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Garancia Recovered Legendary & Centennial Lotion / Pschitt Magic New Skin Cleanser Review January 22, 2011


After having developed a famous nutritional beauty complements brand, Saveria Coste decided to create a new brand of completely magical and revolutionary cosmetic care.GARANCIA. She combined traditional botanical active ingredients with new technologies, ancient beauty rituals with modern applications.

From this alchemy came out a line of care full of active principles, innovations and whose customers rapidly noticed, even with the naked eye, the results on their skin.

Most definitely turned towards technology, the laboratory GARANCIA has been working with researchers from around the world in order to incorporate in its beauty care products the latest scientific developments in terms of research in cosmetology. On a quest of new sensorial perceptions, the galenic of the GARANCIA beauty care products wraps you in astonishing textures which are reminiscent of dreams and emotions.

  • The Cleanser :


How does it work ?

Pschitt Magique New Skin® is a micropeeling new generation, granule free, with natural action exfoliator

Only a regular exfoliation makes it possible to obtain more refined, more even, tighter, radiant and younger looking skin. Not only it eliminates the dead dulling surface cells but it also gives your skin the capacity to regenerate itself from within.

There is, within the skin, a physiological balance between exfoliation and cellular renewal which results in regeneration of skin texture.

Today, GARANCIA with researchers specialized in skin development and enzymes stabilizing technology, developed a new physiological generation of micropeeling for a daily use:
Pschitt Magique New Skin® , 30 seconds only.

With the search of new sensory perceptions, this beauty care appears in the shape of an ultra light foam like a soft cloud, without any abrasive particles, nor friction, which will act in a few seconds. Its relaxing power fragrance was based on a blend of anise, green sap, sweet violet and blackberry musk.

The beauty secret of the complexion of japanese women

A recent study appeared in “Le Monde” daily showed that Japanese women made on average 8 years less then their age. In Japan,, exfoliation is a precious stage at the time of their ritual of beauty. Not only does it remove the dead cells but it also maximises skin’s natural cellular rrenewal capacity.

The cleanser has won many awards by beauty professionals :

Prizewinner Santé Magazine
(awarded by a jury composed of dermatologists and chemists)

3rd Price of Beauty Challenger Awards
among 79 international marks of beauty products

Nominated in Gold medals Votre Beauté

  • The Toner/Lotion/Serum :


Once upon a time,
For 200 years,
A magic philtre,
A unique philtre,
Which power is multiplied,
By the light of the full moon…

GARANCIA has recreated a 200-year-old burst radiance formula from the still of the herbalist of the Empire. It was known to bring back light, transparency, energy and purity to the complexion. Furthermore, the appearance of the skin texture was day after day toned and its power was said to be multiplied by the light of the full moon…

The Recovered Legendary Centennial Lotion spreads its milky fragrances just like a cozy nostalgic breath or a light happy feeling engraved in a childhood memory.

Take a deep breath and let yourself be bewitched by this ancestral modern Philtre…


  • Cleanser

All types of skins

Apply daily the morning instead of your cleanser product or evening after makeup removal.

Do not wet your skin, pump twice into palm of the previously damp hand, distribute generously on your skin and massage into face with circular movements. Let foam act during 30 seconds and rince with water before applying your usual care products.

Soap free, with neutral PH suitable for the most sensitive skins.

A bottle corresponds to approximatly 2 months of use.

  • Lotion

Shake well before use. Lightly dab on with a cotton ball before applying your cream or at any time during the day, over your cream or foundation, to boost your complexion and give it a light powder finish. All skin types.


– It’s a perfect matifying cosmetic at any time during the day (prevent accumulations of matifying powders).

– Instant burst radiance before or after a party

– Can be used as a tonic lotion.

– Perfect after-shave for men thanks to precious actives with healing properties.

A toffee colored deposit appears in the bottle: it is natural and comes from the alchemy of the different essences used. No chemical solubilizor has been used so as to preserve the authenticity of the formula.



Bottle of 95 ml – Suggested retail price : 33€ with tax


  • Cleanser

Garancia’s brand theme revolves around magic. Even it’s product names all sound very fairy-tale and magical ( It’s moisturiser is called AbracadaBaume ( Baume = Balm ) Perfect Illusion. It also has a serum made of snake-venom ) . Personally speaking, i love the theme of the brand and love the whole mysterious yet fairy-tale ish touch to it’s products.

The packaging of it’s product is also very classy and lovely. The cleanser comes in a all white plastic pump ( 100 ml ) featured below :


  • The Lotion

The lotion comes in a heavy black glass bottle ( 95ml ) , making it very luxurious looking :

All Garancia products have a ‘G’ sticker on the top of it’s box :



  • Cleanser

The cleanser produces a nice  light smooth foam. It smells absolutely divine as well. Foam isn’t very thick though. It feels very comfortable once applied.  All you need is two pumps each time and the bottle will last for 2 months. However, you use it only once a day!


  • Lotion

The lotion is very runny and liquid-y. We don’t really know what this product is because in it’s description it is written serum, on it’s title it is written lotion , but it has the texture more of a toner. All-in-one i guess? It is not colorless though, the lotion has sort of a whitish tint to it, like diluted milk.

The lotion also has a very nice and rather strong scent to it.

As described on it’s packaging, it can also be mixed with your creams or foundations to give you that glow. It already does give a glow by applying just the lotion itself.

We tried applying it with our BB Cream

It does blend quite well with the BB Cream. Just 1-2 drops would be enough.

Look at how dewy my hand looks after mixing it together!

All you have to do now is pat this all over your face. And i underline ‘PAT’. Why pat? Because once mixed together with the BB Cream, the whole thing becomes quite liquid-y already and you won’t be able to apply it like a normal BB cream, so our advice is just to pat your palms all over your face.

We ‘pat’ this on the back of our right hand :

It gave a very nice glow to the skin. The BB Cream we used gives a matte finish, so the glow definitely comes from the lotion.

When used alone, it leaves the skin VERY soft and supple. Your skin will feel like glass : smooth and slippery! Loves loves loves. Plus it adds a healthy glow to the skin.


  • Cleanser

In the heart of the formula

Micropeeloff X3®, is an exclusive complex which associates 6 highly concentrated botanical extracts with a crystalline enzyme with a natural action exfoliator.

The enzyme Micropeeloff X3® was crystallized in order to be stabilized and included in a cosmetic formulation.

Patented innovation

From this alchemy, combining both tradition and new technology, was born an enzyme Micropeeloff X3 revealing fabulous exfoliating and regenerating powers.

Tested clinically, it dissolves the dead cells and gives the skin the capacity to regenerate itself day after day.

Selection of 6 Highly Concentrated Botanical extracts :

Floral water of rose cornflower and Witch Hazel refreshes, relieves congestion and is particularly adapted to sensitive skin with healing virtues on the microcirculation.

Extract of green tea  obtained by hydro distillation, with anti-age and astringent properties. Rich in polyphenols, vitamins C and B, it presents a tonic action in the care of the tired skins.

Pulp cucumber obtained by prolonged maceration, with purifying, congestion relieving and moisturising benefits.

Original juice extract of fresh lemon obtained by flash distillation, invigorating, clearing up and astringent.

This cleanser is Sodium Laureth Glycol, paraben and phenoxyethanol free. However, there is stuff like Propylene Glycol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil etc which have their fair shares of controversy.

Glycerin is right on top in it’s list and has excellent moisturizing properties which is why it doesn’t leave the skin all dried up after cleansing.

Let’s look at the rest :

1. CocoglucosideDerived from coconut oil and fruit sugar.

Works as a surfactant, foaming agent, conditioner and emulsifier. It helps increase the foaming capacity of a solution, and is particularly useful in hair care products, in which it has the ability to smooth out the hair structure and increase manageability. As an anionic surfactant, it mildly cleanses the skin/hair by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so that they can be rinsed off. As an emulsifier, it keeps the oil and water parts of an emulsion from separating, and it also enhances the properties of primary cleansing and moisturizing agents contained in a product.

This ingredient is compatible with all skin types and gentle enough to be used in baby products. The Duhring Chamber Test lists it as having the lowest irritation score of all common surfactants. You may find it in a variety of cosmetic products such as body wash, shampoo, cleanser, conditioner, hair dye, liquid hand soap, exfoliant/scrub, acne treatment, facial moisturizer and baby soap.

2. Rosa Damascena WaterRosa damascena is best cultivated in hedge rows to help protect the blooms from wind and to facilitate ease of picking. Gathering the flowers is quite labor intensive as it must be done by hand. There are about twenty to forty days per year when harvesting occurs, depending on the type of Rosa damascena cultivated in the region. The roses are gathered by hand and brought to a central location for steam distillation.

Tranquilising, antiseptic, rejuvenating, regenerating, at sunbathing and fatigue.

For skin moistening in dry environment, as a deodorant, against ageing and wrinkles. Rose water has a number of other cosmetic applications at home and on travels and it comes in useful also in the case of sudden skin problems, as well as for cleaning, refreshing and hygiene. It is suitable for all skin types and any age.

3. Bacillus Ferment – Bacillus ferment is an enzymatic exfoliant used to exfoliate the skin and is a mild but effective alternative to alpha hydroxy fruit acids and is active at a mild pH range of 5-8. Natural enzymes that eliminate dead skin cells to smooth the skin’s surface and promote cell renewal. Exfoliation process is non-mechanical, but enzymatic. Provides younger, healthier looking skin.

4. PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil – And you think, okay, well it is castor oil. You think, well, that’s nasty to swallow but I know it is natural. Castor oil is obtained from the castor seed. (By the way, did you know that the castor seed contains ricin, an extremely toxic protein removed during cold pressing and filtering. Harvesting castor beans is risky – allergenic compounds on the plant can cause permanent nerve damage. Workers have suffered harmful side effects when harvesting the plants.)

In any event, while castor oil is natural, the PEG-40 in front of this ingredient changes things. As it does with PEG-30 castor oil, PEG-33 castor oil, PEG-35 castor oil and PEG-36 castor oil. These compounds are polyethylene glycol derivatives of castor oil. And, well technically, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil is a polyethylene glycol derivative of hydrogenated castor oil.

What that means is that the castor oil is ethoxylated with ethylene oxide, a petroleum based chemical. Ethylene oxide comes from ethylene (ethylene is oxidized to produce ethylene oxide), and ethylene comes from petroleum via steam cracking. Petroleum may be natural, but it probably isn’t what you meant by natural. And it certainly is not a renewable resource.

As a by-product of the ethoxylation process, the carcinogen 1,4 dioxane may be present as a contaminant unless it is controlled and removed. You won’t see 1,4 dioxane on the ingredient list because it is a contaminant, not an ingredient. But you won’t be able to tell from the product’s label whether the 1,4 dioxane was removed or not – you’ll have to contact the manufacturer to find out.

In terms of safety, absent the carcinogenic concerns with the 1,4-dioxane contaminant, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil is relatively safe on the scale of things. You should know that it isn’t safe for use on injured or damaged skin. It gets a 4 to 6 on EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database because of the contamination concern, because of some limits on use, and because of limited evidence of sense organ toxicity.

But the point is is the PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil just isn’t natural – it can’t be with the use of ethylene oxide to produce it. So any product containing it claiming to be natural is just a bunch of hogwash. Or greenwash.

  • Lotion

In the heart of the formula

GARANCIA innovated by enhancing it with a powerful antioxidant (Patent). PEPS’KIN®, a true protective shield against aging, pollution and radiance loss…

The PEPS’KIN® is the antioxidant of the future: it fights against a new radical focus (RNS) for a global protection of tissues both cellular and molecular.

Free radicals involve alterations on the level of tissues both cellular and molecular. They induce a rigidity of tissues associated with protein damages such as collagen, lipid oxidation, DNA molecule and lipid cellular membrane modifications and oxidation. They are associated with aging and radiance loss.

The Beauty care research tries to fight all types of oxidants which accelerate ageing for skin and alter its beauty. Researchers have brought into focus antioxidants able to fight against pro-oxidants ROS, free oxygenated radicals. However, some new harmful targets have been discovered: RNS, free nitrogenous radicals extremely unsafe for the skin.

The PEPS’KIN® acts on traditional radical pro-oxidant targets (ROS) as well as on the dangerous new targets RNS.

Selection of 3 embellishing essences for the complexion:

BIO Floral Rose Water Purifying, rejuvenating and calming, rose floral water is traditionally used to illuminate the complexion. It purifies and rejuvenates sensitive skins thanks to astringent properties.

Original Extract of Fresh Lemon Juice Obtained by flash distillation, invigorating, cleansing and astringent (Tightens pores).

Styrax Tears Tree of the Siam Kingdom of which resin is collected for healing, antiseptic and protecting effects for the skin (cracks, dry skin, ageing, imperfections, red blotches, freckles, etc). Its essential oil has been well known since ancient times for its cleansing benefits. Tonic and energizing, it has a good effect on the psyche and restores the balance of emotions and dissipates pressures while having an anti-stress effect. It develops joviality.

Alcohol is right on top of the list, so those of you who have problems with alcohol , avoid this.

1. Styrax Resin Extract – is actually a resin which is obtained by cutting an incision in the trees of the Styraceae family. The liquid resin from the tree hardens when exposed to the air. It is these lumps of gum benzoin that are then collected. These trees are grown in the rain forests of South-East Asia. Benzoin has been used for thousands of years in Asia as a perfume fixative and in incense. It was also burnt to fumigate places against evil spirits. In China, herbalists used it as a urinary antiseptic and as a digestive aid. In Europe, as mentioned before, it has been the main ingredient in Friar’s Balsam since Elizabethan times. It has, over the years, become known as an good anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, astringent, carminative, deodorant, diuretic, and expectorant. It was a great favourite of Edgar Cayce who recommended benzoin for a wide variety of applications, most often as an ingredient in massage oil formulas and inhalant formulas.

2. Geraniol Citronellol – Geraniol and citronellol are commonly used fragrance components in consumer products. Both are listed as alleged fragrance allergens that should be declared in the European Union when used in cosmetics and consumer products.

3. Dimethylmethoxy Chromanol – A synthetic vitamin E analog. Sometimes referred to as Lipochroman-6 . Mainly works as an anti-oxidant in cosmetic products. Lipochroman-6 is a high potency anti-oxidant that’s believed to inhibit tyrosinase activity and peroxynitrite formation- one of the main culprits behind lipide peroxidation and cell damage (2 huge skin agers). It’s supposed to work by capturing free radical nitrogen and oxygen molecules in the body. Lipochroman-6 is a synthetic analog of gamma-tocopherol, but has been proven to have >20 times its anti-oxidant activity. It can therefore be used in very low concentrations. While this ingredient is a relatively new one, extensive data exists demonstrating it as a potent antioxidant. You can find it in skin care products such as facial moisturizer, sunscreen and anti-aging treatment.

4. Citrus limonum water – Lemon oil can be used in a cream or lotion to clear congested skin. The astringent properties are great for oily skin conditions. The antiseptic effect of lemon oil on the other hand, helps to treat any cuts, boils and minor wounds. The rubefacient action of the oil further helps to sort out cellulite, as well as helping with acne.


  • Cleanser

The cleanser is probably the best seller of the whole brand. It really is very famous in France itself and has been loved by many. We are also a fan. This cleanser is very gentle to the skin. All you need is to leave in on your face for 30 seconds for a gentle micro peeling for the cleanser and it’s enzymes to wash away all the dirt on your skin and pores , wash it off – and you’ll have clean radiant skin.

Of course if you are using make-up, you will need to use a make up remover before this. This would only be enough on a bare face. This cleanser is perfect for all skin types and doesn’t leave it dry and tight after that.

The only complain we have is that this cleanser is very expensive – 100 ml for 32 euros. However it can be used for 2 months and you will only need to use it once a day.

Recommended? Definitely if you have the budget and you’ll see for yourself why this cleanser is loved by all the French ladies.

  • Lotion

The lotion has alcohol right on top of is list. It might be irritating for those with  dry and sensitive skin, but those with oily skin might find this beneficial as alcohol shrink pores and cleanses infection in problem acne prone areas.

To check out what type of alcohol is good or bad for the skin, check this out : here

Not really a fan of the ingredient list, but this toner does give a ‘coup d’eclat’/ radiance-punch to your skin and leaves a radiant-dewy glow to your face. We also have to give it credit for leaving the skin soooooo smooth and slippery after application.

You can even mix this with your creams and foundations.

It also has a strong fragrance that will linger for a long time, therefore those who can’t tolerate fragrances – avoid this .

Our verdict :

If you have oily skin – yes you can give this a try and if you have the budget.

If you have dry, sensitive skin – if you don’t mind alcohol and can tolerate it , go ahead and give it a try.

It is also rather pricey – therefore i’m sure you can find something else with better ingredients.

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One Response to “Garancia Recovered Legendary & Centennial Lotion / Pschitt Magic New Skin Cleanser Review”

  1. Maria Says:

    you will not believe it :)))
    i saw this brand 3 weeks ago in Italy… when i saw those “strange” names of the products i was so curious!!!! i like when the products have unusual names 🙂
    but you are right, the price is a bit high to buy an absolutelly unknown brand. i decided to look for it in internet…. do they have any online shop?
    in any case, i think i will try at least the cleanser… i love these mousses…
    by the way… is it french? i thought that such things cost less in France, no?

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