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HUGE History of Whoo Gongjinhyang promotion from January 27, 2011



bwcleo is having a super promotion, you’ll never get a good deal like this anywhere so as we say it in french ‘profitez-vous’ !



The 1st Offer :

Buy the Gongjinhyang Lotion + Balancer = Get the Eye Cream OR Essence FREEEE!!!!



The 2nd Offer :

Buy the Gongjinhyang Eye Cream = Get the Essence FREEEE!!!


Buy the Gongjinhyang Essence = Get the Eye Cream FREEEE!!!




And don’t forget – you get 10% with the code ‘HOPE’ – when you purchase anything from
















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9 Responses to “HUGE History of Whoo Gongjinhyang promotion from”

  1. Neesy Says:


    But I’d rather get it off Gmarket 😛 Hehe, everything is so cheap on Gmarket!!!!

  2. kman Says:

    Hi hopeinablog, is this for everything on whoo items?
    Do you know a store in hong kong where can buy whoo items?


  3. kman Says:

    hi hope

    yes i think i will go to shenzen for visit, thanks

    i read your post on joseibi, this is the answerThe white award line is a little more moisturizing than the bright tune line. Other than that, it is basically the same. If we can be of any further assistant, don’t hesitate to ask
    Best Regards,
    Royal Beauty Cosmetics


    • ڻǿ㶫ʡлǿ·ïҵٻһ¥ױƷ0755-825130944 ɽɽ԰··㴦0755-86199510310޺һ¥ŷٻ0755-82690164

      in english

      1. shenzhen maoye departmental store (bian men)

      3. Value Mall – 1881 Bao’an South Road Luohu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

  4. kman Says:

    hee thanks, i wil write it down.

  5. kman Says:

    Hee hope ijust see strange characters?? Can not see chinese charactersxxxxxkman

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