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Hanyul/Hannule Go Gyeol Jinaek Cream January 9, 2011


Amore Pacific’s Hanyul/Hannule/Haneul , the Sulwhasoo for younger skin, has released a new product off the ‘Go Gyeol Jinaek’ (Purple) line.


The Hanyul Go Gyeol Jinaek Cream (60ml/ 110,000 wons) introduces Korea’s first ever ginseng enzyme certified treatment product.


This anti aging cream improves deep wrinkes, and nourishes the skin.


The line consist of 6 products – emulsion, essence, cream, lip & eye cream, toner, sleeping pack.


Hannule’s Go Gyeol Jin Aek cream, which is high in concentrated ginseng extract, and a compound of 5 Oriental herbs or plants fermented over 72 hours, including pomegranatae, haengyin, and so on, and burdock, is a synergy of various Oriental ingredients.



To purchase the product or it’s samples, look for ‘고결진액 크림’ in Gmarket.



*Special thanks to Kevin J for the tip!


11 Responses to “Hanyul/Hannule Go Gyeol Jinaek Cream”

  1. Kev Jang Says:

    I have used samples of this, given to me when I purchased the Chae Eum basic line, before, and I liked the newly revamped version. I don’t know much about the difference between the old and new one, since the old one which was what I normally would buy, has similar packaging. But this cream is honestly not only luxurious in feel, but the heavy herbal smell is a giveaway as to what the ingredients are inside the cream, ie. ginseng, angelica and various other herbs. The other cream which I would get as an alternative is the Ja Yang cream manufactured by Sansim, which also smells heavily of wild mountain ginseng of 110 years, except that it is too expensive if you do not get it off Gmarket.

  2. Kev Jang Says:

    Sansim Ja Yang Cream is the closest to the scent of Hannule’s Go Gyeol Jinaek Cream in terms of the ginseng scent. So is Sulwhasoo. I find Amorepacific herbal cosmetics probably a mix of both Oriental herbal and some other western perfumed fragrance, which makes it somewhat more neutral as a fragrance. But you should try SanSim Ja Yang cream, or MiBaek Go from Sansim, and you will realize what I mean when I say that the scent is simply ginseng-y.

    • Which company is Sansim under? It seems they have a singaporean website but no one replies to the emails!

      • Kev Jang Says:

        What is the Singaporean website? There are quite a few websites selling their products, but only one of them is authorized to sell the stuff in stores(real retail stores), and the rest are just online dealers.

  3. Kev Jang Says:

    Sansim is manufactured by Hankook cosmetics. Yes, the Singaporean business is not seemingly doing so well. It’s following in the footsteps of Whoo and O’hui in Singapore back in 2008/2009, ie. overpricing items which are already expensive, and hence not selling so well.

    • Kev Jang Says:

      Hankook cosmetics also manufactures The Saem, which is the new mass market brand in South Korea.

      • Ahhh. So the Saem is manufactured by Hankook! That’s interesting. I’ve heard some good stuff on The Saem. Getting Lee Seung Gi to endorse the brand was also a smart move!

        This was the website i bumped into which never replies hehe

        On the website under contact us :

        *Hankook Cosmetics Intl. Pte. Ltd.*

        Address: 315 Outram Road,

        #12-01, Tan Boon Liat Building,

        Singapore 169074

  4. Kev Jang Says:

    I know the spa where they sell these products. Personally, they sell products even to customers who do not go there for services such as manicures or pedicures, makeup for occasions(special ones such as wedding or functions), or facials. But from a standpoint of someone who wanted to do business with them, by setting up a link with them as suppliers for an online business, I find that they do not seem to have a very strong awareness of what the market for Korean cosmetics in Singapore is like, and plus, the tendency to still mark up prices accordingly for profit still remains. (Note, at the new department store outlets they set up, what sold for about 115,000 won approximately would sell around $196 there.)

    As for the products, I would still get them directly from Gmarket sellers in Korea. This reduces the “middleman” (distributorship or 3-fold relations) thing which causes mark-ups, sometimes to a rather ridiculous extent. I told a friend that Beauty Credit costs about 5-6 times what they cost in Korea here, and is more expensive than the Face Shop here, which is rather surprising, considering that it has never been known for expensive cosmetics in Korea at all!

    Hankook cosmetics is smart to diversify into mass market brands now, since the market demand for luxurious cosmetics is still rather restricted and limited in the case of brands like Whoo, Sulwhasoo, O’Hui, Su: m 37, etc. But I do think that as a company, it is still not a major shareholder in Korea.

    • Sometimes i really wonder that are the actual costs are for brands like Ohui, sulwhasoo, sum37 , whoo – and how much the prices are marked up!

      Gmarket is absolutely wonderful but the shipping charges are rather expensive especially for us when we’re in europe.. the weight of the stuff aren’t heavy but gmarket ships them in these huge ass boxes which are crazy heavy, and we end up paying so much more for shipping.

      And i’ve noticed that Gmarket has also reduced the amount of coupons drastically. They’ve pulled off discount coupons for cosmetics for quite some time already. and there’s a special section to win coupons for cosmetics now. and it’s impossible to win these coupons. we’ve tried for a weeek to try and win one of the 3 coupons ( 10%-7%-5% ) and we’ve not a single one! I’m being suspicious if anyone wins these coupons at all! haha

  5. Kev Jang Says:

    I have not really used these coupons since they are restricted in use. Since shipping in Asia is quite alright, I don’t pay that much. From my point of view, since my last few years in North America(including buying stuff like toiletries and skincare and clothes) were in Canadian currency, which is arguably very close to European standards of living in North America, buying in bulk (the whole set of 3–toner, emulsion and cream, and sometimes, other stuff like masks) do not appear that heavy to me.

    I think that shipping cosmetics from Korea rarely includes the use of envelopes which are bubble-packed. The lady at the post office advised me not to do so herself when I was at Hongjae-dong near a friend’s place, and mailing some Skinfood stuff to a good friend who lives in Canada now. As a result, I had to place what I already packaged in a sealed bubble-foam wrapped envelope into a small box and pay 17,000 won for shipping as a result.

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