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New History Of Whoo Products! December 16, 2010


History Of Whoo has recently released a few products ! Rejoice Whoo fans! However.. these products cost a bomb.. so u might want to save up first!


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First of all introducing the Wild Ginseng Ampule Oil (30ml).

This contains Wild Ginseng cultivated and grown over 7 years. The ampoule consists of 54,42% organic extract of this wild ginseng.

This oil soothes the skin while restoring a healthy radiant skin. Each application consists of only 2-3 drops.

Whoo has also released it’s first bodycare line consisting of a body moisturizer and a body shower oil : The body care line helps eliminate itchy skin, promote metabolism, remove toxins and improve skin quality.


Spa Moisturizer 220ml

This new Whoo Spa moisturizer is History Of Whoo’s first bodycare product. It is a highly enriched moisturizer for the body. Contains highly concentrated active herbal ingredients that penetrate into the skin.


Spa Oil Shower 220ml

This premium shower oil contains a high concentration of herbal ingredients, a unique formula highly efficient in eliminating dirt from the body while keeping the body moist!

Also , Whoo has released a few products exclusively for the China market ! This is soooo exciting !! Smile These products can only be bought in China though. These products contain products and research of Chinese Medicine too , as opposed to the other products which are Korean-researched only.


Chung Siu Essence (40ml)

This essence purifies the troubled acne skin and improve it’s texture. The essence penetrates rapidly deep into the skin to prevent all kinds of skin problems and immediately purifies it. It has anti-inflammatory, detoxification properties and improves acne conditions. Contains Qiang Yu Gao ( An ancient Chinese herbal formula composed mainly of ginseng (人參),poria (fu ling, 茯苓) and rehmannia (di huang, 地黃) has been found to be able to slow down the growth of tumour of theliver and inhibit the expression of a special protein that appears to participate in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common form of primary livercancers) .


Gong Ju Essence (40ml)

This essence restores the elasticity of the skin and improves fine lines and wrinkles. Provides abundance of nutrition to the skin and instant firmness can be felt once applied. The essence promotes collagen synthesis, diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.


Kyung Oh Essence (40ml)

This essence slows down the aging process of the skin while moisturizing it. Once applied, the skin feels very hydrated and rich nutrients penetrate into the underlayers of the skin. End results : soft , moist and smooth skin that lasts for a long time. Contains strong antioxidants to prevent aging of the skin.

Oh and did i mention that the luxurious grinding stick that comes with these three jars are 24K GOLD PLATED??

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2 Responses to “New History Of Whoo Products!”

  1. Rox Says:

    Lovely! The History of Whoo is amazing! I actually have seen the last three products, apparently it has been discontinued for some reason? I was looking at the Whoo Hwanuygo Essence. The price is a killer ($550), but found some amazing sellers selling them at a cheap price for the full amount! EMS shipping includes fast shipping correct? May I ask how long it will take for products to reach you?

    P.s, have you tried that essence or the cream (it states that it will make your skin go ten years back… even the SA guaranteed it to me!!! haha) & the Ginseng Oil….I WANT IT! Its a hefty price though!!!

    • Hi

      Yes EMS is fast shipping !! It takes about 2-3 days once Gmarket dispatch it from their warehouse.

      Yeah, those 3 products were discontinued! I wonder why. There are some Ginseng Oil samples on sale already… they are in 1.5ml packets !

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