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Reader’s Review Giveaway #1 : LJH CELLABEL Time Perfection Cell Active Recovery Balm SPF25 contains Plant Cell Carrier December 22, 2010

Hope In A Blog’s first ever Reader’s Review based on Hope In A Blog’s 1st Ever Review Giveaway which was a sample of the reputable LJH CELLABEL Time Perfection Cell Active Recovery Balm SPF25 contains Plant Cell Carrier.

The winner was Maria from Moscow, Russia and below is her submitted review :

Hi guys!

My name is Maria, I live in Moscow, Russia and I’m a lucky winner of the 1st giveaway of Hope in a blog.

First of all I would like to explain that I’m a huge fan of not-easy-to-find brands, no matter if they are Asian, European or American. I’m bored of 100000 online reviews dedicated to the same Chanel lipstick or Dior eye shadow, so here I am.

I adore skin care, I adore new brands, I adore people and blogs who help me to find any kind of information about this stuff.

“Hope in a blog” is for sure one of these interesting sources, but since you guys are reading this post now, you know what I’m talking about, right?

So let me tell you about LJH Cellabel Time Perfection Cell Active Recovery Balm (SPF 25 PA++) and LJH Cellabel Time Perfection Pearl Shining Primer.


Yes, I have never heard about this brand before (there are so many Asian brands, that I’m afraid all my life will not be enough to try them all!)

Information on sample’s pack didn’t help me a lot – only the name of the product is in English.


I was hoping to find more information on their official web site ( – but again, everything is in Korean, and it’s almost impossible to use Google translator L this is my biggest problem when I’m looking for the information about Asian products. Only some of brands have English version of their site.

Well, nothing to do, I started my “tests” without complete info about products.

  1. LJH Cellabel Time Perfection Pearl Shining Primer


  • it has a creamy shimmering texture. To tell you the truth, this is the second bb-base I see and try. And still I didn’t get the idea of this product. The first base I used was Missha bb-boomer. In fact, these bases are clones of each other – texture, smell, result – everything is the same. The only difference can be in ingredients
  • For me this kind of product is not a “must”. So I can’t say that I recommend it. But if you are a fan of bb-creams and really see the difference when using the bb-base under them, than you can try it for sure.


  1. LJH Cellabel Time Perfection Cell Active Recovery Balm (SPF 25 PA++)


  • Here the most interesting part is about to start. I really liked this bb-cream.

  • Just for your information – in this period I use Missha Perfect Cover 23 (it’s finished not long ago and I will re-purchase it as soon as possible) and Missha Vita Matte so I’m going to compare Cellabel with these bb-creams. I have a combination skin type with oily t-zone and “normal” cheeks.

  • When I saw the Cellabel bb cream at first I decided that it will give me a thick coverage. But in fact it’s not that heavy. I would say that it gives me the sensation of mousse-texture, even if it’s still a cream.


  • It absorbs easily, looks very natural on my skin, doesn’t make it white (yes, it happens often that Asian bb-creams make our European skin look white and pale).

  • When I look in the mirror I see only my skin and its natural and healthy tone, I don’t see bb-cream. This is amazing.

  • Missha’s bb-creams have kind of shiny finish, even if after all they work good on my oily t-zone after I add some powder on the top. Cellabel is good even without powder. And it gives me a great matte finish – as good ad Missha Perfect Cover – for 5-6 hours.

  • As for the tone of bb-cream itself, I can compare it with Missha Vita Matte – as you see the tone is almost the same (Missha is a little bit more pink).




  • Cellabel do not clog pores (but honestly speaking, even Missha bb-creams don’t make me break out).

  • I do not use bb-creams without any other creams, because we have cold winter here in Russia and I don’t think it’s a good idea to use only bb-cream when outside it’s -15.

  • This winter I use Decleor Harmonie as a daily moisturizer and Cellabel works good with it (sometimes bb-creams are not “friendly” to other-brand’s creams). I found some reviews online which say that this bb-cream gives a good moisturizing effect, better then Hanskin or Skin79 for example.

  • My conclusion – this is a very good bb-cream.

  • I can’t say that it’s a “must”, since I still haven’t try many bb-creams, but if you are looking for a bb-cream with medium coverage which will not make you shiny in 2 hours and will not make your skin feel dry – take a try!

  • I found several online shops where you can purchase these product such as for example.And I’m sure Hope in a blog will help you to find it on Gmarket.

  • The price is about 52 usd for primer and 62 usd for Balm.

And that concludes Hope In A Blog’s 1st ever Reader Review.

To celebrate this occasion we have a very special gift for you readers! Read below for more details.

Where To Purchase?

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This 10% discount code not only applies for purchases of LJH’s CELLABEL Time Perfection Cell Active Recovery Balm SPF25 but also every item on their site.

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Cellabel Time Perfection Pearl Shining Primer : HERE

There is also another version of the LJH BB Cream which is more suitable for those with oilier skin and contains SPF 28 called Cellabel Time Perfection Recovery Balm SPF28 PA++ : HERE

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