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Gmarket Tutorial : How to search for items of one certain brand in a seller’s shop? January 9, 2011



Continuation from the Gmarket Tutorial :

altHow To Search For Sulwhasoo Or History Of Whoo Items On Gmarket ?




Today we will be talking about how to search for the items of one certain brand in a seller’s shop. For example, you want to search for only Sulwhasoo samples in a seller’s shop but there are so many other brands and items in the seller’s shop that it’s almost impossible to find what you want.



So to narrow down the results, you would have to go to the Korean page of Gmarket . There is no way you can do this on the Gmarket English page. Therefore you would have to go to the korean page.



For example :



You want to search for History Of Whoo items in a seller’s shop.



First of all, just simply pick a Whoo item from the shop. Copy the item’s korean name, then head over to Gmarket’s Korean page.



At the Gmarket Korean page, paste the name of the item that you have copied earlier on.



When the search results come out, click on the shop that you want.



When you click on the shop that you want, it will look like this :





Now type the brand that you want in the blue circle as shown in the picture above, and violaaa , there you have it :








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26 Responses to “Gmarket Tutorial : How to search for items of one certain brand in a seller’s shop?”

  1. Kman Says:

    Ok thank you this reallybcheap for the Same product, do you know if i can use this in night and THE sum in kornuit?xxxxxx

  2. kman Says:

    In night. Lol so sorry type it wrong i was to fast xxxx

  3. kman Says:

    No no in the morning i mean hahahahah

  4. kman Says:

    ok i understand but if you want brightning and whitening then i think you need both isnt? for example just use the kit for once a while and the other regular, or does it makes no sense?

  5. kman Says:

    yes, true, but for at the moment i think whoo is still the best in gettting the fastest results ok bottemline i patiently wait.
    may i ask which brand you use at the moment?

  6. kman Says:

    Hannule my mum loves to tighten up her face, do you think this suites for her?

    do you know the cheapest price for the whoo bichup ja saeng essence?

    • Yes, the samples are the cheapest prices. Look for it at the same seller of the whitening program link i gave you. she sells the samples of it too!

      Why not get the Hannule samples for your mum too? its very cheap, a mini set is about 10+ euros only

  7. kman Says:

    oh and whats your experience about the the whoo seol lotion and the hwahyun lotion?xxx

  8. kman Says:

    Hee hope thats a good idea, i try order yours programm kit but they canseled so pitty do you have a another bsecond cheap seller for the jinaek program whitening kit? Thanks xxx

  9. kman Says:

    Hopeinablog, can you please look for me if this is the right item i select for program kit


  10. kman Says:

    ok i see they not shipped internationaly

  11. kman Says:

    well its saysThis set contains:

    -4 whitening program kits
    -1 whitening gel cream

    Directions for use: Apply an appropriate amount of the Whitening Gel Cream (twice a week) to the forehand and cheeks and gently wipe outward on the face. Then apply the Whitening Program Kit (once a week) all over the face. The entire process takes 4 consecutive weeks.

    Recommended additional step: Use the Brightening Cleansing Foam to wash your face before applying the Whitening Gel Cream. Follow this by using the skin balancer, and then the program kit.

    ok hope thank you so much for helping me i dont know where else can ask for this information sorry for bottering you so much. i think i gonna buy this one what do you think:

  12. kman Says:

    ya ok then i order this one, do you know why some sells in pots and some sells in bottles? is that maybe new version and old version.


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