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gmarket Haul number 11 ! January 4, 2011

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Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days.. it’s been a crazy week. Hope everyone had an  amazing Christmas and New Year.

We just received our Gmarket package today. Our lovely Editor had to carry the 10kg box all the way back here from the post office under the cold weather. Poor thing!

Of course, everyone ordered their own stuff – and we just realized we ordered products only from the LG Househould Corp and Amore Pacific !

Without futher ado…

1) LG’s Sooryehan – the younger History of Whoo and competition to Amore Pacific’s Hannule which is the young Sulwhasoo.  Basically LG’s Whoo is to fight with Amore’s Sulwhasoo, and LG’s Sooryehan is to fight with Amore Pacific’s Hannule. This product caught our eye when it was the 2nd best selling product of LG in 2010 ( Whoo wasn’t even the top 5 best seller list!) . We ordered the complete set, the eye cream, face cream and the essence. Lovely packaging isn’t it? Do you know that these are only samples?? LG Household really does take packaging for samples to another level. There are even boxes for these samples. The packaging resembles a little to Whoo’s samples packaging too!

1) Amore Pacific’s Number 1 Best Seller of 2010 ( And again, Sulwhasoo didn’t make it into the Top 5 list either )  –  the Hannule Essence. Apparently the essence is even better than Sulwhasoo’s First Aid Serum. We also got a full set ( eye cream + face cream + essence + toner + emulsion ). If Sulwhasoo and Whoo are the Queens, Hannule and Sooryehan are the princesses. Can’t wait to try this out. Packaging isn’t as beautiful as LG’s packaging but the packaging of the essence bottle is really good and feels like a real product.

The full History of Whoo order – Jinyul Sap, Jinyul Eye Cream, Hwa Hyun Essence / Lotion , Whitening Cream ¬ Wheeeeeeee….

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2 Responses to “gmarket Haul number 11 !”

  1. Melany Says:

    Hi I just wanted to know how did you manage to get the discontinued essences? I’ve been dying to get my hands on them or the longest time. And also can you please respond with the seller and website and how to order. Thanks in advance!

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