




5. Essential Night Balm 22g – 12,600 yen


A 100% oil-based cream loaded with carefully selected organic oils. Envelops the skin to
moisturize it from the inside and gently protect easy-to-dry skin.

6. Cream Excellence 50g – 31,500 yen


A high-concentration cream that makes skin moist and resilient. The moisturizer mucinsome enhances the skin”s barrier functionality, protecting the skin from dryness and external stresses.

7. Repair Serum 40ml – 12,000 yen


A serum that intensifies freshness to provide a bounce-like lift to the skin.

8. Massage Cream 93g – 10,500 yen


A massage cream that refreshes tired and tense skin with the fragrance of sandalwood and the richness of cream.

9. Facial Mask Duo 6 sheets – 10,500 yen



A double-sheet mask with a different composition of ingredients targeting the upper and lower parts of the face. The upper part of the mask uses the moisturizer bukuryo extract to brighten around the eyes, while the lower part of the mask helps reclaim the skin”s suppleness with shark extract, a moisturizer.







* Sandalwood extract (moisturizer), birch sap (moisturizer), and double peptide (moisturizer): present in all items except Essential Balm
* Mucinsome (moisturizer): present in all items except Cleansing Milk, Facial Bar, and Essential Balm






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