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HOPE APPROVED! : Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Mousse Facial Wash Review January 21, 2011

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NARUKO Narcissus Total Defense Mousse Facial Wash is endowed with a vacuum pump that help work out fine and dense lather enables perfect contact to skin. As it is of high affinity, it removes all traces of impurities and excess sebum while maintaining the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance. After use, your skin looks bright and feels refreshed.


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As Naruko is an eco-friendly brand that respects nature, it’s packaging is also very ‘save-the-earth type’. We talked about this in our Brand Introduction : Naruko post.


The cleanser comes in a very simple white cardbox ( not the thick type ) which has the ingredient list written on it. On the other side of the cardbox  there is a very floral flowery pattern as this box can be reused into a pencilbox.



The cleanser comes in a plastic pump. No complains about the bottle except that during the last few 10ml or so, you can hardly pump anything out anymore ( waste! ).



Inside the box comes with instructions on how to ‘reuse’ the box. This box could be folded into a pencil case!



Voila, the end product :







As Naruko is an organic brand, therefore you won’t see the nasty stuff such as mineral oil, parabens, alcohol (oops phenoxyethanol spotted) ,  artificial coloring / fragrance / preservatives !


There are lots of natural goodies packed in this cleanser and most of them are on top of the list. I won’t be going through all of them and i’ll pick the ones with a more chemical terms as they are more vague ( if good or bad for the skin ). The other plant extracts are all beneficial for the skin.


The controversial foaming agent Sodium Laureth / Lauryl Sulfate is not used too!


Let’s go through the list :

Rrrrright on top you have

1. Alkyl Polyglycoside Alkyl polyglycosides are a relatively new surfactant family. The term “relatively” is used here because polyglycoside chemistry was described by Emile Fischer in the early 1900s.  However, alkyl polyglycosides have only become commercially available within the last three to five years. P olyglycosides also offer good detergency and a very high degree of biodegradability. Because of their non-toxicity, non-irritation and many excellent surface active performances, APGs are widely used in the fields of detergents, cosmetics, foods and medicines. APGs are very suitable in the cleanser of hard surfaces, such as bathroom cleanser and glass cleanser because of their excellent hydration, little water spot and little residue.


2. Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate – Little information is available regarding Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, but the Cosmetics Database notes that it is the sodium salt of the coconut fatty acid amide of N-methyltaurine. It is labeled as a surfactant and foaming agent, also finds it to be a mild surfactant. The Cosmetics Database only notes data gaps and no negative side effects or warnings regarding the use of Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate in cosmetics or personal care products. No definitive studies or warnings could be found elsewhere, although and another site both listed it as a synthetic toxin, with no explanation as to its toxic properties. Under its INCI name of Ethanesulfonic acid, 2-(methylamino)-, N-coco acyl derivs., sodium salts, it is listed as a skin and eye irritant (source).


3. TEA-Cocoyl Glutamate – mostly plant derived surfactant. What are surfactants? Find out here


4. Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids – A mild sulfate-free cleansing ingredient derived from natural amino acids and oats. This gentle cleanser does not dry or deplete the skin of essential and protective lipids necessary to insure the integrity of the skin’s barrier function.


5. Kalanchoe spathulata – Perennial succulent herb with a smooth exterior standing from 30 to 120 cm high; flowers are yellow. An anti-inflammatory that neutralizes free radicals which cause oxidative damage to cell membranes and DNA. Antiarrhythmic, hypotensive and anticancer (plant); depresses the central nervous system (leaf extract); insecticidal and aids in reducing fever (leaf).


6. Narcissus Bulb Extract – Research has proved that the properties extracted from the bulbs can be used in skin care formulations to slow the rate of cell division, giving them more time to develop their protective functions. There is also a Patent Description of treating skin conditions using Narcissus Tazetta bulb extract here . The extract has also been found to be helpful in slowing down undesired hair growth.

“As plants in dormancy are not growing they are restoring their youth, energy and beauty for the next growth season – with the dormin extract having the same effect on human skin, therefore targeting the anti-ageing market”.

“However, Symrise research verified that the same reversible cell proliferation inhibitors extracted from dormant plants and plant organs in their dormant stage also prompt effects such as the reversal of unwanted hair growth” she continued.

Read more about it here .

Wow, we didn’t know that Narcissus Bulb Extracts had so many skin benefits. It is no wonder that Naruko dedicated a whole range using the Narcissus Bulb Extracts!



7. Snow Fungus Extract – Snow fungus is one of the wobbly varieties of fungus that is commonly found on various types of trees especially in the Asian countries and also other warm climates across the globe. It is white in color and almost transparent.

When the polysaccharide from Tremella Mushroom was applied to skin topically for 4 weeks, the water holding capacity of the skin and horny layer was greatly improved.
The effect of oral administration of Tremella Mushroom to skin is yet to be studied. Naruko also has an entire line using Snow Fungus combining Rose together with it.



8. Phenoxyethanol – Ouch, why didn’t Naruko exclude this from the list? Though it’s down at the bottom, it still stains the ‘organic natural’ claim it makes.

It’s really troubling that phenoxyethanol, glycolic ether that was once believed to be non-toxic, is becoming a “safe” alternative to parabens.

However, several animal studies clearly demonstrate toxicity of phenoxyethanol, which causes damaging effects on the brain and the nervous system, even at moderate concentrations. As a cosmetic ingredient, phenoxyethanol is restricted in Japan and the European Union. Even the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) data sheets show “chromosomal changes and genetic mutation effects in testing as well as testicular atrophy and reproductive damage in mice.”

In cosmetic formulations, phenoxyethanol is used to kill bacteria and stabilize the formulation. It’s often combined with polyquaterniums to balance its acidity. While it’s theoretically possible to derive phenoxyethanol from natural sources, beauty industry prefers a cheap synthetic phenoxyethanol that can be bought very cheaply from China.

Read more here.






We really like this cleanser. Not only it is very cheap for a rather ‘organic natural’ cleanser, it is also packed with lots of goodies (though we don’t know if the skin benefits from it as the cleanser is washed off only after a few minutes). It is also Sodium Laureth Sulfate –free!


All you need is 2 – 3 pumps. The foams aren’t that foamy and smooth, but that isn’t a big problem. Here is what it looks like after 2 pumps.



Did we mention that it smells absolutely heavenly? Those who are sensitive to essential oils should be careful as this cleanser contains a few such as Ylang Ylang, Lavender, etc. I was so hooked to the scent that i cleaned my face twice that night ! It was such a pleasure using it every night.


This cleanser also doesn’t dry out your face – a problem i have with most foam cleansers. It does cleanse pretty well – but if you’re using heavy makeup – always stick to a double cleansing routine. This cleanser is perfect for all skin types.


This cleanser comes highly recommended from us because of it’s very cheap price, minimal harmful ingredients, it’s heavenly scent and it’s hydrating properties even after washing it off.


What are you waiting for?


Where To Purchase?

  • Can be purchased via their official website : here ( 8.50 USD )

However, the shipping is crazy expensive but Dr.Koko from Naruko is working out to offer lower shipping charges to international customers.


  • Can also be purchased via ( 11.90 USD )






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5 Responses to “HOPE APPROVED! : Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Mousse Facial Wash Review”

  1. Maria Says:

    thanks a lot for this review.
    after your previous post about naruko i put this brand into my list of what i want to try. so great that the products seem to be as good as the package 🙂

  2. greicy07 Says:

    hi!!! great review i like it but i have acne prone skin you recommend this product for me?? thank i waiting for you answer

    • hi !!

      Yes, but know that there is also a Naruko Clay Cleanser which is specific for acne prone skin!

      • greicy07 Says:

        so Naruko Clay Cleanser is good?? i need a good cleanser every day for my skinn and now i see naruko in amazon i think is wonderfull but i dont know this product is not dry??

      • I’ve not tried the clay cleanser, but since you have oily acne skin, you can try the clay cleanser.

        But if u prefer a foam cleanser, you can try the total defense !

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