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Ecobeau Control Essence & Lotion Review January 6, 2011


Both the essence and lotion are for oily skin.

From the website, the essence :

Made from highly enriched extract of herbal medicine, Natural Base Control Essence is an intensive natural hydrator, highly nutritive with potent antimicrobial properties. The composite harmony gives restoration of damaged skin cell for radiant and resilient skin.

100% Natural Essence!

And the lotion :

Natural Base Control Lotion hydrates, protects, smoothens and conditions your skin. Made from herb medicine extract, it serves as a natural hydrator with abundant nutrient to give you soft and radiant skin. Minimized vegetable oil is blended to provide a good balance of oil and moist.

Non allergenic. Soft and moist.




IOPE Releases Plant Stem Cell skin renewal serum

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As of lately, stem cell research in Korea has been receiving great attention from the public and also internationally, and it is no doubt that the Korea cosmetics market will profit from this – and LG is the leading the stem cells skincare market in Korea at the moment. Amore Pacific is catching up with the release of IOPE’s Plant Stem Cell Skin Renewal Serum.



Rough and wrinkled texture of the skin is one of the early signs of aging caused by internal/external damage. This serum functions as a skin protection under negative conditions such as stress, pollution, etc. In addition, it regenerates damaged skin by promoting skin regeneration. Immediate improvement in skin texture can be felt when serum is applied.



The serum will go on sale for 80,000 korean won for 50ml.




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Nature Republic releases Royal Signature Essence and Range






Nature Republic will be releasing a highly concentrated royal jelly essence called the ‘ Royal Signature Essence ‘ ( 40 ml / 15,900 won )


The Royal Signature Essence is rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, royal jelly and honey, and cacao to combat the dry and harsh weather of winter. Herbal Ingredients such as Ganoderma (known as reishi , a bitter japanese mushroom) , red ginseng and astragalus root ( known as huang qi) used to treat skin disorders.


Royal Jelly is well documented as one of the most effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents that occurs in nature. Research has shown that the majority of skin care problems stem from bacterial and/or fungal contamination. There is scientifically documented evidence of cellular rejuvenation to damaged skin cells with the use of Royal Jelly in skin care preparations.


Royal Jelly is produced by bees and fed to create the Queen bee in the hive. Royal Jelly is produced exclusively for the development of the Queen Bee. It is one of nature’s finest natural products.


Royal Jelly has been used in some of the most expensive skin care preparations as a humectant ingredient (a water-binding agent). It is extremely difficult to harvest and this drives the cost of any product containing Royal Jelly up beyond the reach of most consumers. The prohibitive cost of Royal Jelly dissuades most manufacturers from producing any products containing Royal Jelly. Even when manufacturers do produce Royal Jelly based products, they dilute the concentration substantially – making the actual benefits of the product almost negligible.


Royal Signature line range will be made from Nature Republic’s 501 Water and will contain 5 products – essence, toner, emulsion, eye cream and cream.





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The Face Shop introduces new fermentation line

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The Face Shop will be releasing a new line called ‘ The SMIM ‘ which will consist of a toner, emulsion, serum, eye cream and cream.

Based on  pure sake ingredients extracted from natural fermentation, these products will contain natural fermentation crystals that will penetrate deep into the skin. The product is being produced in the Tottori Prefecture of Japan which upholds a 145 year tradition of producing the country’s top Sake by fermentation while using LG Household and Health Care’s technology to create an efficient product. ( LG already has a premium fermentation based line – Su:m 37 ). The sake contains ingredients such as amino acids, peptides which will moisturize dry skin and improve the skin’s elasticity and density.

The kojic acids in rice wine (sake) decrease your skin’s ability to form the type of melanin found in age spots and freckles. If you put sake on your face or use skincare products containing sake or kojic acid, you’ll also find the rice wine keeps moisture in your skin.

The product will be endorsed by the gorgeous Won-Bin and Park Min Yeong and it’s CF has already started airing ( Video Below ) :

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