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Sasa Haul Number 1 and its non existant customer service (UPDATE!) December 15, 2010



Our First Ever Sasa Haul !


We made a little fuss on behalf of those who have been experiencing problems with sasa, and this is their response :

we are really sorry about the delay of order delivery and the CS problem. our warehouse integration is nearly finished and if you still have any problems about your order, you can send an email to me: with your order number, we will get back to you very soon. Sorry again for any inconvenience caused.

So those of you with problems, please email and they will sort it out ! Smile has been receiving a lot of backlash lately. Don’t know if it’s due to the warehouse relocation, or that the management is really horrible. What happened to

Customer service is non-existant, customer complaints are not treated, no one replies the emails… How did such a reputable company become a skanky one in such a short period of time? Sasa , please give us some answers!

Anyway we bought some stuff off and Shipment #1 arrived today (waiting for another 2 more shipments!)


We bought the IsQueen Rice High Performance Complete Set. It has been getting lots of positive reviews lately, and has even garnered a following on Almost all the reviews posted are positive, so wait for our review coming very soon..


Our first UNT order also arrived today – their new Gel cream – Derma Oasis. We’ve been into gel creams lately, so we’ll be comparing all the gel based creams in the market today!

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13 Responses to “Sasa Haul Number 1 and its non existant customer service (UPDATE!)”

  1. Sana Says:

    Do you ever sell what you don’t up using? Or do you just use them up in giveaways? Just wondering since your hauls are so awesome.

  2. N. (Natália) Says:

    Is it okay to buy from there still? Because I had plans. . .

  3. Maria Says:

    i had a sample of isqueen cream – and i really liked it. I also saw this set on sasa, will wait for your review before buying it 😉

    • Which cream was it? The rice high cream?

      • Maria Says:

        yes, i got the sample from sasa long time ago, i guess in 2009. so i didnt expect anything special from this unknown brand. Try to imagine my surprise when i saw that the cream is really good! at that moment they didn’t have it in stock so i couldn’t buy it…. later i simply forgot about this brand. is it a well known one in asia? i hope they (sasa) will have these products in stock anyway, otherwise it’s not very important how high is the price if the item is not in stock 😦

      • No, this brand is rather new in Asia . however they seem to have a great following on Sasa and all the reviews are either 4 or 5 stars! The spokesperson of the brand is rather a famous actress in Hong Kong

    • This set is really a steal ! Other places are selling it at much higher prices ! Hopefully Sasa doesn’t increase the price !

  4. grapefruit123 Says:

    Seriously, Sasa has the WORST, absolute WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I do a massive amount of online shopping and I have never encountered a more terrible online customer service.

    I ordered at the beginning of February. Did not get a confirmation email of when it might be shipped. I email them. No response for a week. It’s like they just took my money and didn’t acknowledge if they would send it. After many emails and no response, I open a Paypal dispute. No response for another few days. Then they reply and say “We got your order, but we cannot go through with the transaction until you lift the dispute”. So I lift the dispute and they say they will email me confirmation of when my order will be shipped out. No response for another few days. I email them again more times and by now it’s one month since I ordered, and they finally email me to tell me “Some of your items are out of stock”. Duh. I’m still waiting for the confirmation email of when my order will be dispatched.

    This is terrible customer service, and I tried using the international phone number which DOES NOT WORK. How can an international site like this have a FAKE CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER??

    My gosh. After this order, NEVER AGAIN. I know their products are cheaper but the hassle and delay and bad experience trumps it all.

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