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‘After Whoo’ Facial Massage to double effectiveness of it’s products January 12, 2011


History Of Whoo has introduced it’s massage methods to all customers to be used together with it’s products to double the effects, improving  the elasticity of the skin and diminish wrinkles.

Now, of course this basic massages can also be used together with any other products.  Remember the steps are 1 –> 2 –> 3 –> 4 and back to 1. These 5 steps are to be repeated 3-5 times for maximum effifiency.

In the image, the dots are places where pressure must be applied by pressing on them.

1. Using both palms, starting from the chin, apply some pressure by pressing them on the chin , then swipe them along the jawline, pulling the cheeks up until you reach the temples. When you have reached the temples, apply pressure again by pressing your palms on both temples. This eases tension and maintain the effect of skin’s elasticity.

2. Place four fingers , the first finger placed at tip of the mouth and the fourth finger at the end of the jawline ( also known as the parotid ) (and of course the two middle fingers in between). Apply pressure by pressing on your 4 fingers. Then move the four fingers up – the first finger on the nose and the fourth finger on the temples. Do the same thing.

This promotes blood circulation and relieves fatigue.

Tips : We like to add an extra step here, after Step 2 above, use both knuckles of your middle fingers, press them on the end of the lips to apply pressure, then gently gently sweep it until the end of the jawline while lifting the skin up. Repeat this for the nose – temples section. Make sure that when you are doing this, you are pulling your skin up or ‘lifting’ your skin up.

3. On the forehead, using your fingers apply pressure on the beginning of your eyebrows, then sweep it along the lines of both eyebrows until the temples. At the temples, apply pressure once more, and sweep back to starting position and then towards the nose. This will give a sense of relaxation and stimulate blood circulation.

4. Using the thumbs of both hands – thumbs under the chin, knuckles of second finger on the chin- move along the jawline , applying pressure each time you reach a dot. ( there will be 5 places in total to apply pressure )

5. Repeat from Step 1 again for 3-5 times.

Also at the end of the massage, we like to give the face a little ‘finger tap’ massage. Just place all fingers, and starting from the forehead, tap all your fingers as if you are playing the piano, then slowly move down to your chin.

To enhance efficiency of products :

– After applying each product, always remember to press your palms on your face to enhance penetration of products.

– Before applying products, rub your hands together for 30 seconds to activate and boost the warm Qi of your body.




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