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GMarket VIP Status Revamp! January 27, 2011

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We hinted in our Tutorials that Gmarket will be changing the VIP Status soon.

It has finally been implemented today.

There will be 5 classes :

1) New Customers

2) Silver

3) Gold

4) VIP

5) Super VIP

You can only win 1 COUPON per month.

What a laugh !

So what do you think of this new VIP implementation?

Likey? Dislikey? No difference?

Voice it out.





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7 Responses to “GMarket VIP Status Revamp!”

  1. mishmash Says:

    I am indifferent. Honestly.

    The discounts aren’t really all that significant unless you buy ALOT to make use of the coupons which has a higher cap on the discount amount or no cap at all (Jackpot!)

    I do have SVIP status though but it’s only a reminder of how much I’ve spent on that dang site!


    • Haha. These coupons are also once a month!

      Have you won any 15% discounts lately? I’ve tried for a WHOLE week and not even once!!

      • Zeek Says:

        They seems to have reduced the success rate of super coupon >.< 1 week I only managed to get 2 super coupon -_-

      • mishmash Says:

        I think I got it once. But honestly I don’t keep track of what kind of coupons i get until I actually want to buy something. I still go in and click click around just for the sake of doing so.

        I have coupons which gives me x amount off purchases over 40,000 and 50, 000 but haven’t found anything that I really MUST buy.

  2. Eva Says:

    shucks, i just had itchy hands and clicked on Receive!! Now i’ve to use my coupons within 2 weeks -_-

    • haha same here! we’ve used it up already! 😀 I can’t believe this – there will never be an end to gmarket. each time we say ok, this is the last time we’re buying from Gmarket, then the next day, click click again !!

  3. mishmash Says:

    What goes on in my head :

    Devil : ” I’ve got discount coupons worth 30,000”

    Angel : ”Yea but the coupons are given to you for free. Even if you don’t use them, you don’t lose anything”

    Devil : ”What are the chances you’ll win those again anytime soon?”

    Angel : You have to spend 100,000 to make use of those 30,000 in the end, you’ll be out of pocket 70,000!!

    Devil : But the stuff you buy is WORTH so much MORE than just 70,000

    Angel : But to spend 100,000 to save 30,000 is kinda stupid.

    Devil : Look! Shiny packaging!

    -Battle lost-

    Click click click *purchase*

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