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Introducing Brands : Suiskin December 19, 2010



Suiskin is a brand we have discovered quite some time on Gmarket. We also have bought a few of it’s products and we loved all of them so much that we are going to try other products in their brand as well.

Find out more on this faaaaantastic brand

Launched on the August of 2009, Suiskin is a joint-project between the La Clinique de Switzerland, Zurich and Korea’s Universal Cosmetic (of the Media Spa Group) which houses other Korean brands such as Cell Fusion C . Combining Korea’s top nano-technology application of skincare products with La Clinique de Switzerland’s formulation, science , and the natural resources of Switzerland and Germany’s Skin Lipid Barrier Technology owned by KUHS  Gmbh–  Suiskin was born.

Artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, mineral oil, PEG, fragrances, skin irritants such as artificial coloring were excluded Suiskin’s products ingredients.

Brand Concept


Suiskin focuses on the philosophy of Nano Technology and the Skin Lipid Barrier Technology.

  • Skin Lipid Barrier Technology

Nature’s membrane systems, inherent in every plant, animal and human cell, gave us the idea of transforming skincare, skin protection and transdermal concepts by resolutely modelling them on the skin’s basic physiological requirements.

The Skin’s barrier function is disrupted and disturbed by many factors – external and internal- such as genetics predisposition for allergies, diseases such as eczema, lipid barrier disruption by surfactants, long term use of occlusive preparations obstructing the self regeneration ability of the skin, externam substances burdening the skin such as mineral oils, silicones, preservatives, and lastly Enviromental conditions such as UV Radiation from the sun, pollution etc.

The Skin Lipid Barrier Technology protects the skin barrier and restores it by mimicking the skin’s natural lipid barrier which contains ceramide, lecithin, fatty acids.

I managed to find some information regarding the Skin Lipid Barrier Technology :

DMS® stands for DERMA MEMBRANE STRUCTURE and was especially developed for the needs of sensitive skin. The structure and composition of DMS® were designed to mimic the skin itself.

The research of this skin compatible cream base is built on the perception that common emulsion systems cannot meet the individual needs of the skin. Today’s skin-care treatments are formulated with a growing amount of skin-identical lipids but mostly neglect the skin’s lamellar structure. Ideal skin-care can only be achieved by combining skin-identical lipids with lamellar structures.

The basic premise of DMS® is embedding skin essential lipids in a lamellar structure matrix. This approach allows the avoidance of many common excipients such as: emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, comedogenic lipids (e.g. paraffin).


An increasing number of publications have, in the meantime, taken a critical stance on the inclusion of emulsifiers in skin-care products. Exposure to emulsifiers can cause lamellar structures of the lipid barrier to convert into vesicular structures. The consequence is an increase or expansion of the hydrophilic pathways causing a significant increase of TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss) and a simultaneous decrease of skin humidity.

A permanent disruption of the lipid barrier exposes the skin to repetitive stress. This may result in a degenerative process with a higher sensitivity towards skin incompatible xenobiotics and a heightened tendency towards allergic reactions and various forms of eczema.

Many other excipients apart from emulsifiers are used to stabilise and optimise the tactile properties of skin-care products, many of which are repeatedly the subject of controversial discussions.

In the development of DMS® we avoid using any ingredients which might burden the skin.

DMS® is

  • without emulsifiers
  • without preservatives
  • without paraffin
  • without perfume
  • without dyes

To read more, click here and here. My favourite Suiskin product is based on the TEWL theory mentioned above!

I know other brands like Osmotics that are charging crazy money for products using the same philosophy, thus making Suiskin’s pricing a very reasonable one!

  • Glacial Mineral Water of Alps


Suiksin uses the purified distilled water of the Alp’s Glacial Mineral Water. Situated 2000m above sea level, the glacial mineral water is naturally filtered through a natural filtration system without destroying the rich minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc etc in their ionized form which helps keep the skin moist for a long time.

  • The Power of Green Energy

Obtained through a selection of organically grown herbs and other natural ingredients that best fits the Asian skin condition, Suiskin uses a high concentration of nature’s gifts to deal with different skin problems, maximizes it’s pharmacological action without irritating the skin.



The Suiskin Packaging is lovely. They usually come in white boxes featuring the logo which is a tree, and the Suiskin heading at the bottom of the box. However these boxes do not come with the cleansers, toners, and masks! Short English and French description are written on the front of the box.


The back of the boxes all have the same English/ French description on all the boxes. However, Suiskin have been covering this with a sticker featuring the Korean description and also the ingredient list in Korean. Unfortunately, the ingredient list isn’t available in English on the packaging.

Brand Lines/Range




– Gentle Skin Oil
– Deep Sea Water

– Gentle Cleansing Milk

– Gentle Cleansing Gel

– Skin Detox Gel

– Gentle Grain Foam Cleanser

– Enzyme Powder Wash



– Soothing K Toner

– Skin Detox Solutioin

– Alp’s Pure Mist



– Deep Hydrating Aqua Serum

– Firming Complex Serum

– Intensive Derma-white Serum



Spot Treatment

– Blackhead Clear Spot

– Pore Minimizer Spot

– Anti-trouble Corrector

– Ato-biological Corrector

– Pigment lightening Corrector

– Aging Away treatment

– Anti-Redness treatment


Sun&BB Cream

– Daily Defense SunBlock SPF50 PA+++

– Stemcell Stimulator Blemish Balm

– I2PL Clinique Blemish Balm

– Diamond Pearl Blemish Balm


La Crème Therapie (20 different kinds – depending on your needs – Amazing isn’t it? )


Herbal,Seaweed Peel

– Herbalium Deep Peel

Herbalium Antioxidant Masque

– Seaweed Brightening Peel

Seaweed Antioxidant Masque



– AHA Treatment Pure Solution 8% Serum

– Alpha Beta Treatment Complex Solution

8% Serum

– Pimple Drying Lotion

– Pimple Drying Mask ( Coming Soon! )




– Rose Cellular Repair Mask

– Edelweiss Brightening Mask

– Cacao Detox Heating Mask

– Caviar Regenerating Sleeping Mask

– Hydro Marine Aqua Drop Mask



Premium Ampoule

– Wrinkle Repair

– White Radiance

– Hydramax AT

– Vital Curelist

– Skin Elixir


Vitamin C Line

– Cellmax C

– Cellhydro B5

– Cellintense White

Biological Fermentation Line

– Biological Fermento Moisture

– Biological Fermento Panacea


Pore Concentrate

– Potency Pore Eraser

– T-Zone Treatment Pore Clearing Method / U-Zone Lifting Pore Minimizing Method


Body Treatment

– Lamellar Structure Body Method

– Anti-Adipose Body Slimming Gel

– Anti-Cellulite Body Concentrate

– Bust Voluming Method

Star Products

Suiskin have a few star products :

1) La Creme Theraphie (20 different types)

3 2

4 5

La Creme Therapie treats 20 kinds of skin problems by restoring your skin barrier and maximizes penetration of active ingredients to treat your skin problem.

Containing a cream formula that resembles your skin barrier, it is also packed with antioxydants, and different active ingredients to deal with different skin problems.

All of the 20 different creams contains different active ingredients, and also different ampoule shots ( 28 kind of different ampoule shots ) . So make sure you pick the correct one.





Each set of Creme Therapie comes with two creams – one for the day, and one for the night.

There are 28 different kind of ampoules which are to be mixed together with your cream ( Each set comes with 4 different ampoules). The reason why it is separated is because to ensure the freshness of the product and to maximize it’s efficiency.

The 28 different ampoules described here :





A more detailed review will be coming soon, so keep your eyes on that !

2) Enzyme Powder Wash

The enzyme powder wash is also a hit ! Containing Papaya enzymes, wine extracts, witch hazel extracts, aloe leaf juice, grape extracts, willow leaf extracts and papain, it deep cleanses the skin and clears out dirt from the pores.

3) Panacea Program

This is new product from suiskin that features the T.E.W.L ((trans-epidermal water loss) ) theory mentioned in Brand Concept earlier.

This panacea program consists of two products – the moisturizer and the essence. These two products aim to decrease T.E.W.L (trans-epidermal water loss)  and increase N.M.F ( natural moisturizing factor ).

We REALLY recommend these two products. They are really good. And if you have to choose only one – we would pick the Essence over the moisturizer though it is obviously less hydrating. But these products are L.O.V.E !

4) I.P.L Blemish Balm / BB Cream

We are going to be giving this away for our Review Giveaway soon.. so watch out for that. This BB Cream is packed with goodies like Arbutin, Adenosine, Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica etc.

5) Herbalium Deep Peel and Antioxydant Mask

This is a 4 weeks home management peeling program.

Each mask consists of two parts – the peeling mask , and the correcting and antioxidant mask. There have been a number of amazing testaments regarding this product after 4 weeks.

To read more, click here

Other star products include their Pore Potency Eraser, HydroMarine Aqua Drop Mask, Caviar Regenerating Sleeping Mask.


We are starting to develop great love for this brand. We have tried a variety of products and all of them have not let us down!

We have tried contacting the website but no one responds to us. So if someone in their company is reading this, please email us at

Suiskin is a mid-range brand. It caters for all skin types and all ages. Products range from 10,000 Korean Wons to around 40,000 Korea Wons – except the La Creme Theraphie which costs about 90,000 Korean Wons ( you can ask for a discount if you are purchasing this along with other Suiskin products – find out about it below under Where to Purchase section ).

We also love that the brand is on the organic side. All products are mineral oil free and fragrance free. Most of the products are paraben free, alcohol free, artificial coloring free. These products are made for even the most sensitive skin!

Suiskin is highly recommended by Hope In A Blog! For starters we would recommend the Panacea program, or the Caviar Regenerating Mask which is on Buy 1 Free 1 right now!

Where to purchase?

To purchase Suiskin products, click here.

If you want to purchase many products at one goal, send them an email and tell them you were recommended by , and ask them if it’s possible to have any discounts if you want to buy a lot of Suiskin products.

They are having a buy one free one promotion right now for the HydroMarine Aqua Mask for a limited period of time, so if you’re shopping on Gmarket add this to your basket ! : click here!

We also recommend their Caviar Regenerating Sleeping Mask ( which faced tough competition with Sulwhasoo’s Sleeping Mask ) which is also on buy one free one for a very limited time : click here!

And Suiskin’s Deep Hydrating Aqua Serum is also on Buy 1 Free 1 ( We just placed our order too ) : here!

And the amazing and highly recommended by Hope In A Blog – the Panacea program is also on sales! : here

Also the Herbalium Deep Peel and Antioxydant Mask set is on promotion, if you buy the set, you get the amazing Panacea Moisturiser for FREE! : here

Remember when you buy these items on Gmarket, at the ‘comments to seller’ box, type in : ‘recommended by ! Please include some samples =)’


11 Responses to “Introducing Brands : Suiskin”

  1. N. (Natália) Says:

    Beautiful post. And very interesting brand.

  2. […] packaging of all Suiskin products are quite standardized. Elaborated in the Introducing Brands : Suiskin post. Products are label-sealed (see 3rd photo below), so make sure that your product is label-sealed […]

  3. mishmash Says:

    Looking forward to your review on the La Creme Therapie! Does it come with instructions in English?

    I bought the following from the Gmarket store link that you gave
    Caviar Regenerating Sleeping Mask 1+1
    Potency Pore Eraser
    Deep Hydrating Aqua Serum 1+1

    Free Gift : (Full Size)
    Free Rosh Refresh Therapy
    Gentle Grain Foam Cleanser

    I think there was a ton of other free gifts but I got them mixed up with the free gifts I got from It’s Skin. (TONS of free gifts given)

    All in all, just masks alone, I had gotten 10 pieces for free (whether it’s from Suiskin or It’s Skin – I can’t remember)

    • No it doesnt but we will write the instructions on the review! Hope that you like the stuff. Do report back and share with other readers if you like Suiskin products!

      We have yet to try the Deep Hydrating Serum though we have it. Suiskin is veRY generous with their free gifts. VERY VERY generous. Did they give you the Herbalium Mask Peel ? We have been using it for 4 weeks and it is Superb!

      What did you order from It’s Skin? Haha they weren’t very generous with samples eventhough we ordered more than 100,000 wons from them!

  4. mishmash Says:

    All I ordered from It’s Skin was 3 of their Effectors.
    Gifts from It’s Skin
    – 10 Sheet Mask
    – 10 sample sachets of Prestige Creme d’escargot

    – 8 sachets of Hyo Young Essence – no idea which company gave me these)

    I remember seeing 3 packets of BB cream samples but can’t remember from which company.

    I left some samples in the office but it seems most of the samples I got was from It’s Skin

    A sample of the Seaweed Peel mask was included as part of my purchase of the pore potency eraser.
    Unfortunately, I saw a packet of black sticks which looked to me like those things you use to dig your ears with..and a packet of what I thought to be cotton pads…

    It was only after I checked the site to see how the Potency Pore Eraser was used that I saw that those..were part of the set…><…I had accidently thrown those away. Sigh. Well am making do with cotton pads and using my fingers wrapped in tissue paper.

    Potency Pore Eraser – have only used it once. Not much to say on it yet.
    I used the Deep Hydrating Serum today since I stayed home and my face feels kinda greasy. But I did use another serum before it so..

    Overall, I really like It's Skin and Suiskin products. The Prestige Creme d'escargot is fabulous!!!! I have oily combination skin with occassional breakouts and some scars. I use it as a night cream and I swear my skin looks so much better the next morning. Will review it again after I finish all 10 sachet samples XD BUt I think I'm definitely going to buy this product on my next gmarket order.

    I love your blog since it features lots of korean skin care and it's hard finding reviews or information on them as the only product other websites seem to be reviewing when it comes to korean skincare are the BB creams.

    I have way too many serums and creams but right now most of my skincare regime revolves around Skin79, It's Skin, Gowoonsesang and Suiskin. So tempting to purchase more but I'll have to finish what I have currently first!

    • Ouch, we should have done the review on the Potency Pore Erase first, then you wouldn’t have thrown the sticks away. We already have all the pictures taken, now just finding the time to write the whole review.

      Btw, try using the potency right after shower! It is advised to use it that way when the pores are still open from the heat.

      Dry using the SUiskin serum on it’s own. They will be releasing a new emulsion to follow up with the serum. it’s already on sale on their official site but not on gmarket.

      Try the herbalium peel mask, there are two masks for each treatment. it’s really good. We’ll write a complete review of it this week. Someone stole our herbalium mask 😦 it was that good. haha

  5. Mishmash Says:

    Yay looking forward to more reviews!

    Will add that mask to my next order. I did read reviews of that on Korean blogs. The before n after photos were very encouraging.

    The caviar sleeping mask confuses me tho. It seems really rich n thick. I considered washing it off but decided to wait a bit for it to absorb / settle in. Face looks shiny n feels oily to touch. But it doesn’t leave any residue on my fingers.

    I’ll use the potency pore again Tmr. Just wondering if there’s any difference with using my fingers compared to using those black sticks. I tend to get broken capillaries whenever I touch my nose. I usually use the faceshop’s white clay mask to do the job. Much better than using nose strips.

  6. Karen Says:

    hi hope,
    i got a bottle of the anti-redness spot treatment as a gift. But i”m not sure how to use it, hope you can enlighten me. is it used like a serum all over the face? after toner and before moisturiser.?

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