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Introducing Brands : Xenia & Co – The Sexual Cosmetics Brand January 10, 2011

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Xenia & Co is a new Korean cosmetics brand that has made quite an impact on the Korean cosmetics market. It was quite some time ago where we wanted to try out it’s BB Cream but we had too many so we skipped this, but we felt this seemed like a rather good brand to introduce to everyone.



The company has currently only two products


1) Xenia & Co BB Cream


Always wanted the glowy superstar shimmery look? Xenia & Co’s BB Cream is your answer. This BB Cream contains Stem Cells Activator derived from plants which helps in skin rejuvenation, skin regeneration and  wound healing. Stem Cell Activator is also found in Christian Dior’s Capture R60/80 XP.


Stem Cells Activator target adult stem cells in the skin, the cells that are responsible for the growth of all new cells in the organ…


The idea is that if you can protect and nourish a stem cell, you can aid in the production of all the cells that are produced as a result of it. Wrinkles on the surface of the skin are created as surrounding cells stop producing, usually as a result of a stem (or ‘mother’) cell deep down that’s not protected properly. Dior’s products help to stop this, creating a protective barrier around stem cells that encourages them to keep producing new cells.


The BB Cream also acts as a primer which gives the skin a soft silky glowy finish. If you don’t like shimmers in your BB Creams, we’d advise you to pick something else, but if you like that Superstar Glowy look, this would be perfect for you.


Packed together with the BB Cream is also SPF 35, PA ++.


Comparison of Xenia & Co’s BB with other BB Creams :



To give you an idea of the color and degree of shimmer in the BB Cream taken from a korean blog :





Did we mention how much we love it’s packaging?


2) Xenia & Co Spot Concealer




By the way, the Swarovski crystal on the concealer is a genuine one!


Xenia & Co will also be advancing into the Hong Kong, China and Canadian market this year.


Anyone tried this brand before? Give us some feedback!

Where To Purchase?


– Type ‘제니아앤코’ on Gmarket and you will get the search results.






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