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Hope In A Blog Gmarket Tutorial 4 : Applying Discount Coupons January 19, 2011

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Reminder : Please use Internet Explorer. It really is the best when applying coupons. With other browsers, we have experience lots of problems – some coupons can’t be applied etc, so to benefit the most from your coupons, use Internet explorer


  • This is the most important part – getting discounts and applying coupons. Click on the ‘Coupon Box’ button.




  • A coupon box will appear :





There a 4 types of coupons :



1) Delivery Fee Coupons

  • These coupons can only be applied with items that charges a delivery fee. They will deduct 2,500wons and pay for your delivery fee. However, different delivery coupons have different conditions. Some you will have to spend 5,000 / 10,000 in order to apply the free delivery coupon. Delivery coupons can also be applied on ‘Fee Charged’ items.



There is also two tricks to this :


  • There are times when the condition is met for Free Delivery ( for example : you have purchase 20,000 from the seller therefore he doesn’t charge the delivery fee ), you can still apply the Free Delivery coupon. Therefore you have an additional bonus 2,500won discount Open-mouthed smile



  • You can apply the delivery free coupons multiple times from the same seller, which means you have 5,000won discount Open-mouthed smile For example below – we applied two delivery coupons with the same seller therefore a 2500 + 2500 = 5000wons discount :







Free delivery coupons can be won in two ways :


a) Through Events


  • When you see something like this (picture below) click on it. For example you can win one here :






b) Through VIP Lucky Draw


  • If you are a VIP customer, you can win Free Delivery coupons here :







2) Normal Coupons

  • Normal coupons can be applied if met with condition so check the conditions before applying the coupon. They can be won  on the Korean Gmarket Events such as this



3) Super Coupons


  • Super coupons can be applied on top of normal coupons so you can get even more discount. An example below :






4 ) Additional Discount For Each Item


  • Some sellers do give additional discount if you purchase more than 2 items from them. If applied, you are not able to apply the normal coupons. However, these discounts are usually very little , so if you have a normal coupon that gives you a larger discount, ‘Untick’ the ‘Discount for each item’ then apply your normal coupons. Example below :





Next Tutorial : Where to win Gmarket coupons ?






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3 Responses to “Hope In A Blog Gmarket Tutorial 4 : Applying Discount Coupons”

  1. glitter Says:

    I am so glad I found your blog ^^
    I have one of the Super coupons that I drew, I wanted to ask what other conditions they may have because it was suppose to work for this track suit I wanted to buy (the box appeared & I can click it), but after I click it, it said ’10 on the pur…’ & no discounts were made. Can you help me? Thank you so much!

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