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Introducing Brands : Sulwhasoo December 10, 2010



Today we would like to introduce probably our Number 1 brand in the world – Sulwhasoo.

Amore Pacific’s Sulwhasoo is no stranger to any Koreans. Ask any Korean women you know over 40 years old, and ask them what’s their beauty secret, and 5 out of 10 of them will answer you this : Sulwhasoo. All of my Korean friend’s mum uses Sulwhasoo, all of t hem swear by it. This is how reputable this brand is in Korea. Ask any of them – what do you think is the no.1 brand in Korea? And the answer will probably be Sulwhasoo too.


So how did Sulwhasoo achieve this ‘legend’ status in Korea that LG Corporation’s sulwhasoo spin-off titled ‘The History Of Whoo’ hasn’t been able to reach? This is because Sulwhasoo is one of the oldest Korean skin-care brands around.

1967 – 1974

Sunghwan Suh, the founder of Amore Pacific, was from Gaeseong, Korea, the city known for quality ginseng and always had an unyielding affection and faith in giseng. Amore Pacific has researched Korean medicinal skincare methods since 1967, and the core of their research was how to extract skincare aterials from ginseng.

In 1973, Giseng SAMMI, Korea’s first cosmetics brand containing saponin from ginseng was launched. Owing to the global recognized power of Korean-grown ginseng, Ginseng SAMMI made their mark in the world’s cosmetic business.

1975 – 1986

Ginseng SAMMI that was more popular abroad than in Korea, was launched in Korea as SAMMI in 1975. SAMMIGIN, the advanced version of SAMMI, was first launched abroad in 1981 and was exported through Rapheal Drug and Health of the United States. It laid the foundation for the birth of Sulwhasoo

1987 – 1996

After proving the effects of Goryeo ginseng on the human skin, Amore Pacific studied ways to develop the true Korean medicinal skincare system based on science. Every researcher in Amore Pacific R&D Centre thoroughly examined as many books from Korea, China and Japan as they could find and listed around 500 oriental herbal ingredients that are helpful to the skin. Then, they eliminated the ones with strong smells, intense colors, or ones that degrades easily, and used the remaining herbs to launch SULWHA in 1987.

Sulwha, conveying the meaning of beautiful snow blossoms on skin, was the first evolution of Korean medicinal skincare system based on scientific technologies that brought synergy effects between oriental medicinal plants.

1997 – 2008

To further advance the effects of Substances in Sulwha, the Amore Pacific Corporation researches agreed to apply skincare solutions according to the principal of the FIve Elements ( Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, Metal ).

Among 3000 substances they found in traditional books on oriental plants, they picked about 30 of the most effective plants and classified them into five categories.

Sulwhasoo, containing the Jaeumdan, the Korean medicinal herbal extracts, treats skin troubles that are caused by lack of the Yin enegry, from inside out.


In November 2008, Amore Pacific opened their first ever Sulwhasoo SPA at the Lotte Department Store Jamsil to better demonstrate Sulwhasoo’s philosophy of oneness between the body and mind and their symbiosis.

In 2009, Sulwhasoo went through it’s second advancement. They introduced a new packaging design and reinforced the formula of its products containing more fresh and fermented medicinal plants.



Sulwhasoo’s philosophy is combining Wisdom together with SangSeng (相生)which means the ultimate harmony between opposite energies ( the yin and yang ) . Sulwhasoo would be known as :  The korean herbal medicinal brand that embodies the wisdom and aesthetics of SangSeng.

The harmony of tradition and science created Sulwhasoo.

Asian women have pursued beauty since the old times. Physical beauty did not necessarily mean having a beautiful heart, and the imbalance of inside and outside was considered one of the most vicious things in the world. The elegance in one’s appearance is projected from having a pure heart, and the essence of such purity is the beauty of nature. As the body and the mind are one, neither should be neglected to achieve complete beauty. The essence of beauty, as Sulwhasoo explores, is nature. Sulwhasoo nourishes skin with natural ingredients, and its wisdom on Sangseng and tradition has been inspired by the beauty of nature. The oneness of inside and outside is the oneness of nature and people. Because people cannot live apart and outside the universe, we pursue Sangseng.

The Sangseng of nature and people is to utilize natural ingredients to refine human beauty; the Sangseng of the body and mind is to enhance the inside to benefit the skin outside; the Sangseng of tradition and science is to synergize traditional wisdom and modern science. Sulwhasoo realizes the wisdom of nature and tradition through the philosophy of Sangseng. Like the snow blossoms in winter that silently bear life within, foreseeing the clearness of spring, the greenness of summer, and the abundance of autumn, Sulwhasoo symbolizes the refined and deeply white beauty of Korea.

Science Of Sulwhasoo


– Sangseng of Nature and People

Sulwhasoo applies the wisdom of traditional medicine for various effective ingredients to supplement and interact with one another. Enhanced ingredients fortify Jaeumdan and Jaeumboweedan, the essence of Sulwhasoo skincare, and traditional treatments complete formulas with the balance of fresh and treated ingredients. Furthermore, high-quality herbs are used to enhance the value of Sulwhasoo as a premium cosmetic brand.

– Sangseng of Tradition and Science

According to the theories of Korean herbal medicine, Yin and Yang cannot exist without each other and constantly interact and influence each other. When Yin and Yang are in balance, and true Sangseng is achieved in the body, skin glows from deep inside and exudes a kind of harmonious beauty. Also, the Seven-year Cycle of Women in Korean herbal medicine tells us that the female body undergoes internal and external changes every seven years. When the fifth cycle begins at the age of 35 causes the early signs of aging, such as dryness and dullness. From the age of 42, the start of the sixth cycle causes the graying of hair and furthers the skin’s aging.

Main Ingredients

– Jaeumdan (滋陰丹)

Jaeum (滋陰) means supplementing and protecting the Yin energy in skin.

Sulwhasoo’s major ingredient, ‘Jaeumdan (滋陰丹)’ is a unique and original formula that supplements the energy and keeps the skin refined and beautiful. Jaeumdan is carefully extracted from the combination of five Korean herbal medicinal plants. Small Solomon’s seal, Adhesive Rehmannia, White Lily, Chinese Peony, and East Indian Lotus and adopts the principle of Sangseng between fresh and treated ingredients to further enhance the efficacies.

– Jaeumboweedan (滋陰補衛丹)

Beautiful skin requires harmony and balance of Yin and Yang.

Jaeumdan’s supplementation of Yin is further enhanced by Jaeumboweedan. Jaeumboweedan, the basis of Sulwhasoo skincare, extracts seven Korean medicinal herbs in balance. This multi-dimensional formula is completed with the Yin energy of Jaeumdan.

For those of you who wish to view the ingredient list for the basic line (Thanks to the sulwhasoo blog!) :





Sulwhasoo’s philosophy of Sangseng is well expressed through it’s designs. The elegant and silent visualization of ‘雪花‘ that resembles a silently glowing snow blossom and ‘秀’ written by the calligrapher known for a dynamic style clearly reveals the value of Sulwhasoo.

The English logo consists of a combination of the smooth curves of English letters with the elegance of calligraphy. It reinterprets the traditional aesthetics of Korea in a global sense, appearing refined and confidently beautiful. The Korean logo has been stylized and modernized with acute curves that are associated with the beauty of handwriting and shapes from traditional Korean roofing. Sulwhasoo logos and fonts, harmonizing tradition and modernity, have been elaborately designed to communicate Sulwhasoo’s “philosophy of Sangseng.”


The refinined care, trust, and quality of Sulwhasoo can be seen in the meticulously designed product containers. I personally prefer LG’s History Of Whoo’s packaging, but Sulwhasoo’s packaging is lovely too.

Inspired by traditional aesthetics realized by the richness of porcelain carefully kneaded by a master craftsman and beautiful curves that Koreans have long loved, Sulwhasoo containers exude humble yet warm care that are not only beautiful to the eye, but comfortable to the grip.


Sulwhasoo colors are based on the traditional ‘five colors’ that symbolizes the Five Elements.

Each of the Five Colors is matched with each of the product lines of Sulwhasoo. The Basic Line is matched with yellow, the Snowise Line with white, the Extra Refining Line with red, the Hydroaid Line with blue, and the Men’s Line with black.


The boxes of Sulwhasoo are designed with the unique “Prunus mume flower pattern.” The Prunus mume flower pattern, which has been inspired by the floral walls that surround the residences of royal women in Korean palaces and the flower-patterned doors of Buddhist temples, showcases the infinite beauty of curves and straight lines.

The 4 Scents Of Sulwhasoo


1 – Ginseng

Ginseng naturally grows in Far East Asia, and those that are grown in the Korean Peninsula are considered the best variety. Ginseng is a medicinal plant that has been widely known since the Goryeo Dynasty. Known to energize the body for longevity when ingested for a long time, ginseng is a very sensitive plant that needs to grow in a soil that meets specific conditions. Thanks to its relative rarity and miraculous efficacies, it is one of the most precious medicinal plants. In Korean herbal medicine, ginseng is classified as one of the best medicinal ingredients that can be taken regularly and an active component that brings different ingredients together in a formula. As ginseng is known to detoxify the body and refine the skin, noble women in the Joseon Dynasty used to brighten and clarify their bodies in a ginseng bath before a wedding. Also, they drank ginseng leaf tea to prevent freckles, blemishes, and wrinkles.


2 – Pine Tree

The pine tree, which stands tall towards the sky, is the most beloved tree in Korea. Always green and always enduring the unique oceanic and continental winds of the Korean Peninsula, the pine tree symbolizes the integrity and dignity of saints. Also, the invigorating scent of the pine tree was used to create fragrances to enhance the elegance of scholars in the Joseon Dynasty. Korean scholars burned pine needles as incense, carried balls made with pine nuts and sap or kept these in closets to infuse their clothes and bedding with the subtle clarifying scent of pine. The pine tree was also used to make practical wooden furniture that naturally brings in the scent of nature into homes.

The pine tree has always been with Koreans and was used in various purposes, such as a theme in Korean paintings and poetry, a building material for traditional furniture, and an ingredient in traditional fragrances. It signifies the Sangseng of Sulwhasoo that refines the inside and outside through the oneness of nature and people and with the essence of nature.


3 – Prunus Mume Flower

A Prunus mume flower is one of the Four Gracious Plants of Korea, along with orchid, chrysanthemum, and bamboo. In artistic creations, it has been traditionally depicted along with pine and bamboo. It is the first tree to sprout blossoms every spring. Because Korean literati valued integrity and discipline even when they were alone, they loved Prunus mume flowers as these bloomed all by themselves in deep mountains. Elegant women also adored these pure blossoms that silently attracted the eye and their subtle long-lasting scent.

They believed that the scent of the Prunus mume flower can be “heard” through the ears and the scent stays redolent in the air even throughout dark and silent nights. They believed that a blossom beautifying a woman’s forehead enhances her beauty. This was why women applied blushers on the cheeks and forehead. Prunus mume flowers balance energy and quench thirst and rehydrate. Prunus mume flowers clearly portray the aesthetics of traditional women that pursued subtlety in beauty, and Sulwha(雪花) of Sulwhasoo symbolizes these blossoms.


4 – Camellia Flower

The camellia tree, with its pretty red blossoms blooming in early spring, has been most closely related to Korean women since the old times. Unsurprisingly, it has many uses. The most well-known use is the camellia oil extracted from camellia seeds. In the old times, camellia oil was burnt to make fire, or was used to fortify and soften hair strands. Its hard yet smoothly textured lumber was good for firewood and making charcoal. It was also used to make hair combs.

Camellia is known to have medicinal efficacies, as its leaves were burned to drive away mosquitoes or used in creating violet pigments. As its flowers bloom in winter, it was used to symbolize the integrity of women. Beautiful embroideries featuring camellia blossoms were often created for decorative folding screens. Having been used by Koreans for a long time, camellia blossoms have beautified Korean women from the inside out.

Product Line/Range – The Poje Method

The Poje Method refers to various methods of processing that are used to formulate Korean medicinal herbs. Ingredients that are baked, steamed, fermented, or vinegared are detoxified, enriched, or preserved for a longer period of time.

The spirit of Korean herbal medicine characterized by the balanced Yin and Yang is not one-dimensional. From the wisdom of Sangseng, to the theories of Korean herbal medicinal skincare, to the Poje Method that is formulated to fit the traits and efficacies of ingredients, Sulwhasoo deploys only the core of multi-dimensional Korean herbal medicinal skincare science. Sulwhasoo’s Korean medicinal skincare harmonizes fresh and treated ingredients to create a powerful synergy. As Korean herbal medicinal formula achieves the best effects when fresh and treated ingredients are adequately blended, Sulwhasoo has adopted the Poje Method for the first time to maximize even the hidden efficacies of ingredients. The synergies of ingredients that are reborn with the Poje Method can only be experienced through Sulwhasoo.


1. Basic Line – Honey Treatment

The Basic Line supplements dry skin from inside out to restore the natural health of skin.

Jaeumdan and Jaeumboweedan, the foundation of Sulwhasoo skincare systems, are enhanced by the Honey Treatment. Honey harmonizes hundreds of medicinal herbs and maximizes the effects of Korean herbal medicinal ingredients. Jaeumdan’s Small Solomon’s seal and White Lily, Jaeumboweedan’s Satsuma Mandarin, Ladybells, Kobon, and Adlay Millet are matured in honey, put into earthen jars, and carefully baked. This method not only refines the ingredients, but honey also effectively further refines the skin.After Honey Treatment, the efficacy of the ingredients of Jaeumdan and Jaeumboweedan in improving the firmness of skin is enhanced by three times greater than before and doubles the moisturizing properties.


2. HydroAid Line

Hydroaid Line treats the essential cause of dryness to moisturize skin from the deepest part. It helps your skin to generate moisture and retain moisture where it is needed. Indian Bread  balances the flow of moisture in the skin to treat dryness from the root. Contains Hydro Capsule : Five herbal medicinal extracts capsulated to be delivered to the targeted layers of the skin : Bei Xuan Shen, Indian Bread, Purslane, Maidenhair Tree, and Japanese Honeysuckle.


3. Snowise Line – Salt Treatment

Snowise Line is created to add the brightness of body and mind to realize ‘whiteness/pureness’ that is more than just words. White Mulberry and Marsh parsley for skin soothing and circulation, coupled from Rhubard extracts for concentrated whitening care, refine the essence of skin glow from deep inside for the ultimate whitening.

The Salt Treatment involves baking ingredients in salt. Sulwhasoo Snowise line uses Salt Treatment. First, salt is dissolved in water. Then, logs of mulberry tree which is known as a strong whitening agent, is completely soaked in that water and baked. Salt not only clarifies the body and purifies the blood, but it also fortifies the Yin energy and detoxifies inflammation to clarify and brighten skin.The Salt Treatment enhanced the skin detoxification efficacy of the mulberry tree and improved the power of the active ingredients.


4. Special Care Line

Different products to cater for different needs. This line contains the advanced technology that is based on Sulwhasoo’s wisdom and Korean Herbal Medicinal Theories to bring out the true health and beauty of your skin.


5. Extra Refining Line – Germinating Treatment

Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Line ia a premium Korean herbal medicinal anti-aging line that transcends time to deliver quality beauty. Complicated problems caused by the loss of energy, such as the loss of liveliness, dull complexion, and lack of nutrition need a more insightful solution. The greatest ingredients and formula created only for the Extra Refining Line will realize the optimal condition where every element of skin is harmonized.

Extra Refining line, which contains five organic fruits and seeds, makes use of the Germinating Treatment. This method involves germinating completely ripened fruits and seeds at a certain temperature and humidity. Of the five fruits and seeds in the Extra Refining Line, red beans and black sesame are cleaned, soaked in hot spring water for 4-8 hours, and allowed to germinate under carefully controlled humidity and temperature. Since the old times, using germinated seeds has been considered the best use of energy from the seeds.Amino acids and glutamine in red beans and black sesame are increased after the Germinating Treatment, which doubles the natural strength of the defensive barrier on skin.


6. Cleansing

Cleansing Line is formulated to form smooth lather that eliminates impurities and toxicity for clean and clear skin. Jaeumdan and Jaeumboweedan, along with other precious Korean herbal medicinal ingredients, revitalize skin circulation and eliminate impurities for better penetration of basic skincare items.


7. Lumitouch – Cosmetics

Lumitouch makeup, a special formula for the quality of skin, treats the signs of aging and brings a subtle and clear skin to the complexion like a beautiful piece of art.


8. Men’s Line – Alcohol Steam Treatment

Sulwhasoo Men’s Line contains Jeongyangdan, an invaluable formula for men’s

Jaeumboweedan, the key ingredient of Sulwhasoo Men’s Line, contains Japanese Corneilan Cherry and Red Mushroom extract that are treated in alcohol steam. The Brewed Medicine section of <Donguibogam> states that “Alcohol enhances the circulation of energy in medicine.” Japanese Corneilan Cherry and Red Mushroom extract are dipped inside Andong Soju and kept under air-tight conditions until the ingredients absorb all of the liquid. When the ingredients are fully soaked in Andong Soju, they are taken out and steamed until they become richer in color.Jaeumboweedan, containing Japanese Corneilan Cherry and Red Mushroom extract that are steamed by alcohol, boasts of a tenfold improvement in efficacy.


9. Shine Classic

Inspired by the Korean symbols of beauty, including the peony and Prunus Mume in nature and Ddeoljam of traditional women, Shine Classic Makeup Limited Edition reproduces the traditional artistic expressions of Korea from the outside.

Star Products


1. First Care Serum

As the Sulwhasoo’s salesperson once said to me ‘It’s alright if you don’t buy our other products – but you have to get this!’ Unlike other brands who uses toner before serum, Sulwhasoo insists that the First Care Serum comes before ANYTHING! You can even use it with your other products.

Formulated with Korean Medicinal Herbs, this essential regimen boosting serum assures optimal skin care results, promoting balance and replenishing essential moisture and nutrients.
– Membranous Milk-vetch promotes natural skin circulation and Dwarf Lilyturf and Licorice boost synergy among herbal extracts to restore skin’s natural healthy radiance.
– Absorbing instantly and deep within the skin, this serum leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple, prepares skin to receive treatment and boosts the efficacy of skin care used throughout the regimen.


2. Concentrated Ginseng Cream

Formulated with Korean Medicinal Herbs, this revitalizing cream delivers nutrient-rich Ginseng to the deepest layers of the skin to revive damaged, depleted skin.
– Nutrient-rich extracts from the root and fruit of Korean Ginseng promote renewal and revitalize the skin from deep within. Membranous Milk-vetch and White Mulberry strengthen skin’s defence against signs of aging and restore clear, radiant skin.
– A luxurious textured cream promoting healthy looking skin while delivering nourishment to the deeper layers of the skin.

Customers often opt to buy just the serum and the Concentrated Ginseng Cream, but often come back before week is out pick up the rest of the line – they’re just that impressed with these two standouts.

So, have you tried this fantastic line? Loved it? Hated it? Share it with us here!

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  1. N. (Natália) Says:

    -sigh- Too expensive for my wallet.

  2. Maria Says:

    thank you for the post! i think i will get the trial set 🙂

  3. nhunho Says:

    I’ve tried the basic line of Sulwhasoo and love them all ! The clarifying peel-off mask put after the ginseng concentrated cream give the skin an incredible
    softness !!! These products’s prices are so cheap on Gmarket that make me wonder if it could be faked products ? What do you think ?

    • are you talking about the prices of the samples? or the full size products?

      • nhunho Says:

        Euhhhh…I’m talking the quality of the products . I heard a lot of “chinese copy everything” so get suspicious for anything good brand with cheap price now !

      • The samples are sold at a relatively cheap price because they are not suppose to be sold in the first place.

        Sulwhasoo hasn’t really made it’s mark outside Korea yet, so i doubt that there will be that much demand in China for them to be ‘copying’ the product.

        Actually the prices charged on Gmarket are around the prices that tourist pay when they buy these products in Korea. Tourist are able to detax their products thus making it even cheaper for us to buy them when we are in Korea!

  4. Beauty Says:

    I have read your article. It is very interesting. Thanks.
    I’m going to buy products in the near future. I think that will stay happy.

  5. Korean Skin Care Says:

    Hello, thank you for dropping by at my blog. I have been using products constantly, so I had no time to review them! Love your blog, and glad to see other Sulwhasoo fans! Aren’t the products just amazing!!!

    I did a recent review on The History of Whoo Seol Whitening line –

    Love, Korean Skin Care 🙂

    • Welcome to the blog !!

      Thanks for sharing.

      If would be good if you could take enlarged photos of the Sulwhasoo ingredients in English !

      We would like to go through them thoroughly for the review.

      And if u have the other ingredient list for Whoo products , please do share it with us too 🙂

      • Korean Skin Care Says:

        🙂 Thank you 🙂

        Yes of course! Unfortunately the Sulwhasoo Basic Line ingredient list I do not have at the moment. However, I have the full list for the Snowise Whitening line. I will be reviewing the line, and will post it on my blog soon. Also, I will be posting the Soo Yeon Cream review with ingredients, and I will post Seol Whitening line ingredients. Stay tuned!

        Love your blog!

        Korean Skin Care ❤

      • Korean Skin Care Says:

        You’re very welcome! It is people like you who keep me going!!! I have reviewed the Soo Yeon Cream & listed the full ingredient list 🙂 In addition, have included the Whitening Lotion and Whitening Skin Balancer ingredients – unfortunately I was unable to take pictures of the rest since I threw out the information! Darn! Haha. I will be making Sulwhasoo Snowise review shortly with ingredient list. Thanks again. Love Korean skin care!!! 😀

        Korean Skin Care, 🙂

      • Thanks a lot. Yes, and you keep us going too ! Let’s introduce more amazing skincare products and share it with everyone!

      • Anyway i saw some ingredient list online for a few Whoo products but i am not sure if that is the definite list because Whoo/sulwhasoo products usually contain about 50+ ingredients hehe but the list was contained about only 10 + .


        POLYSORBATE 60
        CARBOMER 934

        Does the Whitening Essence only contain these few ingredients??

        I find Whoo products too heavily scented at times – it gives me a headache! hehe. I hope one day Whoo/Sulwhasoo will be AT LEAST be mineral oil free and fragrance free!

  6. Korean Skin Care Says:

    You are absolutely right! & you’re welcome! Hmm, that is actually not the full list then!!! I remember it being way more then that of course. Where did you get this information from? I wish I took a picture of the rest of the Seol Whitening products! Oh yes, especially the Gongjinhyang line (yellow series), especially the In Yang Balancer and In Yang Lotion (although they work great) smells way to strong for my liking!!! The Soo Yeon Cream is more freshly scented, and the Seol line is alright too.

    You’re right! I have tried su:m37, which you are familiar with it being additive, fragrance, color free, but I cannot compare it to The History of Whoo. One day hopefully we will see that change. But I am aware that Sulwhasoo uses natural scents – which they underline as ‘Fragrance’ in their ingredient list, wish they just state the scent used in their products instead!

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