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More New Sulwhasoo Products ! December 29, 2010

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More exciting new products announced from Sulwhasoo…  anyone excited?

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Sulwhasoo has released a few new products in Korea this year, however it has only been recently updated on the International site.

First off, we have the

1)  Snowise eye brightener (6ml)

A triple-action Korean medicinal eye brightener that energizes fatigued eyes and instantly brightens them. Contains SPF 35, PA ++

White Ginseng Polysaccharides, Hedyotis Diffusa, and Indian Bread extracts revitalize fatigued eyes and treat skin circulation and blood circulation for brighter, clearer eyes.

Photo-mineral ingredients that optically reflect light instantly brightens the eye area for glowing face.

2) Snowise Pact ( 9g )

A Korean herbal medicinal pact that protects skin from light and heat for glowing skin tone. (SPF42,PA+++)

White Ginseng Polysaccharides ,Hedyotis Diffusa ,and Indian Bread extracts revitalize dull skin damaged by light and heat and treat skin circulation and blood circulation for a clear and bright complexion.

Color Changing Powder evens out the skin tone and clear powder particles form a thin film on the skin for clean and bright skin tone.

Comes in 2 shades – Natural Color and Bright Color

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4 Responses to “More New Sulwhasoo Products !”

  1. VC Says:


    Has anyone used this eye brightener before? How does it compare to a concealer?

    Sulwhasoo Snowise has a new bb base, has anyone tried it yet? Do you need to use the bb base with their snowise pact?


  2. Maria Says:

    Hi there, I am using it now to hide those panda circles (my little daughter has a cold and keeps waking up at night). It is really good. It is the only eye treatment i know with spf factor. The texture and the feel is not unlike YSL’s touch eclat thp. But still I use on top of it my trusted RMK concealer. Mainly because this product is whiteish and my skin is yellow-toned, so it looks a bit unnatural if left alone…

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