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Where To purchase history of whoo / sulwhasoo Starter’s Kit / Trial Sizes at the best price! ( UPDATED! ) January 8, 2011


We have received many e-mails asking us which sellers we get our History Of Whoo trial size kits from.

Therefore, we wrote this post especially for you readers out there who have been wanting to try these products, but not having any Sulwhasoo / History Of Whoo counters in your country, before committing to a full-size version !

Please note that these are only samples for you to try out ( IF you have a Sulwhasoo / History Of Whoo counter in your country, please head over to these counters and they will gladly provide you samples for products you are interested in! ). If you love these products , please buy the original products to support the company.

Our favourite GMarket seller for Whoo/Sulwhasoo samples are :

1. 설화야닷컴


Click on photo to directly access seller’s website.

She is the only seller that sells samples that comes with an authentic History Of Whoo ziplock bag and instructions.

We would recommend you to purchase History Of Whoo stuff from her. However, to be safe , cut and paste the korean names of the samples that you are interested in into the Gmarket’s search bar to see if there are other sellers selling at a better price.

We’d recommend you to list the items from ‘Price : High to Low’ to be able to have a good look at the samples on sale.

2. 단화장품샵

This seller has the cheapest price if you want to get Whoo’s Hwa Hyun line samples. Plus these samples come with the gorgeous packaging.

This samples also have great sample sets for History Of Whoo products.

Note also the samples for Jinyul set is extremely cheap at 14,000wons.

Also, the Whoo whitening set is extremely cheap at only 20,000. Note that the set has a 4ml Whitening Intensive which is sold at other sellers for 16,000 wons. With an additional 4,000 wons, you get an extra balancer, lotion, serum and face wash.

3. 샘플파워


This seller has one of the cheapest prices if you want to buy full size products of History Of Whoo / Sulwhasoo samples. However, please double check with seller if it comes with the boxes or not because there are times when seller didn’t include the boxes of the stuff i ordered.

4. 앨리스 샘플


This seller also has cheap sulwhasoo samples. You might need to ‘google translate’ the page when picking for your products. After purchasing, just type in the comments section the ‘number’ of the sulwhasoo samples you want.

Note that this seller also divides it in a few section according to prices. The ones with the more expensive prices are those with a more recent manufacturing date.

1) Most Expensive (37,000 for each sample set)

2) Middle ( 28,500 for each sample set )

Go through his store thoroughly as he offers different prices for different range of Sulwhasoo.

5) 샘플진샵


This seller also has cheap prices for Sulwhasoo samples

There were a few stuff here we found cheaper than other sellers

There are other great stuff too so take your time to discover them.

6) 샘플진샵


Over here, there are sachets samples of Whoo and History sold in packets of 100s. If you ask us, we think that the Whoo samples are rather worth it, as 100 packets = 100ml, especially for the Jinyul line.

7) Beauty Mania 01


Our favourite seller ever!

If you want to try out Whoo/Sulwhasoo and Sum37 products, this seller has mini starter kits which are rather cheap. The Hwanyu mini-set is extremely cheap here (but still costs about 40USD for 7ml + 4ml + 4ml…)

This seller also has the latest Sum37 and Whoo samples. Definitely one of the best sellers and our favourite. Prices start at 4,000wons.

8) 정샘플


This seller has rather cheap Sulwhasoo samples notably the Concentrated Ginseng Cream. There are other products that are worth it too.. take a look!



If you’re looking to buy samples in smaller quantities, this seller is rather cheap. It’s starting price is 5,000 wons and depends on what you’re looking for. Our suggestion is that you google translate the whole page using Google Chrome ( because only with Google Chrome the options are translated into english ) and pick carefully. There are price differences for different items so be careful.

10) 거기야


This is also one of favourite sellers. Check out his entire shop, he has great prices but unfortunately they aren’t sold in ‘batches’ but sold by per item ( downside : makes estimated shipping heavy ). He is also the only seller selling Whoo’s latest Ginseng Oil which no other seller offers. However, this seller is very notorious for taking a long time to ship the samples, cancel orders, and their stock are never up to date, therefore expect a lot of hassle with this seller.

11) 화장품하얀피부


If you’re a risk taker, or if you’re a sucker for herbal cosmetic brands like Whoo/Sulwhasoo, do try this brand called Hannule (produced also by Amore Corporation which produces Sulwhasoo ). They have a star product which is apparently even better than the Sulwhasoo’s First Aid Serum and is Amore Pacific’s . ( ). This serum is Amore Pacific’s 2nd best selling product of 2010 which you can read the post here ( Sulwhasoo did not even make it into the top 5 Sad smile )

The product is called 한율 극진에센스 . 

Also, from the same seller, if you love to discover new herbal brands like us, we would also strongly recommend you LG Corporation’s Sooryehan One Thousand and Three Herbal and Mushroom cream. This line managed to grab also the number 2 best selling LG product of 2010 beating History of Whoo stuff ( Whoo did not even make it into the top 5 Sad smile )

4) Eye Cream

5) Face Cream

6) Essence

This seller also has a lot of IOPE’s stuff so if you are dying to try IOPE’s star product the Super Vital  Moist Cream – do so now! Smile

Note : Please support the original products if you like these samples so the company can offer you better and more amazing products in the future!

How To Search For Sulwhasoo/Whoo Items?

Many readers have been asking us how to search for the items on Gmarket. It’s simple :

First you have to go to Sulwhasoo’s or Whoo’s official website :

a) Sulwhasoo

First, click on which range you are interested :


Once you have clicked on the range and item you want, copy and paste the name ( highlighted on the photo below) on Gmarket’s search engine.


b) History Of Whoo


Click on the range that you want then click on the circle shown in the photo below


When the product map shows up, copy and paste the korean name of the product you are interested in


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34 Responses to “Where To purchase history of whoo / sulwhasoo Starter’s Kit / Trial Sizes at the best price! ( UPDATED! )”

  1. Rox Says:

    YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!! Thank you very much. I will always count on you guys, love you guys so much!!! ❤ Merry Christmas!!!

  2. MADIHA Says:

    OMG what a great post! it was very helpful, thanks alot 🙂

  3. Yuri Says:

    Nice…. 😀

    I love this blog. =P

    • Yuri Says:

      Btw, do you know how to match up the Korean names with the English names, so you don’t get the wrong thing? Google Translator can’t help in this case, i think.

  4. Yuri Says:

    Right, thanks! 😀

  5. Zeek Says:

    I ordered History of Whoo Hwa Hyun Line samples, the packaging is just too cool to miss out. Also it seems that the container sample type is starting to run out in quite a few sellers. The 25ml packaging for balancer and lotion seems to be OOS in most cheap sellers. The eye cream also running out soon.

    So not to take chance, I decied to order from 2 sellers. The 1st one with high reviews has a good chance OOS, but it seems they still have stock^^ The 2nd seller sells the items at cheaper price (starting at 4k won) but lower review rate. A 10ml jar of Hwa Hyun Cream is only 5000 won, which you can still add normal discount coupon to get better savings^^

    Using them for combination skin (oily T zone). I believe Sulwhasoo range would have been a better bet, but I’m sold on Hwa Hyun packaging 😉

    Thx again for all the infos^^

  6. nami Says:

    i want to buy the whitening set which you have mentioned with seller no 2 but it is out of stock from so many days..also international shipping is any other recommendation

  7. Bubbleosity Says:

    Hi Hope In A Blog, thanks for having these awesome links.

    I remember seeing a seller that sold 100 sample packets of the Whoo samples, I seriously looked everywhere and couldn’t find it! I know you posted it some where, but I can’t find your link either. So sorry but could you please provide me the link?! Thank you SOOO MUCH 🙂

    Bubbleosity ^.^

  8. Kooslee Says:

    Do you know any good sellers that are still selling the old Seol Whitening Cream? I can’t seem to find it at beautymania01. I love the Seol line, but lately I have break out on my forehead. First it started off as clog pores, and then it enlarged and turned into cystic acne. I haven’t have acne in years except occasional one. I don’t know whether it is my hormone “hot” body is out of whack, or Sheseido sunscreen is too greasy for my t-zone. I have switched to use Seol’s Whitening Sun Cream for a week now, but my forehead still have clogged pores, and zits. Do you have any products that you would recommend for my trouble skin? Could it be that I put more than enough product? Please I need help. Thank you.

  9. Lynn Says:

    I am keen to try some and need samples.. Does any of the sellers above converse in english and accept paypal ?

    • Gmarket accepts paypal but most likely they won’t reply any mails.

      You can try ebay, or contact Wayne at for some starter’s kit – he has a store on ebay with the same name. Tell him that you were referred by hopeinablog! He’ll advice you, but obviously it will be more expensive than Gmarket

      • Lynn Says:

        So I will be directed to paypal after I have confirmed my purchase ? How about Beauty Maniac 01 ? I have quite abit to try… kgoodshop will be expensive if I do my entire purchase there. I am really new to gmarket and it is definitely not user friendly at all.

      • Yes. make sure that your browser doesn’t block pop-ups! BeautyManic01 is very reliable!

  10. Kooslee Says:

    Hi hopeinablog,

    Is there a different between su:m37 time reset and time energy? Will you please explain it to me? I am looking for something to normalize my tzone oiliness, prevent wrinkle, along with my whoo whitening line. I got an 8 ml sample of Ja Saeng essence. I have been trying that on my forehead for a week, along with not using Clarisonic brush on my fore head, and guess what my pimples disappeared. Now I just need to get rid of the scars. I am going to see a dermatologist, but do you have anything to recommend?

    • Hi, my bad! they are actually the same line – got mixed up because the line is called Time Energy Skin Resetting line haha. I think since you’re using whoo’s whitening you should stick to something herbal. try putting some secret royal court cream after the Ja Saeng essence to get rid of the scars. But i think that the whoo’s whitening will get rid of it sooner or later

  11. Kim Says:

    Hi there! Your blog is wonderful! I’ve been researching some History of WHOO whitening products over the last few days and found your blog as well as some others that provide great info! I’m not Korean, but I’ve used Laneige when I was in my early 20’s. Now I’m in my early 30’s and need to whiten some sunspots and even out my skin. The links from the above posts to Gmarket – to all the pictured products included for that price? If so…that’s amazing! I just bought the whitening line from an online store here in the US and waiting for it in the mail, but if the samples are this cheap, I might as well buy them too! 🙂

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