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Tony Moly introduces new products to their Intense repair Live snail line & Brand new premium line December 29, 2010

Tony Moly, a lower end Korean cosmetics company, have been introducing more middle ranged products this few months including the Snail Repair Line. The Repair Live Snail Cream was the first to be introduced and was an instant hit. Unlike It’s Skin legendary Prestige Escargot Cream which contains 90% snail mucus + EGF, the Tony Moly’s Snail cream contains 70% snail mucus.

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Tony Moly is striking while the iron is hot – introducing two new products from it’s Snail Repair Live range : the essence and the eye cream. The packaging resembles the It’s Skin golden packaging for their Prestige Escargot Cream.

a) Eye Cream 25ml

b) Hydro Gel Snail Essence 35ml

Both are retailed at 38,000 Korean Wons.

Tony Moly has also introduced their first ever premium oriental range called the Premium Zen Moisture .

Sulwhasoo/History Of Whoo-like, this range features 100% of hydrolyzed ginseng saponin to provide elasticity to rough and dull skin. It is an oriental medicine-based, prestigious seram which makes the skin revitalized and bright. Contains concentrated fermatation complex and nano oriental medicine complex such as trehalose, sodium hyaluronate, mango butter, limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil which superiorizes in moisturization and skin improvement. Additionally, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract and unique oriental medicine whitening ingredient helps to brighten the skintone with its effective brightening effects. Although this cream is soft, provides a firm moisturizing protection on skin so that the skin stays supple and hydrated.

Where To Purchase?

These products can be purchase at Gmarket

– Eye Cream : here

– Essence : here

– Face Cream : here

– Premium Zen Range : here

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7 Responses to “Tony Moly introduces new products to their Intense repair Live snail line & Brand new premium line”

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  2. JJs Says:

    Hi, love your posts. Quick questions,

    What is the difference between The Repair Live Snail Cream and The Repair Live Snail Essence? Do you have detailed use-instructions? Can’t seem to find anything in english for these.

    Also, do you know if these are safe for use whilst planning to be pregnant or during lactation? I read from to avoid EGF, so this range does not have EGF’s?

    Thanks heaps again.

    • Hi, the essence is new, and it is to be used before the you apply the cream for maximum effect. If you don’t have the budget to get both, and have dry skin, go for the cream. If oily skin, just get the essence. the essence is said to be more concentrated with the goodies. No, the tony moly range does not contain EGF unlike It’s Skin or Secret Key.

      Here the ingredient list roughly translated by google translate :

      Jeonseongbun: dalpaengyijeomaekyeogwamul, glycerin, denatured alcohol, propane diol, sodyumhayialruroneyiteu, niacin amide, purified water, acrylates / C10-30 alkyl acrylate cross polymer, sayikeulromechikon, dimechikonkeuroseupolrimeo, Dimethicone , penilteurimechikon, setilechilheksanoeyiteu, two hydro-Part four nucleotides of vegetable oil, cliff stability, Rick seed, vegetable oil, butilrengeulrayikol, peuropilrengeulrayikol, Carp Reel Mick hydroxy her four seed, alroeberaipjeup, hollyhock root extract , swittangnamukkeopjil / ipchuchulmul, baby earth, bedbug stem extracts, centella asiatica extract, rosehip fruit oil, rice callus extract, green tea extract callus, callus edelweiss extract, fruit extracts of Zanthoxylum piperitum DC, Pulsatilla Extract, Earth Near-extract, lecithin, xanthan gum, bereugamoteu fruit oil, lemon oil, orange oil, lime oil, Scots pine leaf oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, root, extract, PEG -8, Stephen Ares, -20, N-hydroxy imide new seats, an oligopeptide Sat Palmiers , keurisin, Palmiers a tetra peptide Sat -7, -8 Acetyl Hexapeptide, adenosine, kabomeo, triethanolamine, disodyumyiditieyi, Phenoxyethanol, keulropenesin, kapeurilrilgeulrayikol, echilheksilgeulriserin

    • And for the cream :

      Dalpaengyijeomaekyeogwamul, hayideurojeneyitideupolridesen, seteahrilalkool, glycerin, niacin amide, macadamia seed oil, setilechilheksanoeyiteu, Glider, call stearate, shea butter, oktildodesilmiriseuteyiteu, Caprylic / CAP Rick triglycerides, sodyumhayialruroneyiteu, Meadow Foam Seed Oil, Hydro-two nucleotides my four vegetable oils, propane diol, glycerol stearate, Lille, Dimethicone, Beeswax, PEG -100 stearate, tocopheryl acetate, polyacrylamide Rate: -13, -23 Les Lau, Stephen Balearic her seed, hydro-two nucleotides my four lecithin, panthenol, polriyisobuten, lemon oil, centella asiatica extract, swittangnamukkeopjil / ipchuchulmul, baby earth, bedbug stem extracts, hollyhock root extract, extracts of roots, adenosine, butilrengeulrayikol, bereugamoteu fruit oil, sorbitan Te Rate this source, Polysorbate 20, Orange Oil, syudoalteromonaseubalhyochuchulmul, lime oil, PEG -8, Scots pine leaf oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, kabomeo, disodyumyiditieyi, echilheksilgeulriserin, kapeurilrilgeulrayikol, keulropenesin, Phenoxyethanol

      Eye Cream :

      dalpaengyijeomaekyeogwamul, glycerin, butilrengeulrayikol, niacin amide, cyclopenta Siloxane, sodyumahkeurilreyiteu / 소듐아크릴로일디메칠타우레이트코폴리머, dimethicone, dimethicone / vinyl polymer cross-Con Chi di mechanism, ectopic Hex Deccan, polysorbate 80, glycerol Lil acrylate / acrylic polymer her nose seed, hollyhock root extract, root, extracts, adenosine, baby earth, bedbug stem extracts, centella asiatica extract, swittangnamukkeopjil / ipchuchulmul, syudoalteromonaseubalhyochuchulmul, P. is -8, by Nick Hyde Alou in Rollei Brazed high cliff seed, Acetyl Hexapeptide -8, Stephen Ares, -20, N-hydroxy imide new seats, an oligopeptide Palmiers Sat, keurisin, Palmiers a tetra-peptide -7 Sat, orange five days , eucalyptus leaf oil, Scots pine leaf oil, lime oil, lemon oil, bereugamoteu fruit oil, kabomeo, triethanolamine, disodyumyiditieyi, kapeurilrilgeulrayikol, echilheksilgeulriserin, keulropenesin, Phenoxyethanol

      • JJs Says:

        thanks for your prompt detailed response! 🙂

        Are both the essense and cream for night use only for repair/regeneration? Or can they also be used during the day under make-up/foundation to replace moisturisers?

        Thanks again. ( am new to all these skin-care/repair etc etc, it’s no wonder i have so much skin problems… )

      • Hi, you can use it both day and night!

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